Deaf nigga rapper

Uploaded by thizzboy5 on 10.10.2011

i betta cut rite now
i gotta to cut
oh damn nuttin new i c 5-0 rite there
n still i dunt hav to talk much cuz im alwayz in action
bt i c y nt stop by n spit sum qik rap
gettin dem greens all day muthafuka
alwayz in whip bendin dem corna all day
i dunt alwayz hav to talk too much cuz i
jus come out here muthafuka
im so muthafuka wet
i aint even playin game
cuz i got TWO whips all day
sactown to BAY AREA all day
i alwayz stay muthafuka out at
damn i aint playin any game out dis muthafuka CA
Boom* o snap yu got killed, welll dats all u can play wit
only play a game is, nuttin.
jus come out dis muthafukin california den u can
shit ur ass is wekass
so i feed dem all day, i dunt give a fuck cuz
i got whole lot $$ in my pocket, Thick ass cash
dey alwayz keep me wet so i alwayz stay wet
dat y i play wit milfs outa dis hood cuz
tryin snitch our ass outta of dis muthafuka hood
dey is shit n alwayz play game wit our muthafuka dope dick
i aint even fuck wit barbies cuz dey think
shit dat y i alwayz bang bang bang bang
i alwayz stays wet remmy dat shit
muthafuka cuz u aint fuck wit all hot MILFs out here
shit i alwayz say muthafuka cuz yall aint a real
cuz i keepin it real muthafuka
I dunt giv a fuk if i talk shit on ur ass muthafuka
dat y i never come out there, east muthafukin side period
dats all i can smellin out there
you are really weakass nigga muthafuka forealz
you nt real nigga out there foreal man
dats all u can dodge on muthafuka u heard me batch
dats wat u r abt to do, LAY DEAD
Shot yo head off dats it.
out of here
i can dodge on ur muthafuka fakeass nigga
fuckin realist nigga muthafuka out of here
yu cant handle my muthafuka swagger cuz im
stay swagger muthafuka
lik im alwayz wet muthafuka
shit dis muthafuka is alwayz WET period
yall heard me or i dunt give a fuck period
dunt even play any game
jus like here muthafukaz period
cuz yall aint even muthafuka wet
im nt even goin out east side
shit i aint fukin play games wit yall
ya heard me batch
im nt fukin play games muthafuka that it.
Shot* Splassssh*
wit da muthafucka greenlight on yo muthafuka eyes man
i will jus come out n shot ur head off thats it,
i dunt hav to kick ur ass or sign langague
yall jus come out dis shit muthafukin california
muthafuka california forealz shit
stay muthafuka realist nigga out in dis
yall jus mad at me cuz i really
cuz yall is still on really muthafuka fire fasho man
dem greens aint really ease ur mind off fasho
ease my mind off forealz
dey really knocc me out
thats why i fucks wit purps all day dat it
i alwayz got weed everyday all day
i aint even got really high man
cuz dey aint even real dro shit man
i aint even rolls wit dem greens
aint greens dros greens shit
we got trees, real muthafuka purple shit
we got bitches
we got whips
we alwayz got mutafuka everything wet all day
jus come out to dis muthafuka california
muthafuka nigga lik u forealz
im no muthafuka scary lik a
yo head off period
dis muthafuka hood n shot
im tell u truth muthfuka i will come out
u cant handle my shit
outta of dis muthafuka hood forealz
really weak ass muthafuka nigga
cuz i already knw tha ur shit weak
i dunt even think u will try fuck wit me
dis california i will alwayz blast yo head off
i dunt give a fuck if yu come out
muthafuka i will shoot yo head off dat it
muthfuka da BAY AREA all day anytime
here california from sactown to da
all day anytime muthafuka im alwayz
yall can try to come out to dis california
i aint even playin any game
shit i alwayz got stayin on gas all day non stop
all day dat it
all day cuz i alwayz got dope on my dick
cuz yall cant handle my dope dick
alwayz smell my ass everyday all day
damn 5-0 bitches, pigs yall
checkin out my freshest dope dick
checkin out my wettest outfit
pullin my whip over, o damn 5-0
keep eatin dem money on gas aw 5-0
cruise. cruise bendin dem cornas
im eatin, collectin, dem greens
eatin spinches, bendin cornas as
fuckin, bendin cornas gettin money
needs cake, got it where money
gettin money, money, cruise, cruise
light it up as u hit da road
lay up bo on purples all day
i smoke drank on bo syrup.
i drank heem all day
i smoke weed all day
i stay in california all day period
yall aint even real nigga lik me period
yall deaf niggaz yall out california