TATT200 / Serie Documental [02/05] / Púas - Chile

Uploaded by puma on 04.02.2011

I never thought I was going to be a tattooist.
At the beginning I wanted to be an airplane pilot.
Well, I got to be a tattooist almost by coincidence,
it was when I met a friend that had made a handcrafted machine
with a toy engine, a pencil and tattooing with sewing needles.
he showed it to me, called my attention, made one for myself and started doing tattoos as a hobby.
then I realized that wether I dedicated myself 100% to this or if it would still be a hobby.
so I went for it, I had a drumset back then, a guitar, sold everything
I bought my first profesional tattooing equipment.
Then I got pro.
I came to Santiago to tattoo in a space someone lend me, at a sex shop,
it was super freak, then among porn mags and porn vids I tattooed.
I've tried to go for fullcolor style, it means designs with lots of color.
I also like bio-organic,
it refers to everything that lives, natural things, flowers, plants, animals.
Since I was a kid, I liked to draw,
and then, thanks to having the experience of tattooing and laying ink inside of the body forever,
it was a very powerful sensation.
You realize that if you die, in many cases that design will stay there you know
it's a part of you that is still living.
Well, when I first received Puma's assignment I though it was a very interesting project
because it represented the bicentennial.
It consisted in representing Santiago city and my country.
In the beginning I felt schematic, super framed
it had to be Santiago, typical stuff, transantiago, Entel tower and stuff...
Later, after talking more about this, I was told that I didn't need to be too explicit.
That's one of the things that I really liked about this project, because I was able to be myself you know
In one of those designs I mixed the idea of the rebirth of our country, after the earthquake, in ruins,
after all we've been through, the country arises again, it blooms again you know
Well, the other part is the chili, I really like eating chili
This week the doctor told me to eat less
I put it as a grenade you know, (puuuj)
because it exploits in your mouth, it wants to come out of eyes, your ears
it wants to come out from anywhere, then to me chili is always an explotion
The heart is wrapped in barbed wire and is bleeding.
I feel like somehow the country goes through conflictive stages you know,
like it's always tight.
You see the people in the bus, in the subway lately, the crowd is tight
and super stressed, and that sometimes hurts.
And at the same time that the heart is tight, it exhales smog.
What's more typical of Santiago? Smog, one of the most polluted cities in the world,
I think we're all part of the smog now.
To me tattooing is everything, the way I can express myself,
and try to demostrate my ideas and my style.
The skin kind of hugs the pigment, hugs the needle,
as if it received it, you know? It receives it in a good way.
I feel like the paper is tougher, a bit more reluctant to receive the color and to receive the stroke.