How-To Install the AMP Research BedXTender HD, BedStep, PowerStep, and BedStep2

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Today on Motorz, Chris is gonna show you how to install all the AMP Research
products on our Chevy Silverado
Presented by AMP Research

Hey, Welcome to Motorz, now you've probably seen us show you how to installl
AMP Research's products in a previous episode of Motorz, but that was way back in
Season 1, which is over 50 episodes ago. Since then they've continued their
innovations with the new BedStep2 and the Bed Extender
HD, so we took this as an opportunity to show you guys how to install all
their truck accessories on our 2009 Chevy Silverado, from the
Power Step, the original BedStep, the brand new BedStep2 as well as the Bed
Xtender HD. So lets fire up our Chevy and get it in the shop and get started
The new BedXtender HD is the next generation
of BedXtender, they went from a circular tube design to a rounded rectanglar
design for increased strength and rigidity. Now installation
is the same, but assembly is a lot easier because the end tubes come pre-assembled
so all you've got to do is insert the center tubes and then tighten everything down with the
center uprights and you're good to go. The tools you'll need to install
the BedXtender HD, are ones you probably already have. We've got a center punch, a
Torx T25 driver, a 21/64" drill, as well as a 1/8"
drill bit, of course you'll also going to need a drill everything is pretty basic and if you don't have it
you can head on down to your local Sears store and the Blue Tool Crew can hook you up. But
what have we got over here, Olivia, for our installation. [Olivia] Well I'm glad you asked Chris,
we've got a philips screwdriver, 13mm wrench, a ratchet with an 8mm
and 13mm socket, a 3mm hex wrench, a
plastic pry tool, a torque wrench, some masking tape and
don't forget those safety glasses. [Chris] Of course! Now before we get started we have to take a break, Olivia.
[Olivia] What? Already? sigh [Chris] I know, I know. So we'll be right back after this break with more Motorz

Using some masking tape, mark each end of the center tubes 7 inches
in, we used this piece of cardboard as our template
Insert the center tubes into the ends
starting with the middle tube, which is the one with the AMP Research logo

Then add on your center uprights, these just get sandwiched around the tubes, they only go on one way
because of the cutouts that are on the inside, you just want to loosely tighten these down for now
just in case you need to make some adjusts after we get it on the truck

Now that our BedXtender is fully assembled, we can install the universal bracket
on the inside of the bed of our truck. AMP Research makes this real easy
by providing this handy template that just fits around the tailgate latch pin
and provides the position for the top bolt. Now before we get to that we actually
have to remove our tail light. To Do that we just use a philips screwdriver to remove these
two screws right here and then a plastic pry tool to pop out the tail light.
Use some tape to attach the template to the side of the bed of the truck
then using a center punch and a hammer mark where that top bolt hole is going
to be. Now since we've got this spray-on bedliner, we're also going to use a silver pen to mark
where that hole should be.
Go ahead and put your bolts into those holes you just
drilled. We're going to put the nuts on the other side.
Now go ahead and tighten these down with a 13mm socket
then using a torque wrench torque them down to 22 ft-lbs
Now that we've got the brackets torqued down, we can re-install our tail lights, bring our BedXtender up
here and adjust everything and tighten it all up
Now once you've got your BedXtender HD fully assembled, you go ahead and
tilt it at a 45 degree angle and slide it into the bracket to check for fitment
looks like we've got a good here on our Chevy, now if it doesn't fit your vehicle
you can slide your tubes in or out and once you're all done tighten them all down
The new design of the Bed Xtender HD gives
better visibility for your taillights for increased safety. To lock down the Bed
Xtender, while you're driving around so it doesn't bounce around on your tailgate, just take the strap latch
assembly and insert it into the tailgate latch on both side. To release
pull the tailgate handle. Installing the BedStep
on a vehicle are really easy, because they install using the vehicles existing
hardware, but you do have to put it together first so on this rear mounted
BedStep, you take the bracket and the spacer and attach it to the
articulating arm and then mount that on the vehicle. With that installed
you finally put on the step pad and try it out. Now like the Bed Xtender
the rear mounted BedStep is also very easy to install, but if you don't have a 3/16"
or an 8mm hex wrench you're going to need to pick those up. [Olivia] That's right Chris, you're also
going to need a torque wrench, a breaker bar, a ratchet, an 18mm
deep socket, a long extension and your safety glasses [Chris] well thanks
Olivia, lets show everyone how to assemble the BedStep [Olivia] Let's do it!
Using an 8mm hex driver and a ratchet, attach the bracket and the spacer
to the articulating arm, using the two long bolts, these two shorter ones
are used for HD trucks, we're not going to use those.

Once these are snugged down, torque them down to 33 ft-lbs
Now that our assembly is complete, we can mount it on the driver side of the truck using
existing hardware. Located right behind the
sping perch on the drive side are these two 18mm nuts
we're going to need an 18mm deep socket and a breaker bar to loosen these guys up
Then remove both
of those nuts, using a ratchet
Install the assembly on these two studs tightening it down with the factory
hardware. Now after you've snugged these 18mm nuts down
torque it down to 59 ft-lbs. Now to install the step
pad go ahead and pull your arm down, then put these three provided tabs
into these slots on the back into the first, second, and fourth slot
go ahead and put it on the arm and then take these three 3/16"
hex bolts and tighten them all the way down
Now for the most diffiuclt step of our installation, removing
the push sticker.

The PowerStep comes with everything you need, including
of course, two of the steps, four LED step lights, two
actuator motorz, all the nuts, bolts and hardware that you need, a
controller that you're going to install underneath the hood, two step arms and two
actuator arms, as well as this huge wiring harness that makes hooking everything
up and installation a breeze. Another product
from AMP Research that involves wiring, is the PowerStep which means you're going to need some additional tools
we've got our wire strippers, cutters and crimpers, some electrical tape
RTV, and a 9/32" drill bit as well as our drill. What else we got, Olivia?
[Olivia] Well, we're going to need some plastic pry tools, a 13mm wrench
a ratchet, an extension, a 10 and 13mm sockets
and a flat blade screwdriver. You're also going to need a 4mm
5mm, and 3/16" hex driver, tape measure
gloves, my favorite, the safety glasses, and while
AMP Research does provide some zip ties, you can never have too many. [Chris] That's right, especially when you're working with
electrical on the outside of the vehicle. Now if the PowerStep isn't cool enough they now make these stainless
steel strips to go along the front edge which makes it look super cool [Olivia] That's excellent
[Chris] But before we get to the actual installation, lets take a closer look at what those stainless steel strips
are all about. The stainless steel
trim strips, comes as a set of 2 in either 79 or 85 inch lengths
and works with the new style extrusion steps, now if you have the older style steps
AMP also makes a complete PowerStep trim kit, which includes new steps along with
the trim strips. Now before you get started with the installation you want to attach
the motor to the actuator arm using the provided 4mm bolts, just
be sure the motor is facing up, when you're done snugging them down, torque them
down to 36 inch lbs. Well now that we've attached this motor to the
actuator arm we can install both arms on the truck and then attach
it to the vehicle at these points right here. Once we've got this step all mounted up
we'll get to that wiring. We're going to start by install the driver side
front step arm. Remove the second plug
from the front and then insert this threaded clip

insert the 13mm fastener into the clip and then hang the
step arm from it.
install this
threaded clamping plate right on the top of the pinch weld and then thread this
5mm fastener to the bottom, tighten it all the way down and then torque
it to 16 ft-lbs, you want to leave that top bolt loose for right now
Now repeat the same process
for the rear arm, which on our 1500 extended cab is the
fourth sheet metal hole from the front, which is about 11 inches from the rear of the cab
On the bottom of each step are these t nuts, you want to slide them into
position, so that they line up with the step arms and then use the provided hardware
and torque them down to 10 ft lbs, once you've got this mounted you want to torque this top
nut on the backside of the step arm down to 16 ft-lbs

Align your step with the rear of the back door
and then finally tighten everything down. Well now
we can get onto the electrical. Now the first thing we're going to do is we're going to attach this controller
to this support arm located just to the right of the battery using the
provided 11 inch zip-ties. Now we're going to remove our fuse from our wiring
harness and then attach our red lead to the positive side of our battery and the black
lead to the negative side. The wiring harness has two
branches, a shorter one for the passenger side, a long one for the driver side
Both of the need to be routed along the fender well, down the frame to the motor
for each step, the one difference is that the one for the driver side has to be
routed along the firewall. Just make sure that as you go along, you zip tie every
thing down tightly. Now that we've got the drivers side
PowerStep all installed, there is one more thing to do which is to wire up our LED
step lights. Now the first one is going to be mounted right underneath here about 22 inches
in from the front of the door and the 2nd one about 65 inches
you're going to need a tape measure, some wire strippers, crimpers, rubbing alcohol
and supplied butt connectors to connect it up to the wiring harness
once you're all done with this side, do it all over again on the other side

Remove your door trim piece with the plastic pry tool so that you can lift up
the carpet, under the drivers side carpet is a grommit with an existing
cable, use a philips screwdriver to poke a new hole and then fish your
wiring on through. Repeat the same process on the passenger side
except it is plastic, so you'll need to drill a hole, fish your wiring through and then use some
RTV to seal it, and then put some tape on top to keep it from getting messy
the AMP Research wiring needs to be connected to some OEM wiring that are in
both the passenger and drivers side doors. Now they also provide this plastic
tubing which makes fishing the wire through a lot easier. TO quickly and securely
connect the wires, use the provided posi-taps
connect the LED lights using the butt connectors and the crimping tool
Use some rubbing alcohol to clean the areas where you're going to put your lights on
then peel the backs off and stick them on, that's pretty much it. All you've gotta do now
is put the fuse back in and test everything out.

Now earlier we showed you how to install the bed step from AMP Research
which mounts on the rear bumper. Now they've recently introduced the brand new Bed
Step 2, which mounts on either side of your truck just behind the cab for quick access
to your toolbox, or the front of the bed of your truck. Now with all AMP Research
products they provide instructions that are easy to follow and they give you all the hardware that you'll need to do
the job. The installation of the BedStep on the rear of the vehicle
was a pretty simple installtion requiring just a few tools. Now for the BedStep2
which mounts on either side of the vehicle, we need a few more tools mainly because we need to drill a hole in
the frame. Now because of the limited space available, you need a right-angle drill like this
T3 from Craftsman, as well as a 1/4" and a 17/32" drill bit
but we need a few more things, don't we Olivia? [Olivia] That's right Chris we're going to need
13, 15, and 18mm sockets, a Torx T25
driver, various ratchets and extensions, a center punch
and a 19mm wrench. You're also going to need a Sharpie
a breaker bar, a torque wrench, gloves and no project
is safe without those safety glasses. [Chris] That's right, Thanks Olivia. Now we'll be right back
after the break with more Motorz

To assemble the BedStep2 we need to sandwich the brackets
between the linkage assemble and this lateral mount. Now we're installing this on the passenger side
but if we were installing it on the drivers side, we would not only reverse the orientation of the
lateral mount, but we would also flip this bracket around. Then loosely
secure using the two 15mm bolts

Attach the frame mount to the lateral mount using the skirted 13mm bolts
and torque em down to 16 ft -lbs, and up here at the top of the frame mount
you want to use the regular 13mm bolts, then loosely thread
the nuts on the inside

Using an
18mm socket and a breaker bar to remove the bed mount bolt
now on the drivers side you're also going to need to remove the ground bolt and place three
washers in place, that's going to give it some additional space for the frame mount.
Use the last skirted 13mm bolt to attach the bracket to the bed mount
then check your linkage assembly to make sure it's not hitting your body and then tighten down those 15mm
bolts, on the top of the frame bracket tighten the 13mm bolts
until they're snug against the bed mount

go ahead and install the step pad
towards the rear tires and then tighten it down to 5 ft-lbs using a Torx T25
bit. Then adjust the step pad to be in-line with the fender

Parts is brought to you
by the Sears Blue Tool Crew. Craftsman
makes a ton of different drill drivers, both corded as well as cordless
Now depending on what you do you just grab and you're off and running
However every now and then you encounter a tight space where it just won't fit just like
we did earlier in this episode when we had to drill a hole in the frame of our Chevy truck
now the perfect choice for us was this low cost Craftsman 19.2v
C3 cordless 3/8" right angle drill driver
it packs a ton of power letting you drill long enough to complete the job, has a very
comfortable ergonomic grip, has variable speed, reversible, and even comes
with a spot on the drill itself to store the two included bits. Plus
just like many of Craftsmans other drill drivers, you get an LED light
to help find your way. Now we had absolutely no trouble using this drill driver to
carve a big old hole in the steel frame of our Chevy Truck, it comes with Craftsmans
awesome lifetime warranty and it kind of look like a Merekat
now for more information check it out on our Partz page at our website,
or head on over to or check it out at your local Sears store.
Hedman Hedders has been around since 1954 and is well
known for their extensive line of performance products. So when it came time to rebuild
our Chevy small-block we turned to Hedman to turn our junk yard into a
well oiled machine, that also looks greats. Now Hedman Hedders is
part of the Hedman Performance Group which also owns TransDapt Performance Products
well, that just happens to be the manufacturer of this
work of art. This is their chrome oil pan for chevy engines from
1955 to 1979, it has a much larger oil capacity
7 qts, in fact, than stock oil pans to keep your engine
running cooler, yet it is only 8 1/4" deep to provide maximum
ground clearance. This is going to look just awesome on our V8. Now
watch us install it in an upcoming episode of Motorz, to learn more about this
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or the street just visit the Partz page at our website.
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I had never heard of Motorz until accidently running across it while doing on a search on YouTube. Rest assured you have a new
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in real time.. too many other auto shows reduce the time
taken to do a major task to a 60 second "During the commercial break
Bob and I installed the engine format", Sincerely Geof Schwer. [Chris] Well Geof, that's exactly
why we started Motorz, because we wanted to show every single step of the way
even the really hard stuff that they do during those commercial breaks.
Now Ahmed writes, says Hey Chris, Thank you for all the wonderful and extremely useful videos
about Mustang upgrades. I'd like you to tell me if it is possible to paint
the fabric seats. What good spray would do? [Chris] Well
I don't recommend that you paint your fabric seats, that color is going to fade, it's going to crack
it's just not going to look good over time. Of course you can take the plastic pieces off
and paint those, what I do recommend is that you take it to a local automotive
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FInally, Shane Walker writes and says - Hey Chris love the
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10 you did a segment on spark plugs but I was wondering if you guys were going to do an episode on
removing broken spark plugs. Thanks again for the great show. [Chris] Well thanks,
Shane, we actually get this question all the time now what you're referring
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and 4.6 liter engines, we've got em in our F-150 as well as our Mustang
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Well there you have it, all of AMP Research's products installed on
our Chevy Silverado , all using basic hand tools from the Sears Blue Tool Crew
Now for more information on AMP Research's complete line of products head on over to or check out the partz page on our website,
We'll catch you next week on Motorz!