Assorted gems, 35회 EP35 #03

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Did you finish the Champaign Woobin sent you yesterday?
Mother, Father said he’d stop by Goodsoon.
He forgot to give her a Christmas present.
Mother. Look at me.
“I will be what I want to be.”
What comes next?
I don’t know.
I like to make a reservation for lunch this Sunday. For four people.
You’ve never skied then?
No. But I prefer to try a snowboard.
It’s dangerous for women.
I thought you’re fearless.
I just don’t want to go to hospital after being injured.
My classmate.
How do you do?
Where are you going?
No, it’s a movie theater.
Where’s Sunmi?
Come in.
I’ll call you.
Both of you!
Is it Goodsoon?

Did you forget something?
Oh my!
Where’s the maid?
Grocery market.
Sit down!
What is your name?
Amber Goong.
How does it spell in Chinese?
AM meaning amber, and BER meaning amber.
Are you two just classmates?
We’re more than just classmates.
Hey! What are you talking about?
Then should I lie?
Have you been dating each other?
We are just closer than classmates.
So you’ve deceived me until now?
Actually he helps me with study.
How’s his grade?
He got all A’s except in Social Science.
Is it true?
Are you tutored?
My family can’t afford it. My brother helps me with study.
How old is he?
He’s 24.
He’s currently taking time off from Jale University... prepare the Foreign Service Examination.
He already passed the preliminary exam.
Have you been going out together without Sunmi?
Just today.
She’s lying, right?
Actually we found out recently that Sunmi was a co-worker with my sister... the same hospital.
Since then, she’s trusted me and allowed us to go out together.
How many siblings do you have?
Two sisters and one brother, actually two brothers since last fall.
So your parents got a late child?
He’s my half-brother. We have the same father.

Why are you so straightforward with me?
I just want to be honest.
How old is your father?
He is turning to 56.
Isn’t he retired?
Not yet.
Where does he work?
He works at Ess hotel. As a doorman.
Good morning, sir!
Good morning...
< There’s only one doorman in his 50’s at Ess Hotel.>
Isn’t he tall and good-looking…?
Yes. Do you know him?
Yes. I think so.

So, your brother is going be a diplomat, and one of your sister works at a hospital.
Yes, as a nurse.
What about the other sister?
She a writer.
Then does she write a column to a magazine or something like that?
No. A drama writer.
MBS will air a new drama, “Old Lasses,” from coming January. She wrote that.
I think you don’t watch drama, do you?
Not very much. I’m busy.
When I become a college student, I’ll ask her to accept me as her assistant writer.
Then I can earn money and build an experience as a writer.
Doesn’t it sound good?
You think a writer is an easy job?
You should read a lot of books and be well informed.
That I know. Watching movies as well as reading books are important.
That’s why we were going to go to the movies after having studied hard.
Did you study here with her?
No, separately. I just came here to pick her up.
I’ve studied hard from this morning till 3. Ask Sunmi.
You’ve cried wolf too many times.
If you can’t trust me, then trust him.
Why don’t you go to the movies with us?
Go to the movies with you guys?
Yes. And buy us dinner after the movie, if you don’t mind.
My Dad is very busy.
This is my Christmas present for you.
Didn’t know my daddy can buy a gift like this.
This is the first time I’ve even gotten on this luxury car.
Give him the direction.
Ok. Go down to the main road first.
It’s Byonghoon.
Hi. What time will you come?
I need to make something clear before I fight with you.
Like what?
Let’s meet and talk.
Ok. But I’m busy this afternoon.
I have to give a ride to Ms. Boss.
I see. Don’t bring Ruby with you.
She went to work after an emergency call.
Did she?
It starts again.
I’ll go first.

You didn’t shop for Mom?
I already dropped off her stuff.
Dad, can you take Prince with you?
Ruby got an emergency call and went out, and I have an appointment too.
What time is your appointment?
I should leave no later than 5:30.
What? And are you still trimming the bean sprout?
I have to prepare a meal at least. Amber will be home soon.
Leave it to me. Just go wash and get ready.
You can’t cook.
Don’t worry. I’m a good cook.
I was going to make kimchi sprout soup.
Ok, ok. Don’t worry.
Besame, Besame Mucho.
Mucho, Mucho, Mucho (mix).
Sesame oil!
Oil, oil, oil.
Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!
Brring, brring!
Mucho, Mucho, Mucho (mix).
Taste, taste, taste, taste, taste.
Umm, the taste of green pasture!
Mucho, Mucho, Mucho (mix)�