BIG DOGS (Krogzilla #2)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 07.06.2012

Shut the flap-jabbing, Kragadonkus!
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Born at the edge of the world, Product of science, a fire-breathing giant,
At war with the folly of man And man nearly destroyed him,
The change unemployed him, He's KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized.
Krog, welcome to the Big Dogs family.
It's Krogzilla.
Well Krog is all that fits on your name tag, so let's leave it at that, okay?
So we just-- are you changing my name?
Here at Big Dogs, we serve the tastiest hotdogs with the most outrageous toppings. There's
cheese, sour cream, chocolate...
Wow, I have eaten a sea urchin before but I don't think I could stomach that.
Your commentary is not welcome, Captain Mc-Smarticus! I'm gonna let Marcus train you on the fryer.
Yeah, I'm wayyyyy over here. Three inches from you.
Sorry, didn't see you there. Marcus, can you take over? I've got the noon rush coming
There's only one guy over there.
Already? It's heating up! And a CAR! Drive Thru, man your
stations! We've got a car in play! A car! Man up!
This is where he calls in the National Guard and the Air Force. Pretty exciting.
The Air Force used to shoot at me, so...
Oh, man, my bad. You're that sea monster that stormed New York, right?
That was a long time ago. No sweat.
No, that was totally rude. Sorry.
I'm gonna tear you up!
Easy, Jeff. It's fine.
So you take his side? You're turning on me now?
Oh, please Jeff, don't ever leave me. Please don't uncork yourself from my neck and go
off to lead your own life.
I had a roommate like that.
So you know, right?
"So you know, right?"ť Ooo, you two make a cute couple. Why don't you just go get
married and then go get me some fries!
Did you ever think you'd work at a place like this?
Oh yeah, it's what I went to school for. I got my degree in French Fries.
I can tell we're going to be friends.
So you drop the cage in, you press the button, it dings. Pretty complicated.
It looks like it.
Hey skater-punk, I'm gonna give you another chance. Because I like you.
Because you want me to give you free French fries?
Ahhhh, seriously? Can I have some?
Jeff, I am working!
Make sure you always use the tongs or the gloves on this.
No, no. Check it out.
Nice. But that probably isn't very sanitary.
No, it is NOT sanitary! Focus up! I need ten dogs grilled in two minutes. Can you guys
handle that?
Can you handle this?
That was--it's-- okay, that was very impressive yet a bit
disturbing. That makes you both a worthy crew member and a fire hazard which I believe makes
me both love and fear you. Lots of emotions. I'm going to go back to my office and process
what I just witnessed.
We'll serve these up.
Good! Go! Zip-a-dee-doo-da!
If you freak him out, crazy stuff just pours out of his mouth. It's the best part of
the job.
Hey, crazy stuff just poured out of MY mouth! See what I did there?
You're going to kill a customer today, aren't you?
No! But I sure would like to crush that car out there, though.
Shut the flap-jabbing, Kragadonkus!