PH4T3's How to Make Maps for TF2 Tutorial - Chapter 1

Uploaded by mattdawg420 on 20.02.2008

Hey, what's up, this is Phate. You are watching my tutorial on how to make maps in Team Fortress 2 using Hammer.
Right here we can see your X, Y view you top down Orth View, or when you look at a traditional floor plan this is the view your would be seeing.
And these are your 3d views here, and right here is your camera view used for zooming around and seeing what you have drawn.
To start out, we are going to create a square brush, and we click this white cube here.
We are going to zoom in with the mouse wheel. And I am going to make a very simple cube here.
And there we go. And you can see here, this is how far up and down on the grid it is. And usually you will want to drag it down a little bit.
So we are going to want to drag this down, and also we are going to want to make this floor not quite as tall. Make it about 64 units tall or so.
And after you are done designing the size, you hit enter to create it.
Now if we push Z and go down to this camera view here, we can actually zoom in and see what we have drawn.
We can use the WASD keys to move right,left,forward or back.
And we can use the mouse to look around. And as you can see here, we have made a floor.
So, what we are going to do next is make walls, and a ceiling.
And to do that, you can see that the object is selected in red here. You hit escape, and it is actually selected now. So, we are going to hold down the Shift key and just drag this up.
So what we have done, is copy that slab on top of that slab. But what we are trying to do is make a wall.
So, we go to the top down view here, and we drag it to over there, and we have a wall.
But it is not quite as tall as we want, so we go to one of the 3D views here, and we just drag this up to say, here.
There, we have created the wall, but we want walls on all sides.
So what you do is, hold down the Shift Key while it is selected, and you can tell it is selected because it is in red, and you hold down the Shift Key and just drag it over like that.
And now we have a wall on this side and that side.
So, now we want to make walls on the other two sides. So, we hold down Shift and drag another wall over like that and we have got a third wall.
But it is not facing the right direction, so we hold down the Control Key and press M and it pulls up the Transformation Tool.
Which is automatically has Rotate selected, and we want to rotate it 90 degrees on the Z axis.
So, we put in 90 and hit Enter, and there we go. However, the wall when we put it on the grid here is a little longer than the other wall there, so we just stretch that over.
Now we have a perfect sized wall. And, since we have it the perfect size, we can just do again what we just learned, and hold down the Shift Key and drag it down like this.
And we don't have to resize it since it is the perfect size, so we now have 4 walls and the floor.
So, to make the ceiling, we select the bottom one here, you can select things in the 3D view here, or you can select them on the grid.
Sometimes, it is easier to do in the 3D view to make sure you have the right thing selected.
Here on this view, in the X,Z axis, we can hold down Shift, and just drag this up, like that.
And now we have a perfect room here.
And you have learned how to make a simple brush, and copy it, and create your walls.
This can be used to make a small map or small room. Later, in other tutorials, we we learn how to make respawn rooms and other fun points on your maps!