Health Reform in Action: One Mother's Story

Uploaded by whitehouse on 21.03.2012

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Tracy M.: A letter from the insurance company to verify that he was a
full-time student came in the mail and because he was only in
school part-time, I said, okay, you know,
we've got to take him off the insurance policy.
I was constantly worried about him because I was thinking,
what if something happened to him?
Being -- having worked with the American Cancer Society,
I saw catastrophic illness on a regular basis.
So I was thinking, what if something happened to him and we
wouldn't be able to pay for it?
If they don't have insurance, it's just like them driving
around without car insurance -- you're worried that somebody
will get hurt.
When we found out that Chris could possibly be covered under
the Affordable Care Act with health care reform,
I was thinking, oh, no, that's not going to pass; you know.
And then I was like, oh my goodness, it happened.
It really happened.
So then I was thinking, okay, well, you --
some of the things that might help us,
I'm just wondering how long it'll take for them to be put
into effect.
But when we saw some of the things that would impact us
immediately, like him being able to be back on our insurance
policy up to age 26, it was just a major relief.
So that was how, you know, we immediately felt the impact.
I love the way Obama works because the way he felt this is
going to make the most impact right away that will actually
help us -- we actually fit.
We found something that we fit into and it's something that's
so very important for us and for them.
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