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Why are you acting like this?
Do you really not know or are you acting like you don't know?
Ok, fine.
Since you really don't seem to remember.
I will tell you once more.
like you...
don’t like it when the woman I like
is next to someone else.
So, Jang Man...
I want you to just be by my side.
To say this,
I came all the way here.
This is the hotel I am staying at.
Come here by 8 o’clock tonight.
I will wait in front of the hotel.
Episode="" 13="" - Part 2 -
Are you nervous?
No! Why would I be nervous?
Man Ok, you also know that I am cut out for the stage.
Excuse me, Kang Hwi-nim.
Since it is a rehearsal, should I ask them to make the lights dimmer?
No. I’m really fine!
Already, there is inordinate attention toward Kang Hwi and Se Ryeong, the new models for this season.
If this enthusiasm continues, I am expecting
the sales to greatly outdo that of last season’s.
If that happens, there is nothing more we can expect.
As long as Se Ryeong and Kang Hwi
are the models for “Win,”
you can have higher expectations.
I will go ahead in.
I still have the final rehearsal to do.
Oh! All right.
Ah! You have a guest.
Second Mom, what brings you here at this hour?
You are busy?
I should have called before I came. I heard Kang Hwi is here.
He is doing his rehearsal now.
It’s not over yet.
I will wait at a coffee shop nearby.
Please tell him to call me when he is done.
I will do that.
All right.
You are busy, go back to work.
I'm apologize since we're in the midst of our talk.
It's alright.
What time did you say the interview with the Chinese magazine is at?
At 5:30.
How can you make a schedule like this?
I am tired to death.
Isn’t there a coffee shop nearby?
I want to drink some coffee.
Ah! Nuna!
Are you alone?
Everyone went down to check on the outfits.
You suffered doing the rehearsal today.
What did I do? You suffered more.
Second Mom came to the studio earlier.
She said she will be waiting at the coffee shop. She asked you to call her after you are done.
Call her quickly.
That’s good. I was planning on calling her anyway.
Yes, Mom!
It’s over.
Yes, I did well.
Oh! Mom!
My son!
Son, if you came, you should have called right away.
Mom is really disappointed.
Sorry, Mom.
I was busy out of my mind as soon as I came.
But, you look like you have become thinner.
Thinner? No!
Your son is very healthy.
But why did you come here and wait when it is tiring to do so?
I was going to go pick you up to eat something delicious and go on a date.
Dad… wants to see you a lot.
After he saw articles here and there that his son is in China,
he asks for you even more these days.
Dad’s health condition has worsen.
And it’s been awhile since you have come here…
I don’t like... going to that house.
Mom also knows very well how you feel.
But Dad wants to see you so much.
Just once, huh?
Sorry, Mom.
I can’t do that.
Kang Hwi!
Let’s get up, huh?
Won Kang Hwi?
Mom also knows very well how you feel.
But Dad wants to see you so much.
Just once, huh?
Did you meet your mom well?
You will be returning as soon as the show is over.
Why don’t you visit home briefly before that?
Father is very ill.
Kang Hwi-nim, what should I do?
Can this really be the look of a human?
What are you looking at, that
you are acting like this again?
Reporter Han!
You are a so-called reporter!
The angle is bad.
Looking at poorly taken photos by amateurs...
Huh? Wait! Go back.
Reporter Han! Go back again.
Just now, a really familiar face passed by.
What familiar face?
Go back!
That over the top luxury…
- Nora! - Nora!
Ga Ryeong!
I am sorry. I am completely busy now.
Your first message.
Nora, why aren’t you picking up?
There isn’t a reason why you must avoid me, is there?
You didn’t go to China without me, did you?
I saw wrong, right?
You, traitor! Call me right away!
How did she know where I am, like a ghost?
What should I do?
Hey! Song Nora!
Girl, you are the icon of treachery!
Ga Ryeong, relax! Relax!
Does it look like I can relax now?
Yes, I know very well how you feel, Ga Ryeong.
But we can’t send our Kang Hwi-nim alone to China, can we?
So I had no choice but to follow him.
Hey! You, what?
Instead, I will photograph what Kang Hwi-nim is doing and send it live!
Reporter Han.
If you look at it, it is like Reporter Song went abroad to cover a story.
Don’t be too hard.
Photos, huh?
First, tell her to send over some photos.
If you send over proper photographs of Kang Hwi-nim,
you know I won’t even spare your bones, right?
I will take a look at the photos and then decide whether or not to forgive you.
So send them over properly.
Yes. Thank you, Ga Ryeong!
Ah, right! Ga Ryeong! I saw your poor friend here.
Man Ok?
Come on, why would she be there?
You must have seen wrong.
No, it was definitely that poor girl.
I will send the photo over, take a look at it.
Ah! Jang Man Ok! My blood pressure.
She went to China.
After deceiving me.
Till the end, this wicked girl!
She went, she went, she went again!
It’s her, that poor girl, isn’t it?
Huh? Ga Ryeong!
I am really busy now. I will call you later.
Wow! That evil girl!
Nora! Nora!
Don't take pictures!
Give me that camera!
Quickly leave!
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Dad, Kang Hwi came.
Kang Hwi.
Kang Hwi.
I'm sorry.
Because I failed to be a proper father ...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How are you?
You came?
It's been a long time.
Why have you come?
What is it that you expect that you came here?
Jeu Ming,
why are you acting so rudely?
Why aren't you saying anything?
When was it that you left acting like you
would never step foot in here ever again.
What are you greedy over that you set foot in the Won household?
Why? Because Father is sick,
you think you will be made heir?
Is that it? Is that reason for coming?
Stop that.
Father is sick.
Stop making a fuss in the house.
Mom, aren’t you even angry?
Why do you always only say something to me?
Stop it. Father can hear.
You! Get out of here immediately!
And never think about stepping foot here ever again.
Kang Hwi... Jeu Ming...
I should leave.
Mom, I'll leave.
Kang Hwi.
Kang Hwi.
Kang Hwi.
Kang Hwi.
I'm sorry.
Why, Mom?
Why are you sorry to me?
I'm going.
Don't come out, Mom.
This is the hotel I'm staying at.
Come here by 8 p.m. tonight.
Kang Hwi-nim
Yes, Kang Hwi-nim?
Man Ok, where are you now?
I'm in the room.
But, what's the matter with your voice?
Are you sick?
You see, I…
came out alone outside.
Why did you go out alone at this hour? It’s dangerous.
Man Ok,
can you come to me now?
Right now?
I'm hurting.
I'm hurting a lot, Man Ok.
Kang Hwi-nim.
Kang Hwi-nim.
Oh. Man Ok.
It’s late. What are you doing here?
Where are you hurting and how much?
Just suddenly, I felt suffocated.
Isn’t it pretty?
It was such a waste to see it by myself. I wanted to see it with you.
Uhmm, Man Ok?
Shall we dance together?
Shall we dance?
Stop joking around and let's go, Kang Hwi-nim.
Just for a moment...
But, Kang Hwi-nim,
I have to go somewhere now.
Let's just dance together.
At least for just a moment, huh?
Kang Hwi-nim.
What's the matter?
Round eyes.
Small, black nose.
Pretty Jang Man Ok wearing a colorful outfit.
Kang Hwi-nim, people are looking.
So what? Let them look.
If I am next to Man Ok,
I am happy.
Whatever secret,
I can say it all.
This won’t do. You are drunk.
Let’s hurry and go now.
I am going to tell you now.
The baby bear’s secret.
Won Kang Hwi's secret.
Who I am.
What type of person I am.
What my secret is.
Now.... I am going to tell you everything.
The people you attached to Kang Hwi lost the photos today.
Lost the photos?
To whom?
They witnessed Kang Hwi enter a house and took pictures.
People who came out of that house.
It was fishy and so I asked around.
That household is the Won Household.
It is a very famous family in China.
Won Household?
Look into it more in detail.
If Kang Hwi appears even a little strange, or if a problem arises,
tell them to call me right away.
Something is strange.
I say something is strange.
Oh! Mom!
Son, if you came, you should have called right away.
The person I met in Hwa Ming’s studio...
was Kang Hwi’s mom?
Hwa Ming said that she is Won Kang Hwi’s fan and proposed him to be a model.
Ah! You have a guest.
Hwa Ming and Won Kang Hwi’s mom know each other.
Hwa Ming?
This is Se Ryeong.
Where are you now?
You called me just when I was thinking about getting a glass of wine.
I have something to ask you.
Let me ask you directly.
What's going on between you and Kang Hwi?
You know the woman I saw
in Hwa Ming's studio in the afternoon...
I actually saw her again at the cafe.
And... I heard him calling her, "Mom."
As I was thinking, I know she is a fan of his.
But it is kind of weird how she hired him as a model.
Are they?
Kang Hwi...
is my half-brother.
Why are you coming out of there at this hour?
I am asking because I am really curious.
Are you doing that because you feel sorry for Won Kang Hwi?
Are you doing that because you have ulterior motives?
What do you mean ulterior motives?
You know, something like that.
For instance,
because of Won Kang Hwi’s family background.
Hwa Ming is my nuna.
She is my half-sister.
My father is extremely rich in China.
So, you knew, Jang Man Ok.
Of course that is why.
Look here, Jin Se Ryeong.
Don’t misunderstand that everyone in this world is like you.
I am different from you, Jin Se Ryeong!
What is she?
Has he fallen asleep?
I’m sorry, Lee Tae Ik.
Something came up.
Did you wait long?
Work went over late.
I can’t tell you everything now.
When I return to Korea…
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
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Preview. I'm really going to do well.
Lee Tae Ik.
You are being deceived by Jang Man Ok.
Why she left you and went to Won Kang Hwi.
Aren't you curious as to why?
Jang Man Ok, that woman, abandoned you.
Was our relationship only this much?
You are the same.
Go as faraway from here as possible.
According to the rumors,
that household has a son who isn't known to the public.
I will never lose the things that I wanted to safeguard ever again.
Don't go! Don't go, Man Ok!
Kang Hwi-nim!
Can't you just...
Can't you just be by my side?