How to earn extra money,start your own business and become Brand Rep for Verve Healthy Energy

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I'm going to start off by saying right now,
the person who invited you guys here today, if you are new,
is not trying to sell you guys two cases of anything.
I can guarantee you that.
They're just trying to present you with an opportunity
to get you out of whatever financial situation you're in
into the one you want.
It's an opportunity to do something different.
A lot of us at 18, 19, 20, 25 years old, whatever,
are really excited about this opportunity.
I'm going to bring up Kailey Warren. You know she's been killing it.
Really pay attention to what these guys have to say
and really take to heart the opportunity they're giving you.
My name is Kailey Warren. I'm 19.
And before I start off saying anything,
I just want you guys to realize
there's nothing different about me than you guys.
I'm just an average ASU student.
I'm 19 years old.
There's nothing that I'm doing different
that you guys could do to make this work.
So, I started about nine months ago.
I was working at a skate shop for $7.50 an hour.
Loved what I did, but was not content with what I was making.
I was working about 15 hours a week.
That's not enough to pay for anything.
So I had to do something different.
So, I was working there, and my boss came up to me,
and he was like, "We're closing in a week. You're out of a job."
And that totally caught me off guard.
Where am I going to go to make more money?
I have to go find somewhere else to work.
Or an alternative -- do Verve!.
This guy Alex Morton, who's 22, came into that skate shop
and told me that I could actually make money by talking to people.
I thought he was full of it.
I was like, "This doesn't work. I don't know about this."
Met up with him, he told me what to do,
and it's taken off from there.
We've started teams all over the country, all over the world.
This is working for people --
not only us in here, but everywhere else.
So, if you guys can take one thing away from this, I'll end with it.
Bob Proctor, number-one sought out business speaker in the world,
he told us this.
He gave us a 2-hour session and taught us these tips.
He's a millionaire, guys.
So take this if you don't take anything else.
He said, "You have this much time to live."
We're in our early teens, early 20s.
We're ready to go, we're ready to work, we're ready to have fun.
Why would we work for someone for the rest of our life and then die?
It does not make sense, but that's what we're all taught.
Why don't we work a little bit right here
and then enjoy the money we have and live the rest of our life for fun?
That totally got me, guys.
I don't want to work for someone ever again
because I see this and I know it can work.
This can work for anybody.
I'm going to bring up Josh Noble. He's 22 years old.
He started this a year ago,
and, guys, he's making $12,000 a month.
$12,000, guys.
This works.
Okay, I guess you're coming up.
My name's Josh.
I'm a senior out of Arizona State University.
I'll share with you my story real quick
before we have our key speaker come up, Alex,
who really started this whole thing.
But can I share with you my story,
why we're excited about this oppotunity
and really where we see this thing going.
I'm a senior at Arizona State University
and definitely did not expect this to happen to me,
but it's happening, guys.
So, definitely take a close look at it.
Basically, I'm from Oregon.
Came out in '08 obviously with the goal of getting my degree, graduating.
Kind of had that employee mind-set like a lot of people have.
But I got first approached to do this company by Alex,
who a lot of you guys know in this company.
If you don't know him, you will.
He's kind of the face of the young market right now.
He approached me about it.
I was pretty skeptical, actually.
Called it like a pyramid scheme or something when I first heard about it.
Didn't want anything to do with it. Didn't believe in it.
But he let me try the product.
If you guys haven't tried the product, definitely try it.
You can buy it in the back.
Your friend probably brought you some to try out, also.
I loved it.
I was already blowing money on the other energy drinks --
the high-sugar, the high-caffeine garbage.
I figured this would be a healthy alternative
and decided to kind of support Alex in his little business venture.
Didn't do anything with the business my first months
because I didn't believe in it.
Actually ended up going back up to Oregon this past summer
to work an internship up there.
I was doing purchasing for a company, working 50-hour weeks,
driving through traffic every day, doing that whole deal,
getting paid garbage money,
and really didn't like sitting behind a desk all day
and being told what to do and when to do it.
So, I definitely kind of left that disappointed
but really kind of open to something different.
Was looking for something a little bit more entrepreneurial.
Wanted to be my own boss and have time freedom.
So, really left that with an open mind.
And fortunately for me when I came back to ASU in August,
from the four of us that had really gotten this thing started out here,
it had grown out to about 200 people.
And there's a lot of people out here in Arizona
making some pretty good money, just kind of sharing this product,
sharing this opportunity with their friends and family.
And then whoever got on board with it kind of helped
and then did the same thing.
So, I saw the success, saw the excitement,
saw what was happening with it.
And, for me, I wanted to be a part of it.
I was a full-time college kid,
bussing tables at Outback Steakhouse for $8 an hour a year ago.
And trust me, working on Friday, Saturday nights as a college kid
when your friends are out having a good time, it's not fun.
And so I was pretty motivated to make this thing work
and really made a decision right then and there to pursue this thing
and really see where it could take me.
And since then, we've grown our team out to about 3,000 people
across like 43 states, 16 different countries.
And like Kailey said, it's paying me about 12 grand a month.
And on top of that, they're paying for my lease on a new BMW.
And I'm not here to brag about what I'm doing,
but basically I'm here to show you guys that there's an opportunity here.
I'm an average college student with average grades,
and there's nothing different about me
from the rest of the people in this room and you guys watching.
This is something that anyone can do,
and we're confident that if you get on board with this
and really follow what we've done and really utilize us --
because we have a support system.
We really want to reach out to the newest person
and help them succeed with this,
help them be the next success story with the company.
And it's not about the person to the right or to the left of you.
It's about what you want from this.
And our goal is to really reach out and find out what you want,
whether it's the financial opportunity, the health opportunity,
or really helping other people.
Whatever you want from this,
our goal is to help you get that and achieve that.
And that's really why we're doing this.
We have a passion for helping people,
and we have a passion for helping people achieve
what they want from life.
Vemma's a vehicle for you to do what you want to do.
And it's definitely something that's exciting,
something that, with this young market, it's really taken off.
This whole past year was really a lot of groundwork
and kind of figuring out how to do this whole thing.
We had no idea what we were doing.
Working with Brad Alkazin, some of the leaders that you'll hear about,
I mean, there was a lot of ups and downs, trials and errors,
but really this whole past year was laying the groundwork.
And, guys, it's done. We have young success stories.
And all you got to do is hop on board with this and get excited about it
and believe in it and follow what we're doing,
and you're going to get what we get every time.
But with that, I'm going to bring up Alex Morton.
He's the guy who got me involved,
making about $12,000, $13,000 a month.
Really the first young kid to take this and run with it
with the college and high-school market.
So definitely listen to him.
He knows what he's talking about, knows his stuff.
Thank you for your time.
All right, well, welcome to our empire, Verve! Central.
Obviously, you know, we're excited.
I mean, we say that word a lot
because this is something
to get really, really excited about.
It's nuts, man.
I've been doing this for 13 months, and it's not just me anymore.
It's not just me making money, Brad Alkazin making money.
I'm going to go into what happened to me,
how this thing really started,
'cause it's kind of crazy how it started.
It started with one Facebook message.
And it blows my mind looking back on it,
is that when Marty messaged me on Facebook,
if I didn't click "accept,"
none of you would probably be here right now.
And that makes me think about life
and how these tiny little small decisions
literally change your course of life forever.
And it's really crazy. So, really quick, I'm Alex Morton.
I'm 22. Average college kid, dude.
Slow math in high school. 1490 SAT score.
Never really did that too well in school.
I'm from Columbus, Ohio -- small town.
Came out to Arizona in '08 to go to school -- ASU, obviously.
At 18 years old, like most 18-year-old guys,
all I wanted to do was party and have fun and girls
and blah, blah, blah. So I got into a lot of trouble.
Actually wound up getting kicked out of Hassayampa,
the dorms here at ASU.
At 18, I was on my buddy's couch for about six months,
and in that time frame all my friends
were at Best Buy, Subway, Jimmy John's, RA Sushi,
making 8, 9, 10 bucks an hour.
I didn't want to do that because no one wants to do that.
I don't care who you are.
Getting paid by the hour, getting paid on salary sucks,
and you shouldn't have to do it.
In my opinion, it should be illegal, dude.
You are God's highest form of creation.
Why on Earth would you let somebody else tell you
when to show up to work, eat lunch, when to pee, when to go home?
On top of all of that, "Hey, I'm going to pay you 20 bucks an hour."
"Hey, I'm going to pay you $75,000 a year."
Why? Here you create your own income.
You can be 16 and make as much money as you want.
You can be 85 and make as much money as you want.
Why would you let somebody else tell you how much money you're worth?
That doesn't make sense to me.
I had a friend who was 21 at the time
making 5 grand a month selling real estate.
If you guys can remember, in '06, '07,
the housing market crashed in Arizona bad
that half the agents quit.
So, I thought there was an opportunity there, which there was.
I failed the exam about 10 times.
I'm really not that book smart, like I said.
I eventually got it, closed some deals, made some money,
spent it all partying and having fun.
But I learned a lot about sales and service and dealing with people.
Things most of you were never taught at home.
The average person out in Phoenix
or in Germany or Sweden or Oklahoma or Chicago
has no idea how to make money.
That's why most people you know in your life are broke.
And it's not even their fault, but it's not taught in high school,
it's not taught in college.
You have to learn it from someone already doing it.
That's why we say if you want to get good at basketball,
you're going to study Michael Jordan.
You want to get good at soccer, study David Beckham.
If you're sitting here tonight at 16, 22, 45, or 88,
and you want to make a million dollars in the next three years,
you probably should study someone and learn from someone
who's making a million dollars.
I mean, that would probably be pretty good advice, dude.
Taking advice from your dad's best friend
making 50 grand a year at a bank?
Probably shouldn't listen to that person.
'Cause if you say what people say and do what they do,
you're going to get what they have every single time, guys.
I share that story 'cause we all know
especially in business time means everything.
You can be the smartest person in the world,
have the highest SAT score in the world,
go to the best college in the world, guys.
If you're not in the right place at the right time with the right people,
chances are you'll be struggling financially for the rest of your life.
So, if you want to work 'til you're 72,
then you might as well get up and leave right now.
'Cause this is about a 3-5 year plan
to where you never have to worry about money ever again.
Literally, how cool would it be three years from now
to walk into a store, never look at a price tag?
Families are torn apart because of financial issues, guys.
Most Americans go to dinner,
they don't even order what they want to eat.
Most Americans go to dinner
and they order food to consume from the price, guys.
That's insane to me.
Money is such a big deal in so many people's lives.
It's nuts.
So, about a year ago, I got a message from him on Facebook, Marty.
Obviously that was a blessing. Thank God on that one, guys.
And, honestly, first time I saw this -- scam, too good to be true, skeptical,
not doing it, called it a pyramid scheme.
Didn't even know what a pyramid scheme was.
Didn't want to do it.
So, I don't know, eventually I got on the phone with Brad Alkazin,
the guy in the video.
He's been my mentor in this thing.
He's family to a lot of people in this room, you guys.
Last year he was 25 years old making $10,000 a week
with no college degree.
Obviously if there's someone in your age demographic
making 10 grand a week with no boss, no job, and no hours,
you're probably going to at least hear about what the dude's doing.
And if you're not willing to, I don't even know why you're here tonight.
I got on the phone with Brad.
Here's the thing: Pyramid schemes are illegal.
So, if you're skeptical, here you go, okay?
Pyramid schemes are illegal,
and they don't involve a tangible product or commodity.
We have cans of Verve! in the room, bottles of Vemma.
That's a product and a commodity, you guys.
Second, Verve's the official drink of the Phoenix Suns.
You live in Phoenix.
So, I looked into it, you guys. I've grown up in the industry.
My parents did something like this with soaps and cleaning supplies.
And they got into life insurance and made a fortune.
They retired at 48 years old.
My dad's not the smartest guy in the world,
dropped out of college at 20 years old, guys,
and I watched them make millions and millions of dollars.
I knew I could do it, too.
'Cause you don't have to be smart to make money.
Friends, if anyone's ever told you you have to be smart to make money,
chances are they have none, okay?
You don't have to be smart to make money.
You have to be at the right place at the right time with the right people,
and you have to surround yourself with people
who, "A," know what they're doing,
know where they're going, and who are excited,
and who are going to teach you what to do.
That's the best part about Vemma, is everybody teaches you what to do.
So we say stop spending money
on Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, 5-hour Energy, Starbucks.
There's no bucks in Starbucks,
so stop drinking it, ladies, please, guys.
It's like $4 for a cup of coffee. Why would you drink it?
You could get all your friends in the world to drink Red Bull,
they're never going to send you a dollar in the mail.
So why are you drinking that stuff?
So transfer your dollars from that to this.
That's what I did.
I had no money. I was broke a year ago.
I ordered two cases of Verve!,
looked at my Facebook and phone book,
and realized all my friends like to make money,
all my friends like to be healthy.
Nobody walks around saying, "Man, I wish I was sick today"
or "Man, I wish I could be broke."
Of course not, dude.
Everyone wants to look good, feel good, and make money.
So, I invited 50 friends over to my house at ASU a year ago
when I was making zero dollars a month, okay?
25 told me they'd show up. Only 10 friends came.
Out of the 10, 6 said "You're crazy. You're nuts. It's illegal. It's a scam.
My mom says those don't work. My dad's a businessman" --
which to me doesn't even make sense.
Everyone's a freaking businessman these days.
"No one makes money in those things," which is false, obviously.
4 signed up that night.
One was Josh Noble, who you guys heard from.
We turned 4 into over 3,000 now, active --
high-school kids, college kids, a lot of adults, a couple athletes.
Our team's in 43 states and 12 countries, guys.
I've signed up 15 friends in a year.
8 of them quit.
You can't control that.
Most people don't have enough in here and here to ever succeed anyway,
so most people do quit.
Who cares? It doesn't matter.
If you want to succeed, you're going to succeed no matter what.
You're going to make it happen no matter what.
So, 7 stuck with you, guys,
and, yeah, I'm seeing, like, $3,500 a week, which is --
Next month I'm on track to hit Ambassador,
which is by the numbers, yeah, it's a quarter-million a year,
20 grand a month.
And I'm not up here to talk about that.
But you should hear and see that and see me and say,
"Wow, this kid's in a t-shirt, boardshorts, and Vans,
and in two years he'll make a million dollars a year.
I probably can do it, too."
So, the way it works -- it's not sold in stores.
You can't find it at Safeway, Costco, Walmart, Target.
It's not in stores. It never will be.
There's no billboards, magazine ads, commercials,
NBA playoff commercials. None of that stuff.
Movie previews. None of that.
It's all word-of-mouth advertising. Why?
We all go to the movies tonight and see a really good movie.
The first thing we do is we tell our friends about it.
We tell our friends about everything in our lives all the time, guys.
Here we just get paid for it.
"Hey, I really live Verve! Try it."
Here's the thing -- 53.6% of my graduating class last spring
regardless of degree or school is unemployed a year from now.
That means you all just graduated, half of you are in debt,
student loans, 50 grand or more,
and half of you a year from now don't even have a job.
All my best friends who don't do this with me, dude, they don't have jobs.
Like, they're broke.
Like, no money, man.
You don't want to live life with no money.
You want to have so much money it doesn't even matter.
That's why people do Vemma,
to have enough money to where it doesn't even matter anymore, guys.
This is already working.
There's nothing you can say to contest this.
You're either in or you're out. You're either in --
you want to make a lot of money, live the life you want --
or you're going to go out, do what everybody else does.
Go to high school, get good grades. Go to college, get good grades.
Make a résumé. Go beg someone to hire you.
And you're told when to show up, eat lunch, pee, and go home.
Most Americans in this country are told when to eat lunch.
They're told when to take their own family on vacation, guys.
You see those commercials -- "Let's get more vacation days."
Are you crazy? How about every day vacation?
You know what I mean?
The days of the week shouldn't even matter to you, guys.
Why does the day of the week even matter?
Sun comes up, goes down. We make money while we're asleep.
That's how Vemma works.
You're paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
no matter what you are doing.
So, like Chase said, if you're new tonight,
the person who invited you, they care about you,
they like, trust, and respect you somewhat
to share this with you, guys.
'Cause this is going to get really, really big, okay?
I mean, really, really big.
Like I said, 4,200 college campuses in America
with an average of 12,000 kids per school.
50 million college kids.
I think Vemma-wide, maybe 8,000-10,000 young people.
That's it. That's it, guys.
This is like hearing about Facebook with 3,000 users.
That's what you're hearing about right now.
Amway, year 56. They do, like, $1 billion a month.
They own the Orlando Magic, guys.
All you girls know David Beckham for sure.
Herbalife's on his chest.
Official sponsors of the L.A. Galaxy, vitamins and pills.
They're on year 30-plus, you guys.
This is in year 7.
Verve's been out for 4 years.
No one knows about it.
We're in 60 countries.
We don't even have 200,000 people in the world
drinking this product monthly.
9 out of 10 people you talk to never heard about it before.
Five years from now, it's still going to be a great opportunity for people,
but guess what -- the people in it now,
yeah, man, you're going to be making a lot of money.
The only way you fail in this is by quitting or doing nothing.
That's it.
If you do something and don't quit, you succeed every time.
No matter where you come from, no matter what your education level is,
no matter what, guys, you can make this work.
And the best part about it is
I can't stress enough the team aspect of this.
It is unbelievable, guys.
The more people you help, the bigger your check is.
And to me that is really, really cool.
'Cause a lot of people at first, it's all about the money, guys.
You get to help so many people literally change their life, you guys.
So, a couple closing thoughts.
Here's the deal.
There's three types of people in the world.
You're one of them. Sorry to break the news to you, guys.
People either make things happen, they watch things happen,
and then there's people -- like a lot of my best friends --
who go, "What the heck just happened?"
I know that sounds funny, but you have to understand,
this is your chance and our chance to do something together --
as one big team, one dream, one big family,
whatever you want to call it -- to literally change the world.
'Cause right now we believe
that we're on to something so big here
that this could literally change the way
people are paid in the economy,
business is conducted in the economy,
and our generation to say, "You know what?"
Instead of just going out and making somebody else's dream come true
and working for somebody else for the rest of your life
and being average or mediocre,
we're kind of taking a stand here as young people --
this whole YPR, young people revolution thing --
and saying, "You know what? I think I'm going to be my own boss,
help all my friends make a lot of money and get healthy,
and we're going to get to live the life we want to live," guys.
And you can literally create whatever life you want.
Like I said, you're God's highest form of creation.
You can do anything you want.
Anything you want.
All right?
You just have to have the right vehicle. We believe this is the right vehicle.
So, one more time, in closing, guys,
BK Boreyko is the CEO of Vemma, guys.
Six kids under 6. Lives in Scottsdale, guys.
He's one of the nicest, biggest-hearted guys in the world.
Two private planes, all the money in the world, guys.
He doesn't care about any of that. He's doing this mission.
He lost his dad and his mom early to heart disease and cancer.
He created Vemma.
He created this $80,000 meeting space for us, guys.
For one reason and one reason only -- to help people live better.
That's all we're about.
And, yeah, you can make $1 million a year or a $1 million a month.
That's pretty cool, too.
So, with that, get back with the person who invited you,
ask them why they're doing it, get your questions answered.
Come up to me, come up to Josh, come up to Grady Polcyn,
get all your stuff answered.
So, if you're tuning in around the world, it's going to get big.
Hopefully you guys are a part of it. And rack 'em.