You Suck at Photoshop - Vanishing Point

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 04.04.2008


DONNIE: My name is Donnie, and you suck at Photoshop.
But that's OK, something wonderful is about
to happen to you.
Let's make an image.
Let's make a happy image.
Let's make an image that says we're finished with failed
marriages and relationships, false friends, career
Six-week long hole-ups in a house that, while legally
leased to your ex-wife, should by common law belong to you,
but will ultimately likely result in a County Sheriff
SWAT team invasion.
A happy image that says it's time to move on.
Let's open up Bridge and find that image.
SWAT LEADER: Donnie Hoyle.
DONNIE: Here's a great one.
This is an image of a train heading off
to a special place.
SWAT LEADER: Donnie Hoyle.
DONNIE: Let's make enough room on this train for all of our
friends to come with us to this special place.
We're going to use a tool called Vanishing Point.
Go to Filter, Vanishing Point.
SWAT LEADER: Donnie Hoyle, you are currently in violation of
State of Kentucky penal codes--
DONNIE: The initial tool is the four corners perspective
plane tool.
SWAT LEADER: --484J and 499C, among others.
DONNIE: We'll follow the natural line
that the track has.
SWAT LEADER: This is your last chance to resolve this
situation peacefully.
DONNIE: And we'll make it go all the way up the front of
the train and back down to the end of the train.
Then we can grab each corner and make sure that they're in
the right place to accurately portray the perspective angle
of our train as it heads off into the distance.
And let's pull this end off into that distance.
This is going to allow us to create more train cars at the
end of our train.
DONNIE: Grab the Selection tool, click and drag inside--
DONNIE: Where the train cars meet.
DONNIE: Option Command Click to copy and drag, and it'll
follow right along that perspective plane.
Line it up to make an extra car, and you can even make a
second one if you want.
SWAT LEADER: Please exit the building with your hands in
plain sight immediately.
DONNIE: When we're done, we've extended our
train into the distance.
SWAT LEADER: Donnie, before the negotiator--
DONNIE: Now that we think about it, maybe we don't want
to take everyone with us on this ride.
DONNIE: Let's, let's just take the train ourselves.
SWAT LEADER: --sharpshooter.
DONNIE: And Select All and transform with
the Transform tool.
Now we want to grab the center point and put it right into
the distance where the train's going to head.
And then we'll Shift Option Click as we make the train
move down the track towards the light.
Towards a, a special place.
SWAT LEADER: OK, boys, hit it!
DONNIE: Not an end.
DONNIE: A beginning.
SWAT LEADER: Go go go go go!

MALE SPEAKER: Where'd he go?