Ep.35 Tarou's Weekly WoW Report 1/23/11 - Al'akir, AH Tip, Secret Job & more!

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What's up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is Ryutarou AkA Tarou bringing
you this week's WoW Report Episode 35! For more FREE WoW guides, check out my website
at tarouwowguides.com
In this Tarou Weekly WoW Report, I'll cover ingame news, Cataclsym PvE, Auction House
chaos, an Auction House tip, Blizzard news, as well as a Q&A session so let's get started.
In Cataclysm news, the Lunar Festival starts today and ends February 12th. There are tons
of things to do and you can get started in your faction's major city. Remember to do
your Achievements and have fun.
In Cataclysm PvE news, players continue to beat there face into a wall with the shear
difficultly of Heroics which prompted Ghostcrawler to make a blog post a few weeks back. The
post basically laid out what the developement team was trying to accomplish with Cata Heroics.
A lot of the players though feel Heroics are way to hard and have voiced their opinion
all over the forums. Some I agree with while others are just a QQ looking for free epics.
I've discussed PuG heroics before and the only problem I see is healers being attacked
because some DPS hit a sheep or a tank lost aggro or the healer is just way undergeared
for the heroic in the first place. I think the biggest problem is in Wrath things were
a joke so that mentality has carried over. So now people who didn't have to try hard
or could just faceroll through Heroics are having a hard time doing the same in Cataclysm.
As some people have suggested, maybe we need a stepping stone cause right it's like, normal
dungeons - faceroll, heroic dungeons - omfgbbq /quit, raids - reasonably difficult. There
current model resembles classic or vanilla WoW which is great but comes to a shock to
any player who isn't used to wiping in a five man. Guilds can also help since these problems
are mainly with PuGs and not organized runs.
Also in PvE news, yesterday Dream of Silverwing Hold - Taiwan, got the world first kill of
Al'akir Heroic 10 man. This puts them in 7th place for the world as they have yet to defeat
Nefarian and Cho'gall on heroic. That means that all of the current raiding content for
Cataclysm has been defeated but no guild has yet to defeat all the content themselves.
Paragon is closest with only needing Al'akir Heroic. Grats to all the guilds having success
this early in Cataclysm.
Ok now on to Auction House Chaos. Overall sales aren't climbing nearly as fast as they
were and pricing is beginning to stabalize. Wrath pricing mentality is still holding strong
though which is effecting the price of a lot of materials and keeping them decently low.
Pricing for crafted items is high giving a very large profit margin for most items. Wonderful
news for crafters but not so great for gatherers. If Blizzard ever figures out how to perminately
get rid of hackers and botters, we'll see some insanely high prices for materials once
again. Oh and by no means are gatherers not making gold right now. They are banking but
the prices are just lower than they really should be for most mats.
Moving on to this week's Auction House tip. Last week, I said not to list 406 items as
singles unless you have a really good reason. I want to go back to that clip for this week's
profession tip. Don't list more than will sell in 12 hours. Listing 406 of an item that
has a minimal 75s deposit means you could be wasting 304.5g if your items don't sell
which is very likely when you have so many. So, list what you can actually sell, not what
you have stockpiled. The trade channel can be helpful for those bulk sales.
In Blizzard news, the Holiday Dessert and Card Contest winners were announced and the
entries were pretty awesome this year. I'd have to say the murloc and cupcakes were my
favorite for desserts and for the holiday cards, they're all pretty badass so I can't
decide. Grats to all the winners, you truly are amazing artists.
Finally, I'd like to end this Tarou Weekly WoW Report answering a few questions you guys
and girls have asked me over the last week.
Q1. When should I list items on the Auction House?
A1. It depends on what you're listing and what you're play schedule is like but the
short answer is, 5-10pm. This is the overall peak for most items. 6-8pm is the raiding
peak so items like potions and flasks are typically good during this time. Try some
things out and see what works best for you and your server.
Q2. How can I help you?
A2. I don't expect anything from anyone but if you want to help me there are a few things
you can do. You can donate to my paypal (tarou@tarouwowguides.com) which helps me maintain my website and equipment,
tell your friends, server, guildies, about my website whenever they ask about a profession,
or do absolutely nothing but watch my videos and visit my website. On a side note, I am
looking for a pro to make an intro and outro for my videos if any of you are out there.
That'd be great, shoot me a pm.
Q3. Do you ever plan to do real life videos?
A3. Umm, not really but is that something you would like to see? What exactly do you
want to see of my real life or how do you want that footage to interact with game footage?
Before I wrap this week's report up, just want to let everyone know I release my Jewelcrafting
Gold Guide on my website and it is by the far the most intense guide I have ever created.
Even if you don't have JC, you should check it out. Alchemy - Elixir and Archaeology 1-525
should be next.
Lastly, for this week's 'what if' "What if Heroics were easy?" Find out what everyone
thinks next week and be sure to put your 'what if' questions and answers in the comments.
And here is my favorite YouTube comments convo as of late. I guess I'm a conman who deals
with lonely women who married into money. I give them what they deserve by suducing
them and stealing their money. I leave a single rose as my calling card and make a quick get
away on my raptor. Yes, my job is awesome. Thanks ShadowsSpawn although I wasn't ready
to tell the world yet.
That's it for this week of Tarou's Weekly WoW Report and I hope you liked it.
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