Joy Ragsdale Interview

Uploaded by fccdotgovvideo on 22.03.2010

I'm Joy Ragsdale and I'm an attorney advisor here on public safety and homeland security
in the policy division. I've been here 2 years.
I knew if I wanted to work on broad and national issues, and have the opportunity to learn
some, work on diverse issues, then the FCC was the place for me.
I have never been given the impression that women did not make a contribution or were
not taken as significant or serious contributors to some of the policies developed here or
that any points of interest or topics of children's safety, internet, privacy, were not thought
of or not taken seriously here in terms of a woman's perspective.
I think that this is a great place to balance life. Christian Abernacky was a proponent
of women in balancing life and work responsibilities, to make sure you still had the opportunity
to still have a lifestyle at home
the opportunity to participate in the digital television transition on a special team that
was assigned to chicago gave me the opportunity to bring back some of the consumer advocacy
work that I have been doing a few jobs ago, with my people experience, and going out to
the field, and meeting some of our constituencies
we were sent out there, we were asked to...we came into the office wednesday and thursday,
friday we were out in chicago trying to put it all together and make things happen and
it worked out very well.
Being able to help them, I think it was important to me that I was considered trustworthy enough
to be able to represent the agency out in the field in such a high level issue
I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Manner, and she has been very key in making
sure I have opportunity to work on different projects and assignments and she was brought
in to handle the national broadband plan so she has a special role but she is all about
making sure people have exposure and visibility and she understands the importance for women
particularly in public safety and homeland security which is a very male-dominated bureau
and industry and she's made sure that you're doing a good job and you're getting exposure
and visibility that you've requested.
for the most part I think women expect the same level of responsibility accountability
and quality work as men do
could we be anywhere without our mother, really. she was a single mom and fortunately I still
have access to my father but she was a single mom who worked multiple jobs and went to school
and got her degree at night and still sacrificed and the time needed to raise me and make sure
I went to excellent schools and had opportunities and really never said I could not do anything.
what's important to me and I think many women, they want to remain visible and relevant to
the key issues today and have the opportunity to work on major initiatives that give them
the opportunity to showcase her skills and knowledge.
When a woman asks for help or assistance it doesnt mean she wants to be rescued and kind
of have those responsibilities taken away or having a less dominant role in fulfilling
a task
you know it's a different administration and I definitely notice a relaxed environment
from the leadership on down. it seems theres more opportunity for people in lower rank
non-managerial rank to speak to leaders at the top, so hopefully that'll continue.