How to Prepare Traditional German Recipes : Grating Potatoes To Make German Potato Pancakes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

Hi, I'm chef Rainer Wickel and I'm here today with Well the next step
is grating the potatoes. And what we need to do in this step is first of all, is this
is where the lemon comes in. We need to get about a half a lemon and go ahead and pull
as many of the seeds out as you can. And what you're going to do is you're gonna take your
lemon and go ahead and squeeze it into the bowl, just squeeze as much of that lemon juice
as you can in there. It's probably gonna be about, you know, two or three tablespoons
worth, and make sure that there aren't any seeds that still came out of there. If there
are, you know, there's still a couple of little ones in here. I'm gonna go ahead a pick them
out. And, what this lemon juice is gonna do is, when we start grating the potatoes, this
is gonna keep the potatoes from getting brown. The acid is going to mix in with the potato
mixture and it's going to keep it nice and white which is what we want it to do. Okay,
now we're gonna take our grater and we'll go ahead and put that over the bowl, and grab
the potato. And what I like to do is I like to use a dish cloth to hold the potato with
because we want to make sure we don't scrape our knuckles when we're doing this. Go ahead
and grab the potato and start grating, make sure you don't grate the towel with it. Now,
you see how easy that is. And once you get it up to a certain point you want to give
it a little bit more distance on there so go ahead and turn it around and keep on grating
it. I can't wait to make these potato pancakes, they're gonna be delicious. And just grate
it down as far as you can go and you know you always have a little left over piece of
potato. We don't need to use this, so just go ahead and throw that away. And now you're
gonna take your potatoes and clean it off the grater, get it all nice into the bowl,
we want to use all of it. And then just mix those potatoes in with the lemon juice. And
you can see how nice and white these potatoes are now because the acidity in the lemons
is preventing them from turning brown. So, now we have quite a few other potatoes to
go. And this is how we grate our potatoes to make our German potato pancakes.