Versailles - MAMA'S GOT YOU with Patricia Heaton and William H. Macy - Versailles

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WILLIAM H. MACY: And the cocaine, I assume it was hers.
But it could've been in the hotel room
before we got there.
I don't remember much.

I dream about it sometimes.
But when I dream, Evelyn's smiling.
SARA: Um, so, I'm just going to take off unless you need
anything else.
LENNY: Yeah, no, go.
I'm cool.
I'll see you tomorrow.
SARA: Are you doing anything tonight?
LENNY: Oh, uh, I am, actually.
You might be interested, though.
A group of us do a taxidermy workshop.
SARA: You stuff things, like deer?
LENNY: No, God no.
Nothing that big.
We do mostly small things, you know?
Like rodents and things like that.
And then we dress them up and we put them in dioramas.
Because I actually happen to be an avid historian as well.
Currently, we're doing the Battle of Hastings, OK, with
mice and squirrels.
I have a rat here if you want to see.
SARA: Oh, I don't.
It's-- not now.
It's OK.
I, um--
you have fun with that.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Um, Lenny?
LENNY: Yeah.

If you like someone but they don't know that you like them,
do you think that it's OK to say something?

LENNY: Yeah, I think it's OK.
I think you should just take a chance.
SARA: OK, um, I'll think about it.
See you tomorrow.
SARA: Good night, Colin.
COLIN: Oh, good night.
SARA: Colin?
COLIN: Yeah?
SARA: I, um, well, I just wanted to say that it was a
really good show.
Well, thanks.

Hey, can I ask you something?
SARA: Yeah.

COLIN: What was your name again?
SARA: Sara.

COLIN: Sara.
Hey, uh--

SARA: Um, so I'll--
I'll see you next week.

SARA: Um, OK, good night.
COLIN: Good night.

So want to get pizza at Stuckey's?
SUMMER: We're going to head over to the county ER.
Dr. Someting-Or-Other's going to meet us.
Shouldn't take more than a half hour.
Go get us a table.
SUMMER: I think we're getting a real rhythm there, don't
you, Colin?
COLIN: Well, it felt very natural.
How did it look?
I mean, I--
SUMMER: No, no, it does.
You've got that sort of jovial confidence, like Regis.

COLIN: Really?
SUMMER: Yes, honey.

I think I'm going to throw up again.
SUMMER: Not in the car, darling.
COLIN: Hey, should I order you a drink?
SUMMER: A Cosmo.
Iced tea for you, Hoyt?
COLIN: See you over there.
SUMMER: Don't worry, pumpkin.
Mama's got you.
EVELYN: Mm, the other day, my little daughter Summer came to
me and said, "Mommy, so many people seem to know you." But
they don't know me.

They don't know a damn thing about me.

HOYT: Let me show you, like if you're--
I'm there!
And then I'm there!
And then I'm there!
Oh, jeez!
I think it's my groin.
It's definitely my groin.
Oh, that stings.