Working with bank accounts in Sage 50 Accounts

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Working with Bank Accounts in Sage 50 Accounts Sam Raper – The Ryleys reparatory School
Sage is great because you can setup several bank accounts. We have several different bank
accounts for several different reasons and, I find that I can tell from Sage how much
is in each bank account to enable that my cash flow is no problem at all during the
year. Sharon-Marie Devlin – Drinkle & Mann
It’s obviously our finger is on the pulse, we know exactly to the penny what money we’ve
got in, what we can spend, it’s really helpful. I also like the invoicing side, because it
all links through to the nominal codes which again, like I say at the year end it’s great
for the Accountant. He can put things into perspective for us.
Stella Heap – Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club
One of the points I find particularly good about Sage is the bank requisition system
that they have. That has been, as they have changed the versions that they’ve brought
out, they’ve actually got better and better and again that’s just another very, very
simple procedure now to follow and it’s so much easier to do. It probably used to
take me the longest thing to do with my accounts whereas now it’s very, very quick and I
love it.