6 MegaPixel wide-screen diagnostic color display system @ St. Joseph's Health Care

Uploaded by barcoTV on 03.03.2010

I think that the business that we do is getting a good report out, doing an interpretation
and getting a report to the referring doctor.
But our day is so busy that anything that improves our workflow during the day makes
a difference for us.
The Coronis Fusion monitor here has helped us because it makes our day run smoother,
we don’t waste our time going around hunting for monitors anymore.
So I think it is helping us to get through the day and making good diagnoses that we
need to make.
Radiologists spend a lot of time in front of these monitors and we certainly notice
only small changes in the quality of the monitor or how much it irritates your eyes.
The Coronis Fusion definitely has been an improvement in that regard.
The biggest advantages I think of the Coronis Fusion are really its qualities as a monitor.
It’s a big place to lay out my images, so I’ve got lots of screen real estate.
They are lovely images: clean, bright, rich, so they are a pleasure to look at.
Not having to adjust two monitors, so they align perfectly, that’s definitely important.
And having that color information in front of you, so you don’t miss features that
are in color, that’s the other big thing.
The main difference I’ve noticed is if I’m working on different modalities in one sitting,
I don’t have to move to different monitors and go back and forth
Because now the same color monitor lets me look at color Doppler images, lets me look
at 3D post-processed images from CT scans as well as the grayscale images that forms
the bulk of our work and we have the color images right there.
It just speeds up the workflow, it will make interpretation that much easier for the complex
orthopedic cases, facial fractures, some of the vascular work that we do, and it’s really
helpful to get the color images because you just perceive things better in 3D when we
you’ve got color to help distinguish things.
For me, from a personal standpoint, the features I like most are the clarity of the images,
the black and white and the color, bright screens, so it’s easy to look at, it doesn’t
strain the eye.
And the color capability lets me just work through any case at any time and improves
my efficiency during the day.
I have to say that for me it’s more about providing more information, more readily,
diagnoses leap out at you, it’s easier to avoid mistakes.
Again in our case, and what I’ve heard, it’s more about how impressive these monitors
are visually, how nice it is to look at the images, how easy it is on the eyes,
how vivid the pathology is, how it sort of makes more efficient use of your visual real estate.
The monitor is a lovely monitor to use in practice,
it’s clear, rich.
Radiologists look at images all day, so we like good monitors and
it’s a pleasure to work with the Coronis Fusion.