Let Opportunity Scholars SOAR

Uploaded by oversightandreform on 08.03.2011

Narrator: She used to be in control of her education. Stuck in failing schools, Congress
let her choose a better way, with the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship.
It helped more than 3000 kids dream big and own the future. Then someone killed the program,
revoked scholarships, ended dreams. Americans deserve to know why. Your Oversight watchdogs
found out. Where the kids unhappy?
Lesly Alvarez: The Opportunity Scholarship program has been a miracle for me and hundreds
of other students like me. Ronald Holassie: It’s not just what this
program does academically but it’s how it impacts the individual through education.
Narrator: Where the parents unhappy? Latasha Bennett: The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship
program has been a true blessing. Shelia Jackson: Not only has the Opportunity
Scholarship provided me a choice for my daughter, but also for thousands of other parents.
Narrator: Who do you think it is that doesn’t want you to have this choice?
Bennett: Probably the NEA. Narrator: The NEA is who?
Bennett: The National Education Association Narrator: The teachers unions
Jackson: It’s all politics Narrator: Powerful union friends said “No
you can’t to Opportunity Scholars.” We won’t let that happen. That’s why we’re
restoring hope for D.C. families with the SOAR Act. Imagine: Stronger public schools,
choice for parents, opportunity for students. Let’s give all American kids a shot to win
the future.