NSM Undergraduate Research Reception

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[Music] >>We kind of mimic the DNA…
>>When they are either becoming territorial or when they are getting ready to mate, they
tend to become darker so these bands become more pigmented or black and the white becomes
whiter, so they look like prison inmates. Currently I am researching on the Effects
of Isolation on the Dominant and Sub-Dominant Interactions in Convict Cichlids.
>>Apo lipoprotein A-1, it is one of the major components of high density proteins that are
found in your blood and what those are for is transferring the good cholesterol around
in your blood. >>Welcome to the Fifth Annual Undergraduate
Research Reception and Poster Session. This is an opportunity for us to recognize and
celebrate the work of our students and mentors over the last year.
>>I’m going to go into research, I want to go into graduate and PhD. What I want to
do is study what happens when your brain makes the bio-chemistry in your body want to do
something. So I want to say the relationship between your brain and your body’s biochemistry.