The blind car mechanic Bart Hickey

Uploaded by MercedesBenzTV on 15.06.2011

I always loved cars since I was a kid. All different cars, it was just how they were
made, from racecars to everyday cars and I was always intrigued by the engines and how
they sounded. I guess I have a mental picture in my mind of most of them. I don’t have
a visual image of them, it’s how they sound and how you feel when you’re in them. I’m
Bart Hickey, about 50 years old and legally blind. I run an auto repair shop and it’s
great to be here.
Nobody that I know can do what Bart does.
I couldn’t have a better friend, he’s an incredible guy. Bart comes over to my house and he helped me change doorknobs,
he’s done sump pumps in my house. I’ve known Bart for so long, I treat him no differently
than a sighted person. To me he’s not blind.
My father was a good mechanic, he showed me a lot of things. He passed away when I was 11.
My mom was paying these high bills to get the car fixed. I figured if I knew how to do it I could save her money.
The guy is amazing. The guy amazes the hell out of me. In fact, the matter is that this guy runs
a business and he’s blind. That’s the incredible thing about him. I gotta give him
credit because he’s not one of those people that feel sorry for themselves. I think he’s
It takes me longer to work on a lot of these modern cars because I’m not familiar with them.
Whereas a 1970 Chevy was pretty cotton dry. It was simple.
I have a problems reading a scanner that makes it difficult to troubleshoot a car.
I think a lot of it is harder for me not being able to see. Some of it was trial and error, just by getting
in there and doing it, I tried to figure it out. You know, I might have a problem with
something and call someone that has better knowledge than I do and use them to help me
I’m very fortunate to have a lot of friends and very fortunate to have a good family that’s
behind me and there’s nothing better than having a lot of friends because through them
it helps you to get along in life.
He’s always been encouraged to do things, he iceskates, he swims. He has always tried to do everything.
He turned out very well and I think his father, if he were alive, would be extremely proud of him.
My thought is maybesomeday you’d see, maybe that’s not what god plans. Maybe you see more about him and
through him with the blindness than you would if he was sighted.