How to Use the Google Search Engine : Looking at Google Page Titles

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.10.2008

Hi I'm Gary for Expert Village. Google has over three billion pages in their index. Sometimes
we need to wait a search, more specifically or put some search criteria help us narrow
down actually what we are looking for. So there are some certain syntactics or certain
key words that you can put in your search field that would help you only look for certain
elements or characteristics of the web page. In other words we can limit it to for example,
the title you may only want to search for our subject that is only mention in the title
of the website. So what we would do is type in title and we would put a colon and quotations
so lets put in Pearl Harbor. Now this is only going to return results this search would
return results that are where Pearl Harbor is actually mention in the website which may
be a very specific search that we are doing. So when we hit our Google search we would
see all the title of the website has in it somewhere mention Pearl Harbor. We see here
that the wikipedia inter Pearl Harbor or we have here the history site from the navy that
photo of Pearl Harbor in the actual title of the web site. So this might help us narrow
something in that is much more specific. But lets say we want to have the opposite. Lets
say we don't want our search term in the title. Let's say we are doing a search for HTML.
Now HTML we know is common term that is in the end of a string of a website we can have So HTML can be in any title on any web site so if we are looking
in specifically to find out how to learn about HTML or more information about HTML we would
not want the sites that have not mentioned in the title because we would come up with
a lot of garbage, any site that has a long stream of HTML attached to the end. So what
we are going to do here instead, we are going to put in text with a colon and that is going
to let us search for only our search criteria in the text of the web site and not mention
in the title. So now when we put in the search term HTML we are going to come up with much
more relevant searches. We have HTML tutorials and we have the definition and what HTML is.
So we see here HTML goodies we see here that we came up with some very specific searches
as we just put in like if we put in title HTML we come up with a range of web site that
has nothing to do which we can find out information on HTML. So those are two ways that we can
narrow it down our search in title or in text.