Substitute Protector | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 10

Uploaded by eHowPets on 19.09.2012

Previously on the Adventures of Smudge and Squeak: Smudge officially joined the production
crew for a day. And while the little ladies headed into the woods in search of an unknown
threat, another member of the crew spent some time on the hunt for them. So let's see what
kind of antics our gals get into this week on the Adventures of Smudge and Squeak. Life
at Moss Mountain Farm is filled with change, changing of seasons, animals coming and going,
even the sheep moving into new pastures. And today, there's another change. The farm is
losing Smudge and Squeak -- it's ultimate defenders of the flock. But don't worry, it
won't be for long. You see, today is a big day for Smudge and Squeak. They're growing
up, and it's time for them to get spayed. Smudge and Squeak have been here many times
and have finally gotten used to the vet. But this time, something's different. There's
an unfamiliar scent. And there's a stranger. Stranger danger. Stranger danger. A new threat.
But no worries, Smudge is watching this rascal. And the predator is keeping an eye on Smudge.
Back at the farm, Moose has had to step into his original role as flock protector while
the girls are away. With Trudy at his side, he follows the Dorpers as they search for
greener pastures. Now it's been a little while since he's had to perform these duties, so
he's a little more inclined to eat grass than protect sheep these days. And when Trudy runs
off, he's forced to choose. So, of course, he goes to find his friend. It's love. At
the vet, Smudge and Squeak hit the scales. Neither sister is particularly fond of the
equipment, but they both eventually get on board. Looks like Squeak is beefing up for
the coming winter. At least that's the story she's sticking with. And now, it's off to
surgery. While Smudge and Squeak are in surgery, life at Moss Mountain Farm continues on. But
all the farm family members anxiously await their return, most of all Moose, who's had
his fill of working as a heard protector. He's ready to just hang with Trudy. Out in
the pasture, everything seems to be going well, but nightfall will be here before you
know it, and that's the very moment the predators are waiting for. But our gals will be back
soon for the next Adventures of Smudge and Squeak.