America's Got Talent 2012 - Season 7 Week 4 - Performances & Howard Stern - PsychoSoprano Recap

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Hey, guys.
I'm Colleen Ballinger.
Welcome to this week's review of America's Got Talent.
This week, the auditions were in Austin, Texas.
And it started off with this cute little boy named
Sebastian De La Cruz.
He came on and he sang with his mariachi band.
And he was so cute.
I loved him.
I wanted to take him home with me and put him on my shelf and
make him sing to me every day for the rest of my life.
That was kind of creepy.
Then the Bandbaz Brothers came on stage, which are these two
men who are a balancing act.
It was super impressive.
I loved it, until the bald man on the bottom started shaking
profusely and making faces like this.
Not only did he look like he was going to drop the man who
was balancing upside down on his head, but he also looked
like he was having a seizure and possibly giving birth.
Next there was a very long segment on a man named Tim
Poe, who was a country singer.
And even though he wasn't the best singer in the world, he
had a really great story.
He was injured while serving in the war.
And a grenade went off.
And the brain damage caused him to have a
stutter and a limp.
And he's just been through all this stuff.
After going through all of that, I feel like he could
have come on stage and burped, and I still would have felt
like he deserved to go to Vegas.
I served in the military, and I almost died.
You're going to Vegas.
Then there was Lulu.
Lulu is a very, very large stripper, very large.
She ended her entire strip routine with a drop split on
the ground.
And I am not kidding you, I screamed.
Oh, my God!
David Smith Jr. ended the entire evening with being a
human cannonball.
That's right.
He shot himself out of a cannon.
One word for you, David, why?
The only amusing thing in his entire segment was watching
little, tiny Sharon Osbourne with the biggest umbrella I've
ever seen in my life.
Overall, the episode this week was kind of disappointing.
There were absolutely no dancers.
The closest thing we had to a dancer were those weird
contortionist ladies and the really large stripper.
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