Powerball® Watch to Win Promotion

Uploaded by KSLottery on 19.01.2011

There's a new watch to win promotion where you can win amazing prizes totally for free.
And it's so easy to enter I wanted to explain it with sock puppets, but Sally frowned upon that.
Here's how to enter.
For each Powerball drawing from January 26th through February 19th
there will be a secret word revealed during the drawing.
You can watch the drawing live by clicking the "watch drawings live" link at kslottery.com
or you can find the secret word listed on our website after the drawing .
You have 38 hours after the word is revealed to enter that word on Powerball.com
in the secret word contest, which you can also get to from our website.
Powerball drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights
so you have from 10pm wednesday until noon on Friday to enter for Wednesday's drawing.
And from 10pm Saturday to noon on Monday for Saturday's drawing.
8 drawings and 8 different prizes, like Nintendo Wiis,
Garmin GPS units, HD televisions and Blu Ray Players.
You must be 18 to enter, no purchase necessary,
you don't even need to buy a Powerball ticket, all you have to do is watch to win.
For a complete list of rules and prizes visit Powerball.com.
(Socky) Hey, I'm here for the commercial shoot.
Oh I'm really sorry I should have called you, we just finished it.
(Socky) I drove all the way from Johnson County.
Someone is going to pay me for this.
(a door slams shut and a car peels out.)
I'll get my purse.
(drum outro)