Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca 1 (com Rafinha Bastos e Cristiane Wersom)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 05.11.2008

People, let's go to the famous "Quick Change" Game!
Who knows the "Quick Change" Game? Change!
It's the "Quick Change" Game, ladies and gentlemen,
three will play. Cris plays, Daniel plays, Elidio plays.
Every time I say "change" they change
the last thing they said, okay?
They change that last thing, they change the meaning of what they said.
People from the middle, I need a place!
Fireman! Did someone say fireman?
Who said fireman? You said fireman.
It wasn't Andy who told you "say fireman."
All right. Fireman is good.
Fireman, "Quick Change" Game, Daniel, Cris and Elidio, go.
Are you ready for the firefighting training?
- Yes, sir! - Change!
- No, sir! - Change!
I don't know, sir...
- Very well! - Change!
What the fuck?
I was expecting so much more from you!
- Let's begin sliding down the pole! - Change!
- Let's begin holding the hose! - Change!
Let's begin without these dick jokes!
Sir! I think now it's for real!
- Yes, it's for real! - Change!
- No, that's a false alarm! - Change!
Let's hurry!
Get in the car!
- Yes! - Change!
- No! - Change!
I'll stay here!
- Very well! - Change!
Oh, no, you're coming!
- Turn on the siren! - Change!
- Turn on the radio, it's boring here. - Change!
Turn on the air conditioner, it's hot in here!
That's right, sir!
- Oh, help me! - Change!
- Oh, I'm here! - Change!
I want to jump on that big round thing!
- Sir! - Change!
- Ma'am! - Change!
Gentlemen, calm down...
How do you want me to be calm, there's a fire here!
How do you want me to be calm, there's a fire here!
- Come! - We are qualified firemen!
I want a strong fireman!
Please, change!
Can we change once more?
Your trampoline, sir!
- I'm gonna jump! - Change!
- I'm not gonna jump! - Change!
'I might as well as jump! Jump'!
- Come! - Singing is good for relaxing!
Here I go.
Ow, I'm too fat!
- Oh, he broke a leg! - Change!
- He broke an arm! - Change!
He broke it here, but there's no fixin' here, son!
- Just an ice pack now. - I'll call the paramedics!
- Oh, yes! - Change!
- Oh, no! - Change!
Oh... Dear, do you want some coffee?
Now I'm down here and you're up there...
Did someone call the paramedics?
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.