geet 17 june 2011 part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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radhika today it is a very happy day in our house. today is my sister in law's engagement. daman..
daman is getting married to nandini.
daman radhika, radhika..daman
daman..hi. nice meeting you.
hi. same here.
thank you so much
by the way i like your indian attire.
thanks again.
maan business deals will keep on happening. but the most important reason i came to india get married.
in india? indian boy! wow what a choice!
and if god wants than you can get the guy you like..
somewhere here.
i hope so.
lets go sir? lets go maan.
sit down sit down
maan i heard that you have been in amritsar for many days.
do you have some plan of business development?
yes and no. i mean i came to to meet my inlaws but sometimes i feel that there are many good possibilities here.
thats nice
what spying are you doing?
if you already found out than why are you asking? go!
but why?
its a minor case. im trying to find out how foreign girls are and how they live.
mamaji please control yourself.she is a very important guest.
im also important!everyone in amritsar know how important jugnu is.understand?
tell me this girl doenst look like she's from amritsar.where did she come from? ill go ask her.
mamaji ill tell you. you come with me.come
excuse me. my wife. ill be right back.
radhika lets go?
whats the matter?
what were you doing?
meaning?why did you have to walk so close to that girl?
geet you too!
you too what???
i mean to say make her do what she was called here to do.
thats what she is doing ms. hoshiarpur express!
its good. for her and for you too.or else i...
or else what?
are you scaring me?
you got scared?
ill have to be scared geet.or else i dont know for what you'll get upset for.
by the way was their any effect of our plan on them?
it looks like it.daman's eyes have lit up like a tube light after seeing ms. kapoor's wealth.
meaning our target...
is absolutely right.
not mama ji geet.
geet! mama ji!
what is mama ji doing over here?he didnt hear our conversation right?
i dont know.
he's looking at us as if...
he heard everything.
now how do we make him go away from here?
theres no need to put your hands on your face like manoj "kapoor"
if you say i wont recognize you 2 for the rest of my life.
but son...i have...a small request.
oh my sweet son in law!
do one thing for me.
only once my sweet son in law!only one request i swear to god!
listen to me!
whats the matter?
my sweet son just do this one thing for me.
if you listen to me then my sinking cart will come on shore. thats it.
ill do it but whats the matter?
you know that...that...maam type pretty girl
get my setting done with her.
i mean to say that tell her...
that she take me to america with her.
ill go to america and become a very big "interstate" spy.
just tell her to drop me off at america's bus stop.jungu will do the rest of the work.
and dont tell anyone.i have already talked with the president abraham clinton.look look he has also SMS me his address.
come on talk to her! talk to her!
ok ill talk to her.
long live son long live! you made me happy!its sure right?'ll talk...
ok ok im going to book my train ticket to to her for sure ok?sure!
thank god we got saved!
lets go fix daman up!
lets go
learn something from mama ji
geet we got saved after almost getting caught.
maan why are you getting so tensed? and even if mama ji heard or saw something it wouldnt have been a problem.he'll forget it in some time.
thats ok. what would have happened if it wasnt mama but it was beeji or tej that heard us?we'll have to be careful from now on.
sir sir sir
what do we have to do now sir?
adi you take radhika to look around the house as an excuse and over there lucky will bring daman.and over there daman and radhika should meet.understand?
lucky brother..lucky brother!you told lucky everything! you told me that only you me adi and dev know about this.
i said that but lucky himself wants to help us.and geet we need a person that no one can doubt.
maan luckt is a loudspeaker!he is a mama's small avatar!
you dont worry. he wont say anything. and anyways its about nandini's life.
adi will you go now?
yes sir
adi sir
yes maam
tell that radhika that there is no need to do over acting.she is not going to get extra money for that!
should i go?
geet when was radhika overacting?
look you dont joke with know very well when she was overacting.
did something happen?
nothing happened!!
move back
when you see her you forget the entire world.
come lets go its ok.
lets go