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TODRICK: What's up everybody?
It's your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to yet another week of
Dance Moms recap.
This week I have one of the most special guests I have
ever had on this show.
She is literally one of my best friends from Texas.
We've known each other since I was 13 years old.
And she is crashing on my couch.
The one, the only, the talented, the
graceful, Blair Carazolos.
BLAIR: Hi, guys.
TODRICK: Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you're here.
So this week at the top of the pyramid was McKenzie.
ALL: Go McKenzie.

TODRICK: So this week Abby announced that they're going
to Starpower.
BLAIR: The 25th anniversary.
TODRICK: And she was talking about how it was like the
biggest competition--
BLAIR: Competition in the United States.
TODRICK: Of the galaxy.
BLAIR: You didn't get the quote six
times in the episode?
The biggest competition in the United States of America.
TODRICK: And it's in Woodbridge, Virginia, which
they couldn't have picked a cooler city.
Maddie is doing a dance to a song called Looking For a
Place Called Home.
And she is dressed as Dorothy, which, basically, in my mind,
she already won before I even saw the competition.
BLAIR: Right, minus, minus though--
TODRICK: The red shoes, which I don't know what you were
thinking about that, but let's just move on.
BLAIR: We'll let it go.
TODRICK: Let it be.
Just let it be.
Just let it be.
OK, so Abby was about to hand out the assignments for this
week's competition, and then Brooke
interjected and was like--
BLAIR: This weekend is my first first formal, and I was
wondering if I could go to it?
TODRICK: And I was like, Brooke just leave.
Just get out with your friend and his cargo shorts.
You can snap out Brooke.
Brooke, wake up.
Wake up.
BLAIR: Thank you.
Everyone's replaceable.
TODRICK: So then Abby pulls in Peyton of all people.

And then, I couldn't be more unexcited already that
Peyton's going to be in the episode, but then in one of
the interviews she was like, I really have to do good this
week because I'm really hoping to get a permanent spot--
BLAIR: On this team.
Peyton, you're out.
TODRICK: You're out.
Couldn't be outer.
You are out.
BLAIR: You don't matter.
You could do 800 fouettes and--
TODRICK: You're still going to be out from the comments you
made last season.
We ain't forgot about that.
So the name of the episode is Maddie has a secret.
And so does her mother, Melissa.
And Melissa's face can't keep the secret.
But the secret is that at this Starpower competition it's so
large that they have to have two venues to house all of the
But each venue is separate.
So behind all the other mothers' backs she enters
Maddie in both competitions.
ALL: What?
TODRICK: OK, but then they get to the competition.
The competition's awesome.
The group number goes, the Hunger Games number.
They placed second.
So that was pretty good.
By 1/10 of a point they lost.
And Abby acted like it was the end of the world.
Like Jesus had come back and struck down--
BLAIR: And told them all, no, you can't get into heaven.
TODRICK: Because you got--
BLAIR: By 1/10.
TODRICK: And if you would have maybe pointed that toe--
BLAIR: It would have been one bent knee.
TODRICK: If you maybe would have got that pirouette right.
BLAIR: If little McKenzie could have stood up on--
Then you could have made to heaven.
But since you didn't, you're going to hell.

OK, Chloe did her number.
BLAIR: Her mother felt like it wasn't choreographed to the
high standards of Maddie.
TODRICK: Which could be true, but whatever.
But, anyway, she got third place so--
BLAIR: She looked pretty.
TODRICK: She did.
BLAIR: She looked pretty.
TODRICK: But Maddie looked prettier.
And she got first place at that competition, which meant
that she was Miss Junior Starpower.
And then she went across the street and won first place
over there too.
BLAIR: Getting Miss Junior Starpower.
TODRICK: And so Abby was like, she won first place at two
Who does that?
And we were like--
ALL: Maddie.
TODRICK: It was very, very dramatic.
And in the end, we saw some glimpses of what happened next
week, but we never got to see what happened--
BLAIR: When she comes back.
Or how they face her.
The mom's were just--
They were all sitting in the room, and she comes in.
And she's like, so, Melissa, I'm going to take Maddie next
door and we're going to do--
And then Melissa was like==
Wait a minute.
We didn't talk about this.
I didn't know this was happening.
BLAIR: And all the other mothers were like--
TODRICK: I am thrown for a loop.
I am just bamboozled and hoodwinked.
I feel like you have taken advantage of me, so I'm going
to get my bags that--
BLAIR: Here's the costume that I packed.
TODRICK: Here's my registration.
Here's my valet.
I already had it validated.
Goodbye ladies.

Melissa, get it together.
BLAIR: You knew, we knew, you knew--
TODRICK: And guess what Melissa, what goes around
comes around.
What goes around, goes around, goes around, goes around, can
come back around.
What goes around, goes around, goes around, goes around,
comes back around.

Anyway thank you so much for watching.
I'm Todrick.
BLAIR: And I'm Blair.
And You're watching FYI.

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