Build Your Own DIY Homemade Solar Panels With Earth4Energy Guide

Uploaded by cheapsolarpanels1 on 04.07.2012

I'd like to welcome you to my video review of Earth4Energy, whcih is a guide to build
homemade power systems, including solar power systems and wind power systems.
In this review I'm going talk the 4 main parts of the Earth4Energy system, that's the Earth4Energy
ebook, the how to video series, the bio-diesel ebook, and the shopping directory to show
you where to buy components you need to build your own renewable energy systems.
First off is the Earth4Energy ebook which is 19 chapters in total. And the book mainly
teaches you how to build your own solar generator, your own solar panels, how to build a wind
generator, and all the various wiring combinations, illustrations, and everything step-by-step.
So, I'm gonna flip over to the membership site to show you a bit more.
Ok, here I am inside the Earth4Energy membership system. I just scroll down. Here you can see
the ebook, available for download. This section contain the videos, how to build solar cells,
how to do wind blades, I'll show that later.
You can also order Earth4Energy on CD, rather than download. You've got your book on bio-diesel.
Your shopping directory where you find the parts you need to build the various systems.
First off, let's look the ebook. Ok, I'll just point out at this stage that I can't
show you the contents of the ebook itself due to copyright issues. So, I'll just show
the table of contents.
Chapter 1 is basically an introduction to renewable energy, getting you know the basics
of everything you need to know. Chapter 2 is on solar power, and this explains every
piece of equipment you need to build your own solar power system, build your own solar
generator, create the solar panels themselves, and then it tells you how to piece them all
Chapters 5 and 6 are actually the same as the previous section, but this time it's on
wind power. Everything step-by-step on how to build wind turbine and placing together
in place, putting out the equipment together, nice clear illustration all the way through.
There are actually 3 different ways you can wire up your homemade power system, and chapter
8 explains the advantages and disadvantages of each different way.
I'm not going to the remaining chapters of the book because it's mainly these are general
reference to help you understand how much power you need to generate throughout your
home through renewable energy solutions, to power certain appliances, how to take your
home completely off the grid.
It also explain the different types of different renewable energies, such as hydro-electricity,
and special resources to help you along the way.
Next off is the how to video series. Earth4Energy has 3 high quality videos, 1 on tabbing solar
cells, 1 on joining solar cells, and on making wind mill blades. I know I have been a member
of the site for awhile that more videos are on the way. As part of this membership you
will get all those for free, you will get an email to let you know new contents and
click on the link and watch the video. I'll just show you the site now.
Ok this is the video section, and I'll just scroll down. First off we have 2 videos on
joining solar cells. When building your own solar powered system this is probably the
most difficult part. It's quite difficult to explain and write, so these 2 videos really
help. Nice clip videos.
Uhmm, recently they've also got a 15 minute video on making wind mill blades. I guess
this is the most difficult part to put together, a wind generator system. Now, without these
videos some people may struggle assembling them. I don't think even the most hobbyist
like this will struggle to putting this system together.
Next stop is the bio-diesel e-book. This is a book that teaches you how to make your own
bio-diesel fuel. The benefits are; you can own a diesel vehicle for about 58 cents a
gallon, and you can substitute your homemade fuel using bio-diesel. Again making great,
Finally, I'm going give you a quick look of the shopping directory. This is basically
a list of all places where you can buy the components you need to build your own renewable
energy systems. So, everything this goes to the book that shows in this review so far
are all summarized in this section. Here's a quick look.
Ok, once you have decide to go ahead and build either a wind power or solar power system,
the next step is sorting the parts. Now you want these parts as cheap as possible, mainly,
so that you can start saving money straight away. This section is a nice little resource
directory, to buy the parts like solar cells, the solar panels, flux pen, tabbing wire,
power inverter, generators, solar and wind charge controllers. Every piece of equipment
you need, Earth4Energy helps you find it.
Ok, I hope you found this review useful, and as much information on Earth4Energy...
Thanks very much!