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A marriage service in the middle of the woods...
Yes. And you have to admit, you really panicked for a moment when the registrar appeared.
I had no idea Christian and Olli were getting married a second time. Did you?
What? Me?
Come on, let's chase paper now.
Where's the damn paper? - This way!
It's actually a beautiful idea; a wedding in a cabin.
I always thought you were into that bourgeois nonsense.
Castle, white carriage... all of it pseudo-noble and pompous.
I'm absolutely over that.
I'm totally flexible when it comes to my next wedding.
You've really missed out.
Oh, yes. We were at Schneiders, at Christian and Olli's wedding party.
It was awesome, even though the two of them weren't actually there.
Yeah, they got married in a cabin in the woods.
I know. We were the witnesses.
Well, that really took some doing with Christian and Olli.
But now they're back together again.
Yeah, who would've thought so, after everything they went through.
I mean, they weren't together for an eternity, right?
Both have been with someone else.
I think a big dose of suffering is part of it.
Well, those two won't get bored in the cabin.
Olli, now I'm really getting worried.
The passion can't be all that great if, newly wed again, you're calling your aunt.
You're right.
Yes, that was Emilio. He thinks so, too.
Now finally enjoy your wedding night.
Oh, you already have. I didn't want to know all the details.
Yes, we've celebrated even without you.
I'm telling you, the striptease Emilio did...
Yes, almost.
Yes, I'm sure he'd love to do that.
Well, continue to enjoy your wedding day, yeah? Bye!
Well...we'll of course party again when those two are back.
I like to party.
Mhm. Olli already has an idea about what you could give them.
I...I...I don't have anything they might like.
No, no, no, Ms. Schneider.
I'll gladly peel three tons of potatoes, chop onions till the doctor comes, but even I have my pride.
I won't do it!
Uh-huh. Pity. You could've become the star of Schneiders.
Thanks, I'll pass.
Jan - Julia
Julia - Ricardo - Jan
Timo - Leonie - Emilio
Charlie - Arno
Tanja - Jessica
Viktoria - Thomas - Kim
Christian - Oliver
Sebastian - Tanja
Ludwig - Elisabeth
Helena - Andi
Tristan - Marlene
Marlene - Dana - Hagen - Nico
Do you have to blurt all of that out here?
What's this stupid secretiveness supposed to be good for?
The trial starts in two weeks. Then the whole world will know that Marlene was raped.
I...I don't know what to say. I...
Did she get any help? I mean, psychological help?
She went to some group. They had some kind of concept.
It's called 're-sovereignization'.
All of that's bullshit!
No, it's not! It means that victims have to reclaim control over their own actions!
Alexander is back in town.
That means she could run into him at any moment.
I didn't know. - Now you know.
"Excuse me, Alexander. Could you please walk on the other side of the street?"
"I'm in the middle of re-sovereignisation, and your filthy smile jeopardizes my therapeutic progress!"
What she needs is power!
She needs a self-defense class.
I ran a class like that when I was studying.
You see?
He only knows about it for 40 seconds, and he understood the problem better than you two.
You're her sister. Make it clear to her that she needs courage and self-confidence.
Maybe it's too soon for her.
Maybe?! It's definitely too soon for her!
I'll tell you something:
If she doesn't get any help now, your sister will still re-sovereign herself when she's old and grey.
So, will you leave her in the lurch, or won't you?
Do you mean something like karate?
For example. - Why not?
Is that the thing with the crane?
Yes, among other things.
When Alexander suddenly showed up at the recording studio, then...
I even had pepper spray in my bag, and I couldn't use it!
What am I supposed to do with karate?!
The Asian martial arts are not about... - Excuse me, Christian.
Have you ever asked Marlene what she thinks about sharing her problems with God knows who?
The trial starts in two weeks. How secret do you think things will be after that?
Now just listen to what Christian has to say.
Okay, I'm listening.
Well, it's not about beating someone up. - But?
The person who's - and Tristan, this might be of interest to you too - at peace with his mind, that person wins the fight.
Any fight, by the way.
Maybe even a trial.
But what is it good for if all I feel is fear?
Fear is energy you can use in a positive way. - And?
Your inner peace makes your opponent nervous. So he will make mistakes.
And those mistakes will ultimately result in you winning.
And how will a complete novice find inner peace within a few days?
I once heard a saying:
"Even someone who wants to travel around the world has to take the first step at some point."
Okay...do the crane for me.
Okay, girls.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Marlene, you're standing there like a wet washcloth.
That's what I feel like.
Yeah, what did I tell you? You're the tree. Take the energy from your roots.
These are your roots. So...stand properly. - Okay.
Stand properly. Like that.
And now...raise your arms, claim your personal space, and pay attention to this.
Okay. - Okay.
Once again.
All right.
And now?
That's what it's about. Do you understand? Very good! Very good! - Yes.
This is your personal space. You didn't let her into it. Perfect! - Good.
And now...imagine that she's the guy who did this to you. And you? You react.
Oh, God. I'm sorry. Apologies.
Ow! I think I felt your roots.
I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
That was me! That was really me!
Very good! Very good!
Very good!
Hey, the German soccer team will play today at 2:30pm.
Wow, I've been looking forward to it for days. I'll go hoist the flags immediately!
Tell me, Olli, you're an expert. You surely have a nose for it.
Who of the guys is gay?
I, as first of my kind, won't say anything about it. Listen to your own nose.
But we'll watch the game, right?
I sent three text messages to her in Paris; and left voicemail messages. Nothing.
She should long since be back in Düsseldorf.
You kept calling her?
And did you beg?
Nonsense! I just suggested to start from scratch.
Well, I don't want to take the wind out of your sails, but Helena's like a thousand-year-old elephant.
She won't start from scratch just like that.
I know from personal experience.
Well, everything gets examined, considered, checked.
If you're out of luck, you have to go see a therapist.
I was hoping she'd get it touch. Then we could've examined and checked it together.
Hey, doctor, just call her. A lot helps a lot.
When a woman distances herself from me, I'm man enough to accept it.
Guys, the way you're pulling faces, that's bad for business. Here.
Hey, you!
Two people who love each other... That's really rare nowadays.
Oh, man. Before you totally drown in self-pity...
Come on, we'll watch the game, eat potato chips, and guess who's a homo.
No, I'll stay here.
Okay, then I'll stay here as well.
Out of solidarity between brothers who've been fooled by the same woman?
So Doctor Fritzsche isn't on duty today? Yes, I understand. Thank you, Sibylle.
Hey! I've got one hour. Which horse can you give me?
Do you like it more athletic or relaxed?
Both. - Mhm.
And? How was Paris?
Oh, nice. Unfortunately way too short.
Come on, Düsseldorf isn't that bad.
No, but the inhabitants of Düsseldorf are.
Man! Daniel!
I don't get it. First he gets in touch all the time. Calls me in Paris; leaves long messages on my voicemail.
And now that I want to meet up with him, he disappears.
Did you talk to him?
Yes. Voicemail. He didn't call back. And allegedly, he's not on duty.
I can imagine how that goes: "Sibylle, today I'm not available for Helena von Lahnstein."
He could tell me in person if he doesn't want to see me, couldn't he?
That's nonsense. He's really not at the clinic. I just saw him sitting in No Limits.
Then why isn't he calling me back?
We men don't fiddle around with our cell phones all the time like you do.
We're happy when, for once, it doesn't beep.
Hey, sometimes I don't check my voicemail for days on end.
Besides, why didn't you answer your phone in Paris? Hm?
Because I had to think. - Mhm.
So you think I'm imagining things?
It's best if you simply call him again. Then you'll find out.
Listen, I'll give you Gigolo. You have to push him a bit harder. But you can manage, right?
Okay, then I'll call him again. And if he feels like it...tonight...then...
Well, I think that won't happen.
He and Andi are watching a soccer game. - What?
Yeah, some friendly match against Liechtenstein.
Sure. That's important, of course.
Okay, then I'll push Gigolo hard.
It's not about me; it's about Timo.
What was he looking for?
Information about his biological father.
I had a look. I have, as far as I know, the only picture that still exists of him.
Yeah, and?
Well, he wants to know more about his father. Who he was; what he looked like; what happened.
Yeah, that's understandable. Anybody would want that.
Yes, that's my problem. I understand it as well.
Timo's very unhappy. But I don't know what I'll set off if I send the picture to him.
He might even track down Tanja.
Then it might get unpleasant.
Olli, more than that! Life-threatening.
You know that woman is capable of anything when driven into a corner.
The question remains if it's enough of a reason to withhold the picture from him.
What do you mean?
He can see himself in it.
What's more, he can say goodbye to someone he was very close to him, but who he never met.
Yes, yes, yes. But what if that's exactly what leads to him wanting to learn more about him?
Charlie, you once said yourself: you can't protect people from living their lives.
I've said that?
So, Nibbler, change of the guard.
10 minutes too late.
Complain to your boss.
And, do you like my cocktail? I've practiced secretly.
Yeah, yeah, I can taste that. But one thing's missing...Temperament.
And you've got it? - I was born with it.
That I want to see.
What? My abilities as a cocktail mixer?
We could start with that.
May Emilio show me how he mixes a Mai Tai?
If he's doing one for me as well.
Come on.
White rum; brown rum; Triple sec.
Mmmh. So fruity and full of passion.