My Princess EP 5 BTS (ENG SUBS)

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The two of them are busy preparing for filming
But they seem slightlyy nervous
Kim Tae Hee is focusing on her script so much she isn't even looking up
What's going on between the two of them?
Firstly, Kim Tae Hee securely fastens on her boots
Wow Seung Hun is strong!
He seems to be exerting a lot of energy
Ready~ Action!
Lee Seol (KTH) is in deep sleep after the previous incident
Hae Young (SSH) brings Lee Seol into his own room
However.. there is a great difficulty they have to overcome!
Firstly, to make her comfortable, he has to take off her shoes
Success at removing shoes!
Omo.. Seung Hun looks like he's out of breath
He must have gone through a lot of hardship
But.. what's going on here??!!
Could it be that Kim Tae Hee is sleeping?
Tae Hee, it's time to wake up! :)
TH: Because my eyes are closed, I keep feeling sleepy
SH: You can't sleep ^^
Tae Hee seems really tired
Ah how can she fall asleep and forget about filming?
Tae Hee drinking water to wake herself up from her slumber
PD: Did you sleep well?
I should be acting but I fell asleep
I would like to see the monitor (to check her own acting)
TH: Ah I'm supposed to act as someone who is sick
SH: You're supposed to act as if you're sick but fell asleep
TH: When I sleep, I sleep with my eyes slightly open
Just now, how did the size turn out? On screen, did I turn out larger (than SSH)?
Worrying about her image captured on camera (SSH telling her how they filmed)
SH: They only filmed you TH: I didn't know what was going on
TH: Didn't they mainly film you, oppa? SH: No, you
TH: Ah, really?
Watch the broadcast and you'll know
(Joking) It's an easy matter
TH: I was keeping my eyes closed, so I naturally fell asleep, what do do?
Yes, I open my eyes and mouth when I sleep
Wants to continue lying down
At that moment, one of the members of the staff shows her a video from the filming
TH: Ah, what to do?
Tae Hee decides to get comfortable instead
The filming resumes
Another embarrassing situation occurs!
Cut! Too rough!
TH: Beastly guy
Ah.. so shy what to do?
SH: It (the coat) is so soft, it's hard to remove
SH: That would wake her, she's sleeping now
SH: How do I do this..
Trying all kinds of methods here and there
But it's still like before..
Finally, even using ad-lib??
This undressing business is difficult
Does this look too strong? I tried to make it wonderfully weak
This is serious acting but both of them keep bursting out laughing.. ah really no idea what to do
ah hyu.. it's hot
Eventually, Seung Hun's suggestion? Asking the director to demonstrate
The director personally tries to do it
Sit down and try it
Even the director has difficulties with it
If you do it like this, do you think it will come off?
This is more difficult than one thought
Even the director can't do it
All of you try it yourselves!
SH: I'll do my best and try to do it slowly
Is Seung Hun going to have another go at it?
SH: Like this.. like this.. Isn't it a bit weird?
Today's filming scene is full of laughter
Carefully, carefully.. again This time it will go well right?!
Firstly, the sleeve on one side is taken off
One side.. success!
Even though they succeeded once..
NG because of laughter!
SH: Ah I was doing well
Sigh.. what a sticky situation
What about this time?
It's coming off! Oh success!
Ah finally it's over
Cut! Okay!
I was made into a weird position, what will happen when I go out later?
Both of them laughing their heads off!
Covering Seol's boday with a towel to change her into other clothes
But this is making one nervous
Just as expected, she starts laughing again because it's ticklish
SH: Then where do I go?
SH: From here where do I go? Can I go (touch) other places too?
(Embarrased) Seung Hun escaping from his position
Ah the two of them went through some hardships today because they kept laughing