SJ foresight ep2 [eng & spa subs]

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Our outfits give us some hint
The theme of today’s outfit is “Rock” - The fashion which is pre-requisite to all the rockers
Eun-hyuk, let me see our hands
let me see, let me see
If you look at it carefully, it is not nail polish. He drew it with a sharpie.
was in a rush, so I did not have time to prepare black nail polish
Black nail polish is a must to every rocker.
This is “visual ”rock.
Rock starts with the color black
Your hair is supposed to be “bomb” style (frizzy and puffy), from head to toe ?
I think you are just a bomb.
With me, my face is too ballad-ish that I did not know how to dress like a rock star
Oh my goodness, I can’t believe he called himself ballad-ish
Hey, what are you supposed to look like to be ballad-ish?
For the first time in my life, I tried smoky makeup
When you got your makeup done, who did you want to look like?
yes, who did you want to look like?
Ga-in from Brown Eyed Girls
I am going to announce Superjunior’s Super concern from now on
We had our debut 5 years ago. Our average age is 25.92307692
What are those decimals for?
Now we are quite old to be called “Juniors”. We want to be seen as ?mature men.
Therefore, we invited these two manly rock seniors.
The guy who is sad like winter rain, Kim Jong Seo
He made his debut with his song “Si Na We” in 1987
Good looking, unstoppable wrinkles, manly as much as I can smell it
The prince of rock, Kim Jung Min
Rocker wannabe idols. Can they be rock stars too? ???
At first, you sound like you were scared
Sindong should give it a try first
Kyuhyunnie, has a great voice
dont be so uptight
You are too nervous that he looks too serious
Relax, relax
just relax, think ...
You are taking a warm bath
Why are you breathing in? You sound like you are on a dirty phone call
It’s a habit.
Why are you breathing in?
He nods, he makes a nod
What is our leader doing today?
You have to get rid of “uh”s
He looks like he has astigmatism or something Can you not see things clearly? Are you blind?
No worries, you are not getting your eyes checked right now
aigo! maknae aspiring rock idol, showing his talent
Kim Jung Min gave him applause
Without KyuHyun, I wouldn?t have looked that bad at singing along with these two
KyuHyun is too good.
Well Im nothing compared to Eun Hyuk
Yes that?s right.
When it comes to Kim Jung Min?s singing style, the key point is your veins on the neck when you
You know it exactly
Kim Jung Min probably has the sexiest veins ever.
You cannot see forward, You have to look down sideways.
You have to show off your veins
Also have other people tap your neck a little bit
Yes, because you have to abuse your neck
Excuse me, do you have a sinus infection?
I'll do it again
This one is for real
Are you going to keep singing that song?
i think you should stop here
try it,try it, try the "whoooaa" part
Ok, thank you very much
There is something you guys have not realized
Rock is equal to men
You must have rebellious spirit
Wait, women can?t do rock?
No, what I am trying to say is that rock is very strong
Idols from the 90s stared at the floor and looked up
However, with rock, it's different.
You have to hold your microphone this way and look sideways
Your chin line, chin line.
let me do it
Yea I can see your vein. your veins all set
Okay, this is basic
Wait, me again?
He gives off rock spirit
Wigs are his specialty
KyuHyun looks good in almost every wig
This looks good.
You actually look good in this wig
This is right?
Do we really have to show this to the audience?
Alright, let's see
If you look at the corner of it, its cracked a little bit.
It?s because I went like this and it broke
Oh really, you were the one who cracked the mirror? our boss has always been looking for the culprit
Eun Hyuk, you try first.
ahhh must be loud
because you can not make it more acute
i give up, it's too loud
hey, hey, hey I can¡¯t hear the song because of you!