Gameela Ismail : رحله لسوق النخاسه - journey to the slaves market

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Business It's just like auto or mobiles trade
Maxeem 40 journey to the slaves market
15 years ago I went through the same way, I was making a press reportabout a phenomenon
they were calling it: marriage of underage girls from wealthy Gulf old people
I was shocked when I saw how they are selling a child
After making age forgery and Writing a marriage contract and taking money
At last they call that "marriage"
Years later a law was passed to organize the marriage age.
Age difference between the girl and the husband shouldn't be more than 25 years
The law set aside for the girl insurance in a form of amounts of money under her name as a bank certificates
That happened after an incident rocked the whole community
The champion was a girl wasn't seventeen years yet After she was forced to marry a 92 years old man
Laws have limited in one way or another, it made it illegal and hard
Representative might disliked that so they were demands to overturn laws which limited the girls market
I've received a phone call from a friend who was angry from what happened with him in the flight when he was coming back from one of the gulf countries
His neighbor on board told him "nothing easier from buying a girl in Egypt"
He told me "you have to do something" So I asked him to join us in our journey
"Hussam"...Tell me what makes you so worry and you thought that its started to be much more easy than before!
A friend told me that after the revolution people are having difficult circumstances which made the girls much cheaper in the market
I told him that is impossible He told me that was common before the revolution and it was expensive
Now it's cheaper and widespread
What do you mean by cheaper!
I mean before it would make 15 or 16 thousand dollars Now it wouldn't be a dinner for w\one of those wealthy men in Gulf
That angered me, and I told him that can never happen He told me "Make sure by your own"
While we were searching we found "Hany" our colleague
Who told us that he knows and can call immediately somebody He called him "broker" from one of Giza Villages
He called him and we heard offers and prices
Hello "Sameh" Look there is a Jordanian man who has the Saudi citizenship He is coming to get married
Ok, how old is he? He is about 65 years old.
He is going to take her or he will leave her here!
I understood that he wants to leave her here but everything can be changed if she was good .. you know!

Yes I understand if she is good he will take her with him If he is about 65 he can take a girl in 18 or 20
And we know how to deal with the notary -Yes
The virgin girl will cost 40 or 50 thousand pounds The un virgin will cost 20 or 30 thousand
What is our brokerage in this 50 thousand? Yes that will be on me
Yes I want to deal with you from now How much!
Well, we have to deal with the girl's family first then we can deal together
This phone call encouraged us to continue our trip and attend the meeting with the broker
We are waiting the man who is going to take us
Is it a temporary pleasure marriage? For like a month! Or he is going to take her with him?
That's what it's depend on For short time duration it will be less or more!
Yes that's called temporary pleasure marriage
Look if she is virgin girl and she will go for just a month Surely she will cost up to 30 thousand.
If you want to have pictures for the girls I will get you whatever what you want If you want to come and see by yourself you can come anytime you want
That's how poor people think about traditions, usages and norms ! I can't blame them for something they can't stand it anymore
Their conditions are so horrible we can't stay silent anymore
"Hussam" we will leave you with that man and we will meet you when you back
How old is he? He is 65 as I told you yesterday Did you forget?
Yes I remember You told me yesterday that the girl's age won't be over 18 or 20
Yes I know I won't bring an old lady for you don't worry Oh, I thought that you will bring 45 years old girl No never!
She might be "single" which means divorced girl nun virgin or a virgin girl never married before
I want the best Very important... to be in a good looking, polite and a good body!
You know that parliament deputies want to reduce the marriage age from 18 to 16 years
That will be better? -This is not the point -The point is who was unde "Moubarak's" dark ages
You can see how we live now! Everything we've done is upon our heads now
Do you think if they changed the law its going to be better for us? Yes it will open the doors of livelihoods
What are you going to do for the girl's age? We can change it, we have our ways
Tell me how much to know my cost
All the papers and costs will be on your man the "bridegroom"
Sure, that's why we have to know how much
We need pen and paper to write what is on you and us!
All what you have to do is to shave -I can't shave before 40 days - why
It's a shame as my father passed a way
Oh, yes we are not having the wedding before 40 days
Well, when can we see her? -She is coming now
She is really sad for her father and wearing black I told her to skip sadness for her advantage
"Hussam" stayed upstairs for an hour and they show him 1 girl
The brother and two brokers who show him the girl That happened two days after her father funeral
Hussam came down with his shock He felt that the poverty is not just the reason But greed, avarice and human trafficking
"Hussam" what happened!
Actually I believe the man on the flight who told me all this it's even more
It appears that we were wrong with the poverty
What really hurts me that it's just two days for her father funeral
I told her brother we are having the wedding in "Marriott hotel" and just 25 people can attend in a good looking
I was telling him all our rules
I told him you have to shave He said no I can't its shame after my father funeral
Girl's brother who show us her and "he said" she has the priority of 20 or 30 others I can get tomorrow
That is not logic at all I want to understand!
They said that she is 17 and if you want her 14 we can make her 14 for you If you want her 18 we can make her 18 as well
It's easy for them to change the ages
40 or 50 thousand maximum "they said"
Better for her not to leave, staying here after divorcing will give her another price for a single young lady
It's like the reselling of a used car This time it's a new car next time will be a used one
We are sorry for poverty. It's not the reason
How much for how long. it's about .
These was the questions we heard at the beginning of the trip and at the end
How much is the questions that an old man up to 60, 70 or 80 years of age always ask and he still wants to start a new life
He has nothing except money
All what he need is to find a broker who knows families selling their daughters with an official paper called "marriage contract"
Official paper but no real marriage
Maxeem 40 journey to the slaves market