Folge 4151 Teil 2 .... Rebecca + Marlene

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Fancy car. Top speed 280 km/h?
- 295 with a tail wind. - 6 cylinder.
You know your stuff.
- You also have a nice...classic. - Hey, nothing against my scooter.
- It has it's flaws but I can always depend on it. - In a traffic jam perhaps.
I'm trying to avoid the one on the highway.
Yeah me too. Today of all days.
What's the best way to get to Düsseldorf? Further down the road, or ...?
I would actually say follow me but...
- ...I'm in a hurry. - Then I won't detain you much longer.
- Have a good day. - You too.
Hey's Bella.
I wanted to get in touch...
Just call me back, if you like. Ok ciao.
What do you mean we need to talk?
- I still got a lot to do, can't we do this later? - Then maybe it's too late.
- Did you talk to Tristan? - It didn't come up yesterday.
- Marlene, if you're doubting if he's the right one... - He IS the right one.
Mom, yesterday he gave me the most wonderful love confession...
- ...and I'm so grateful to him. - Grateful?
I can't leave him. I can't do it.
And when I can't do it today, I can never do it.
A marriage can only work...
- ...if both people are happy. - I know.
- Do you love him? - Yes. And I'm sure I'll be happy with him.
- Happier than with Rebecca? - Yes.
- Are you sure. - Naturally.
Good, then yesterday was just the last uncertainty before the big day?
Hey! What are you doing with my car?
Sorry but I really need to test if your speedster really is that fast.
(Rebecca) Everything I feel for you, I’ve put into this dress.
My love, my longings, everything.
I love you...
...and that will always be the case.
- So Bonnie, to summarize: theft, kidnapping... - My name isn't Bonnie.
And I'm not Clyde. So stop this car immediately!
- I can't. - It's simple...
...turn on your blinker, steering wheel... Hey! Eyes on the road!
Man, that guy stole my scooter. I can't let him get away with this.
Obviously he's long gone, he probably took a turn somewhere.
Hallo! This is MY car.
And I have a damn important appointment, so stop at once!
It has something to do with a lot of money, am I right?
What gives you that idea? Hey, eyes to the front!
I'm a good judge of character.
Someone who can afford this car, has to make a lot of money.
But your not a banker. Where do you work? Advertising? Media? Arms trade?
I'd really like to talk some more but I'm in a hurry dammit!
(police siren) No.
- Now you should at least drive a little slower. - But 100 km/h is still allowed.
Then you've missed the sign that said 70.
This is the police speaking. Please pull over immediately.
Now it's getting interesting, Bonnie.
Oh, you're not dressed yet.
Because I'm not going to the wedding.
I'm going away... still.
Is this because of Marlene?
Where are you going then?
- First LA. - First? But you're still coming back?
I need to clear my mind... and then I'll see.
Say goodbye to my siblings for me...
- ...and to dad, when he comes back. - But off course.
Oh and could you manage my vote of the committee?
Yes, off course. But only if you promise... keep an eye on yourself and to come back soon.
I promise.
Dammit! Why are you wasting your time?
When you go now you could still catch this guy.
Nice diversion, unfortunately useless.
You still don't believe my scooter got stolen?
Someone steals your worn-out scooter while ignoring my convertible...
- ...that you off course lend to chase that guy. - Yes that's exactly what happened.
You were checking out my car from the start. Like you didn't know what it's worth.
- Please...I just want my scooter back, please. - Yeah and I wanna go to Düsseldorf.
I'm sorry I messed up you appointment...
- ...but mine is much more urgent. - I hardly think so.
Listen to this. A few days ago some guy comes to my house...
...and claims he's my half-brother and that I'm adopted...
At first I thought he was crazy...
...but then he took this stuffed animal out of this bag and guess what, I have the same one.
That's really - uh - a delightful story. But that's no reason to steel my car.
I only borrowed your car, please.
Super, thanks. I really thought you were an ok guy...
...but you're just a stupid, rich media snob.
Ah, mrs. Linse... Could I maybe get a glass of water?
- Gladly. - Thanks.
Countess - uh - mrs. Linse found something that you could probably use at the wedding.
- What then? - To honor tradition, it has to be the husband but...
...we're living in the 21st century and you are an emancipated woman...
- ...and since count Tristan has already left the castle... - Justus, it's all Greek to me..
These were behind a flower pot on the table.
Wait a minute, you've found the rings? Oh, thank God.
If I'd known, I would've saved myself a lot of trouble.
I'll explain later.
If nothing unexpected happens, I should be on time.
Darling, off course I'm on time. See you soon.
But the gas station guy didn't see that he stole my scooter, or what?
(Police) That's irrelevant to this case. We have to take YOU to the police station.
In the meantime we'll give you a speeding ticket.
- It will be expensive. - We will take YOUR statement at the police office.
- Which statement? - For attempted car theft.
Who said something like that?
- The gas station tenant. - Did he?
- This must be a misunderstanding. - Then why was she driving your car?
This woman is my fiancee.
It would have been nice if you hadn't doubted her statement.
Because now this thief is probably long gone.
That's why we were speeding.
She's very attached to the scooter. An old heirloom, don't you, honey?
Yes, my bunny.
Then have a good journey, count von Lahnstein.
Thank you. You too.
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