My Mighty Princess Romance Action Comedy FULL Korean Movie 2008 with english subtitles part 2

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What shall we do?
We should fight, of course.
But I thought you had nothing more to do with martial arts.
Stop joking!
I don't want Jun-mo to see my face.
Hey, don't move!
How do I look? Do I look like a guy?
We're ready!
Are you... So-hui?
Kang So-hui, right?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you hurt?
Seems like our job here is over, partner. Shall we go?
Shall we?
Isn't it nice to stretch your muscles?
Admit it - you were enjoying it!
I'm thirsty.
Wait, I'll go get something to drink.
Go see a doctor.
Get out.
Can I see you smile, just once?
I don't have the luxury of smiling for other people.
Get out.
That girl who came with you the other night...
She likes you.
The one who likes you is the most precious.
Then... shouldn't you consider me most precious?
Stop! Stop it! I'm going!
You got me a beer?
We're grown up now...
We shouldn't be drinking coke any more.
I sometimes have the same dream over and over.
You are always in that dream.
We're on a cliff with the sea far below.
The moon is shining in the sky and I can see an island far away.
I see the waves in the sea.
There's a big flat rock on that cliff
And I'm doing the sword dance with the Green Destiny.
you are sitting comfortably behind, watching me.
I had the same dream several times.
Everything is the same.
Even your expression.
That is not a dream. So-hui and me...
lt all happened in the past.
But she just doesn't remember.
l spend a lot of time with So-hui since we were little.
Born into prominent martial arts clans.
We were more keen on the training than school.
But no-one could beat So-hui and me.
ln turn, l couldn't beat So-hui.
And everyone called her the prodigy.
Maybe it was inevitable.
Her father was the master of Charyeok called Cheolgak.
And her mother was the master of Lightning Stroke, So Ok-soon.
They say her mother could cut down a tree with a blade of grass.
So-hui had inherited both their talents.
We wanted to live like one of the heroes in the wuxia novels.
l wanted to see her do the sword dance with the Green Destiny.
Have you ever seen the Green Destiny?
Don't you want to do the sword dance with the real Green Destiny?
Green Destiny is the treasured sword of Wutang Clan in China.
A monk was presented with the sword over one hundred years ago.
Green Destiny was so precious that
it was only displayed to the public every three years
During the martial arts competition.
We only meant to touch it.
I don't think it's for children to play with.
Hand it over.
It doesn't seem like it belongs to you either.
We are going to put it back.
So-hui, no!
Let's start training again.
The only reason I did it was because of my parents.
What good is that?
No, you did it because you wanted to!
See here.
See the scar?
I had an accident in 10th grade.
But I don't remember anything about it.
You never came to see me after the accident.
He, he mastered the Moon Stroke
with the Green Destiny.
The only way to subdue him is with the Lightning Stroke.
He is... He is...
- Mengzhu! - Mengzhu!
Start moving and do your job, your bastard!
Remember you're playing for our team, not theirs!
I really have to find a replacement.
Move faster!
What am I going to do with him?
Hello, hello!
Use your body!
Kang So-hui!
She's fainted.
What the hell is wrong with you? This is so unlike you.
She's smiling!
How many fingers am I holding up?
How about this?
You are a natural athlete.
Either you trained in martial arts, or are just born with it.
The moonlight collected on the tip of the sword.
Is said to generate enormous power.
Just one stroke equals a thousand spears.
That is the Moon Stroke.
The Moon Stroke is not complete without the Green Destiny.
Heuk-bong is the one who stole it!
The only thing that can stop the Moon Stroke is
the Lightning Stroke.
One that only So-hui's mother could use...
We are expecting 30 to 60 milliliters of heavy rain.
Including 20 to 30 in the southern part of the country.
In the central area, we expect about 20 to 30 milliliters of heavy rain.
Excuse me.
This message is for Heuk-bong!
Come to the old training ground at 9pm on the full moon night!
Gab-seong will accept your challenge!
Come to the old training ground at 9pm on the full moon night!
Come to the old training ground on the full moon night!
This message is for Heuk-bong! 9pm!
What do you think you're doing? Wake up, Kang So-hui!
Yes sir!
Il-yeong, is that you?
The Green Destiny!
My motorbike's gone!
I began to grow weaker
when my mother died.
I didn't eat all day. I had anorexia.
People said that I would never live past 10.
Then my father forced me to play sports.
I guess one has to eat after playing so much sports.
I was reborn playing ice hockey.
Even today.
Every living moment counts then.
We both lost our mothers young.
We all lose our mothers sooner or later.
Then someone else will take her place.
You say you lost your motorbike?
Registration number please.
Seoul Jongro Ma 8183.
Your name?
You know my name.
Your name!
Jeong Joon-mo.
Your phone number?
011 9744 4146
We'll call you when we find it.
Come to the station if you have any questions.
I'm sorry, Kang So-hui.
I don't think I made the moment count.
I'm going to regret it.
And prepare for entubation!
Il-yeong? Where are you?
I'm sorry dad.
I should have listened to you.
Everything began then...
Before you were born...
Maybe during the time you were conceived...
Suddenly a man showed up at a martial arts competition.
Stole Green Destiny and ridiculed the wulin.
From now on,
- Green Destiny belongs to Heuk-bong. - It was Heuk-bong
As long as I hold the Green Destiny.
I am the mengzhu!
He called himself the next mengzhu of the wulin.
As he was the son of mengzhu, no-one dared to cross him.
The wulin were collapsing under his feet.
Then someone volunteered to save the wulin.
lt was your mother,
So Ok-soon of the Lightning Stroke.
You were conceived but no-one knew.
Your mother fought Heuk-bong for four days and nights.
But neither won.
The mengzhu ordered that Heuk-bong's life be spared.
So she could not use her fatal move, the Lightning Stroke.
After fighting for four days.
Your mother was exhausted.
And so was Heuk-bong.
Despite her endeavor,
The mengzhu forgave Heuk-bong after recovering the Green Destiny.
Your mother grew weaker as a result.
And after she gave birth to you.
She dictated to your father the secret of the Lightning Stroke for you.
This is the right way, right?
After the accident...
You were in the hospital for over a week.
But showed no signs of recovery.
l knew later.
That the sword that wounded you was poisoned.
Heuk-bong was the only one who would do such a thing.
And he was the only one with the antidote.
- Coward. - Have you come for this?
A young girl is dying because of you!
Good boy...
If you promise to become my disciple.
I'll give you the antidote.
l gave up the fight in order to get the antidote.
l can't wake up from his hypnosis.
l have the Green Destiny in my hand.
But l can't make it sound the way Heuk-bong did.
You shall now become Heuk-bong.
You will complete what I started.
Whenever someone calls for Heuk-bong, you will go.
No-one is stronger than Heuk-bong in this world.
But Heuk-bong was hurt as well.
He died without setting me free.
l'm looking for the sound Heuk-bong made.
For such sound...
This is the secret book of the Lightning Stroke,
as dictated by your mother and written by your father.
You father has been training with this secretly.
He never attained her level of wugong.
And became an easy target for Heuk-bong.
So-hui, take this and try to attain her level of wugong.
I know you can do it.
If you can learn her Lightning Stroke.
Bring down Heuk-bong who killed your mother and wounded your father.
You are the only one who can subdue him, So-hui.
Revenge your parents.
Revenge is a law of wulin.
That was the Lightning Stroke!
Yes, I saw it too!
That's it!
So Ok-soon lives again!
So-hui can beat me.
She can set me free from the black magic.
If she can slay me...
l can die with no regrets.
l challenged So-hui.
To have her slay me...
Il-yeong, that bastard!
Step aside.
Il-yeong, that bastard!
Il-yeong, it's me!
Wake up!
So-hui, can you hear me?
l am communicating with you in telepathy.
Stop defending and attack me!
What's going on?
Why are you attacking me, Il-yeong?
l am under hypnosis
Remember what we've been through.
l was so glad that you came to my school.
Even though l didn't show it.
l missed you when you weren't there.
l can't help attacking you.
My body is no longer mine.
Attack me please.
Attack now!
I'm sorry...
If it's what you want...
That's it!
Attack me once more!
I won't!
Attack me right now!
I don't want to hurt you.
Not the Moon Stroke!
Let go of the sword!
Let it go!
Il-yeong, no!
l'm looking for the sound Heuk-bong made.
For such sound...
This is not the sound... This is not the one...
Il-yeong, stop it...
Let it go.
l can't control my body!
I'm not going to attack you any more.
Il-yeong, concentrate!
You can break off the hypnosis!
No, the more l think of you, the more my body moves otherwise!
Then don't think about me, you fool!
l can't...
You are Il-yeong and no-one else.
Il-yeong, concentrate!
You can break off the hypnosis!
We can do it!
I think I understood your mind language long before.
The things I didn't remember.
I remembered by listening to your mind language.
I remembered stealing the Green Destiny together.
And falling off the cliff...
And how you jumped off the cliff to save me..
You are such a strong person...
I love you so much...
Ow! That hurts, So-hui...
Now will you buy me a motobike.
Why should I buy a motorbike for a bastard like you?
It's all thanks to me that So-hui began training again.
You said you were going to!
Stop it, you bastard. You don't even deserve it.
Don't take that tone of voice with me, young man.
She can hear my mind language.
Next time, l'll tell her.
l love you... l love you, So-hui.
What? You bastard.
Careful, I know exactly what's going through your head...
Once upon a time.
A beautiful princess lived in a peaceful little country.
She was very good as well as being beautiful.
She was hard as a rock and strong as a bull.
So she could resist any attack.
So her people called her the Princess Mighty.
One, two three!