Noël : la fête des fous - Christmas : feast of fools - web série

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The Never Ending Quests Christmas: Feast of fools
I hate this day!
Oh! I love this day, Sir ... er buffoon!
I hate this day!
Christmas of fools
Bad Father : lover for one day
Oh, how I've been looking forward to this day...
Are you going to have a bit of consideration for me at last?
No way ... Today is the day of fools
in memory of the donkey that carried you
to your triumphal entry into Jerusalem, hee haw.
It was the crowd that wanted to crown me king.
I never sought power, that's why I chose the donkey
Pfff! you were wrong about power, nothing else really matters.
And now during this festival roles are reversed,
I can be who I want...
Oh! Here is just the person I need.
What ho beggar girl!
If you've come for confession, we'll do that another day.
Today is the day of fools ... and I'll take you for a wife!
If beggars have the right to be noble on this day,
then priests have every right to become lovers, right?
To the sacristy!
You're right, we should first get married in the right way
and then.. ... to the sacristy!
Armélia, will you marry me for the day?
Wicked girl, I had great plans for us.
One more day...
Christmas of fools
Fée Golène : Queen for one day
Today, I am the Sovereign of France.
I need a subject ... Abracada...
You've no need, Madam, to use your wand,
I am more than willing to ...
Perfect! Gee up! Faithful steed!
Christmas of fools
The Beggar: gentleman for one day
Ooh! What a weight!
Giddy up, giddy up! Come on, horsey ?!
Mamamia !
Oyez Oyez! I, Nicolas the First, proclaim that the day of fools,
is now over as swiftly as possible!
Oh ... that feels so... good!
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