Get Money For Your Gadgets (Gadget Girl - Green Tip)

Uploaded by GadgetGirlShow on 31.05.2011

Hey Guys, this is Amber with a Green Gadget Tip.
When it comes to electronic retail giants, Best Buy is definitely the
leader in going green. Every store location is now equipped with a kiosk
that allows you to drop off your old ink tone cartridges, batteries, old
cables and wires for free.
They will also take any of your old electronics such as computer monitors,
DVD players and cell phones. If you’ve got it, they most likely recycle
And what’s even better is their three step Trade In program. First, Go to
Best Buy’s website and they will estimate the value of say your old cell
phone. Second, print a pre-paid shipping label, mail it off or drop it off
at one of the store locations. And lastly, get your new Best Buy gift card.
So if you still have a mom who wont let go of her old school 80’s JVC
camcorder b/c she paid thousands for it way back when, tell her about
Best Buys amazing Trade In offer.
Just don’t tell her how much she’ll get for it.
I’m Amber with your Green Gadget Tip.