Metal Shaping with Lazze: Tips and Tricks for Cutting Metal

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 21.04.2010

On this video I going to show you this is a continue the series of videos that,
that we going to help you to make a better job and do it faster. And for me it was a big
problem long time ago when I should cut out something on a sheet so I can make a patch
panel for a car. Because using a snips like this it can take pretty long time to do.
And when I start teaching people I couldn't do it with a hand snip because no way I going
to spend a week to cut out the panels for one class. So that, that was impossible to do.
So if you, you going to cut out something off the scribe like this.
For example, I just made a little sample line here. But to cut this out with a hand snips I mean the hand
snips are good but if you going to cut feets long, or lots of inches with a hand snips
like this it takes a long time and the cut is not 100 percent nice either. But we need
them for smaller parts and I really recommend this Blue-Point that Snap-on sells. This is
really, really good hand snips and I recommend those. I tested many different ones but this
works really good. But it was more almost an incident in Sweden that I found out another
tool that I could use for cutting out panels. And here is an electrical shear. It's not
a nibbler, it's a shear, and you can see that here is that you can rotate those shears.
And I recommend this Makita Shear because the overlap with the shear is very little
so that means you can do really quick turns. Some of the brands, different bands, other
brands are too much overlap on the shear when they go up and down. So that means you can't
turn it so quick so make sure that you got a good electrical shear before you, you purchase one.
And test it so it do the job. This Makita shear here is, GS16, and no 1600, GS1600.
And it cuts up to 16 gage steel. So it works fine for all that you need.
So I can show you here little, little idea how to cut this out.
I recommend to use one of those lock jaws they are self adjustable vice grips
and they work really good. Because when you clamp
it to the table, like this, you only need to move the shear the panel stays here.
But if you have this by free hand and then the shear by free hand then you have two that
you need to fine tune together so you can follow the scribe.
So I recommend when I cut something like this
I recommend to cut from this side here. Because when I cut from this side
this piece going to go down and go away from you. If you cut from the other side this
way you need to lift this piece up and it's going to touch the guard here and I don't
recommend that. It's better to use the gravity so it falls down. So I going cut and follow
this line here.
So here we have a nice cut now. And if you going to use this edge to
bead roller you might need to grind it little and look long ways so you really can see so
it's a smooth line. Because if you use the guide or roller in the bead roller you need
to follow that edge here and if something is wrong here it's going to be that same distortion
on the bead that you do in the bead roller. After you cut it with the electrical shear
it can be little, little grade, a little bent here. So what I recommend to do is I go over
to english wheel and using the flat wheel on the bottom and run it one time over with
a low pressure. Like that. And then it's smooth.
And it really then it's flat again.
So that really, really helps one time over and it's really good. So this is another tip for you
and I really recommend to go online and search for Makita Electrical shear GS1600. And they
are around $250 for one of those. And I never replaced those shears in I think it's about
eight years now. And we use then a lot, and you can turn shears around four times.
So this is a good tip for you too if want to make it job easier for you and faster, better
quality. And to follow us with the next DVDs
and videos, free videos, you can go to
and you can also go to YouTube and search for Lazze Metal Shaping there and see all
our free videos that we coming up with.