MAC "A Rose Romance" Tutorial - english subs

Uploaded by magimania on 30.04.2009

So let´s give it a try: this is the first video I will add some captions now so non-German viewers can follow the content.
MAC released A ROSE ROMANCE Collection in may. The colors are fresh and floral - scents are inspired by roses.
I decited to make a short video with my impressions and a tiny tutorial using the pigments that have been released.
Both pigments have been repromoted by MAC from past collections.
On the left side is MUTINY - an aqua-shaded, light blue with silver pearl and frosted finish. Applied it looks more blue-ish
On the right is CIRCA PLUM pigments - a taupe-plum shade with silver pearl. It quite similar to MAC permanent e/s SHALE
Here are the swatches of both: CIRCA PLUM - MUTINY
Both pigments are available limited only as usual and contain 7,5g for a price of 23€ here in Germany.
At both were sold out quickly, sorry. Try it in your MAC store or online for samples.
It´s quite expencive, but you get a lot of product - you can share it with your friends or mix it with pigments for new shades.
The little vials in the video are NOT the size you get by MAC. These are my tiny jars where I keep my pigments in.
Both colors are nice - but I am not impressed. I would't say they are must have. Nothing special.
I think they are quite pale and a bit of boring. The texture is not as good as the best pigments that MAY carries.
They are OK - I prefer similar pressed eyeshadows...
Unfortunately MUTINY looks more silvery, lighter when it is applied. I would prefer if it would look as bright as in the jar.
CIRCA PLUM has a quite dry texture - not really buttry, what I like usually.
But the color is really, really good for everyday looks. It´s a subtle shade for a natural crease.
I think it MIGHT be a nice colors on cheek, if someone is a very cool toned person with a darker skin tone than mine.
In this collection are also 2 new Beauty Powders with a rose-look embossing in rosey shades.
In this collection
Beautypowders are more sheer than blushes an can be use on the whole face to enhance it - for a healthy finish.
I compared MACs blush COYGIRL with SUMMER ROSE b/p - the color is VERY similar, but the pigmentation is different.
The blush is a sheer one, but not as sheer as the beautypowder. I love such mauve-toned blushes. Gorgeous on cool skin tones.
MAC released a new product with this collection too. A Gel Blush "Just a Pinch". A sweet, bright red that blends very sheer.
Check out my later video - I compared it with an ESSENCE Gel Blush (drugstore brand). You can see there how it looks on my cheek
But I think neither of both suits the pigment colors so I didn´t use red on the cheeks - only COYGIRL
Final impression: it´s a floral, romantic collection - but not really "my style". It´s OK but not essential for me.
Here I show my new lipstick from the drugstore brand CATRICE - it´s a moisture lipstick called GENTLE NUDE. It´s nice...
And a "Happy Magi": I celebrated my 500th subscriber and promised to make a contest - a video followed...
So let´s start with a good eyeshadow primer - choose your favorite. I used UDPP.
The square is linked with my UDPP-video - I showed there how much product was left in my UDPP when I opened the bottle.
Apply it all over the lid. Make sure your skin doesn´t crease below your finger and you leave some places un-primed.
Everywhere the base is missing the result will show differences in the eyeshadow's appearance.
Use always some loose powder below your eyes to catch the fall out - especially when you use loose pigments.
It doesn´t matter what kind of powder you use.
I recomend a flat semi- or full-synthetik brush like MAC's 242 for applying pigments - but any other brush works well too.
The bigger and fluffier the brush the more fall out could be caused and the less precision you have. But the blending is better.
I applied MUTINY (dry) with my 213, because my 242 was dirty, in the inner 2/3 of my lid.
Don't smear it on the lid. You will receive better, precise and even results, when you DAP the product onto your lid.
If you want to intensify the color, foil your brush before you take the pigment. It will appear super metallic and bold.
Look straight into the mirror, as natural as possible, to check the shape. 1-2mm above the crease is a good size.
With the same brush I take CIRCA PLUM and apply it in the outer corner...
Especially with such a dry pigment a synthetic brush would be the better choise :-P
Dap dap dap... The color is very subtle and looks good with the most colors. Very versatile.
It´s a very nice color to shade the lids - but be careful: it CAN look a bit swollen because of the red in it.
Apply it also gently into the crease. Move your brush from outer corner to the middle, so the blending looks always natural.
We have built a very, very well blended "outer V".
MUTINY is brighter, more dominant. But we will balance the lid with an additorial sark color in the crease...
When I planned to do this look I thought I would own SHADOWY LADY e/s (also in the LE) - but I don´t. So I took here...
MACs SIGNED, SEALED (beware, it´s going to be discontinued). It´s a burgundy-plummish-brown with matte texture.
The color supports the plum shade in CIRCA PLUM and is a fabulous contrast for MUTINY.
I used a stiff and fluffy brush (DIANNE BRILL full coverage) and dapped it OVER my crease
And then blend blend blend from left to right... Blend...
The area here is bit important, because it makes a kind of a shadow behind our lashes and make them appear thicker.
Depending on your eye shape and position you CAN apply it more or less narrow to the nose. In my case it looks better.
Now a bit of the eyeshadow near the lash line...
With a flat brush (mine is from daVinci) I apply SIGNED, SEALED line an eyeliner...
I will use this brush with all the shadows on my lower lash line too... But first I remove the powder below my eye.
You can start in the outer corner or in the inner corner. I don´t think it will make a difference.
I think, it a good finish to apply some of the lightest color in the end again to blend the colors a tiny bit more.
My essential finish: some MAC BRULE e/s with a stiff, precise brush to blend out the color. This brush is by POSH
Because MUTINY is a quite shimmery pigment I think a less shimmery highlighter is the better choice.
I used VANILLA eyeshadow (not pigment) by MAC just in the arch of my brow.
The look is finished - OK, for me not really. I am a CARBON-Junky. No look without a dot of black in the outer corner :-P
MAC CARBON with a round fluffy brush - this is BOBBI BROWN smudge brush
I apply a liner now (URBAN DECAY Liquid liners in OIL SLICK and REVOLVER) and mascara (CHANEL Exceptionnel)
Thanks for watching - enjoy the collection!