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welcome to iTEL Marketing's interactive cold calling tips
in this module you'll learn the basics of cold cold scripts
as part of this training
i'll make a cold call to a marketing manager
during which you will have to guess what i'm going to say next
at the end of each section
cold calling tips will be displayed
so are you ready?
hi this is brian
good morning brian
my name is sarah from my iTEL Marketing
we are a top generation company and today and we are calling marketing managers such as
yourself to educate them on lead nurturing strategies to help grow sales
that was the introduction section of the cold cold script
may ask you if you have outsourced your lead nurturing before?
no we haven't
that was a probing question
which can be used throughout the cold call script
no problem
well we are offering a one hundred percent free trial of our lead nurturing
for you to experience developing new business using lead nurturing
sounds good
that was the hook section of the cold call script
we will be in your area next week
I could arrange for one of our marketing specialists to meet with you for half
an hour to explore how lead nurturing can help grow your business
is this be something that you might be interested for me to arrange for you?
that was the call to action section of the called call script
sounds interesting
is lead nurturing the same as lead generation?
umm lead nurturing is actually much more sophisticated than lead generation
as you get to take your prospects on a marketing journey
our marketing specialist can explain it in detail when she meets with you
how is tuesday 10 AM next week?
sounds good
While I have you on the phone, may I ask you a few questions so that when our
marketing specialist meets with you, she understands your situation?
how many lead generation campaigns do you run a month
We run two lead generation campaigns a month
that was the qualifying questions section and the cold call script
thanks so much for your time. we will send you a confirmation email
really look forward to meeting with you
have a terrific day
that was the close section of the cold call script
in this module you learned basic business to business cold callinging
any you learn that a called call script is made up to the following sections
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