Happy day ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1844

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Jesus, Beni, you have gone over the top
Don't look at me, alright?
And this is just the beginning of the day
Come on, pass me a toast
At once
What else do you want? Butter, marmalade, ham, salmon?
But you see that he is a donkey?
Since yesterday he doesn't stop caring for me
It is so false that not even he believes it
What do you mean false?
Do you think Im false?
And this?
Is this false as well?
Do you see how crackbrained he is?
And what happens to you? What are you looking at?
No; The turns that life gives us
Look, what turns it gives
Now I see you and I think:
Shit, after all those stories they are together again
Man, together
Yes, no
What a pity that it had to be this way
Now that you are together again, they make you separate
Shit, what bullshit of law that condemns good people
Look, Iago, I tell you this, you are really a great boy
And this sentence doesn't make any sense
But well I don't know
The thing is that you two are a couple again
And I'm glad about it because you two are made for each other
I don't know if I explain myself
I'm also glad for you, Beni. This way Max is staying in the district
I don't know how I could have any doubts
I'm still shocked and I can't get the picture out off my head:
I come out from the judges, being a mess because of the sentence
The shitty sentence
Tell it, tell it, tell it
Yes, yes, I don't know, I don't know what you said but suddenly I hear: I stay
Yes, that was fucking great
Yes. That moment was for me
I didn't care about the sentence, I didn't care about the condemn, the prison
I thought: Max loves me
Max loves me and to hell with the rest!
We present appeals
and you will behave so well that they leave you out
For an excellent behaviour
And then we go to Mozambique
And if not we will wait the 3 years
With you here it wont be so hard, OK?
Tomorrow at this time they will be about to imprison me
Hey, its still a day left
24 hours for us alone. What do you want us to do?
Hey, if you want to go to some place, I lend you the motorbike
Go where you want to
Are we going to the beach?
Wherever you want to go
Then, to the beach
Come on, I'm going to get the things
You dont have this in Mozambique
No. But there are some wonderful beaches
Oh, really? And what special do they have?
The golden sand, the dunes
You will see them
Lets hope so
Of course you will see them
But you have to keep an eye on the crabs
There are crabs?
Like this they are not so paradisiacal
Once they hooked me at the big toe and with those big claws they have
Luckily it was the toe, if it ended up being another thing and...
Don't make fun of it. It hurt me very much
This about the crabs is curious
I never understood why they go backwards
Finally we havent done anything original and we have been fucking great
We have been together
Yes. Beni would say: The important thing is with whom you are, the company
If you are fine with whom you are the rest isn't of importance
I don't know if I explain myself
I'm going to miss those philosophic reflexions
How are you?
What are you doing here? Aren't you in hospital in Paris?
Marta told me...
They have discharged me
One thing, can I stay to sleep here?
Have you talked with your father?
Yes, I told him that the ones from Paris have moved me to Barcelona
He doesn't know anything about the heart attack. And better that nobody knows
Who will help you?
Alone you will not sort it out, David. This is shit
Nobody can work it out if they don't help you
What? Do you already know what we have for dinner?
Jesus, David, shit
I've heard the door bell but I don't thought...
And what are you doing here?
Have they given you holidays, the french?
Beni, he will stay for some time in Barcelona
He can sleep here, right?
Of course, man, yes
The more we are the more we laugh, right?
You stay as long as you want
Yes, man, You are at your home
Thanks, Beni
You're welcome
Damn David! Shit! What joy you give me!
I love you
What a dirty trick
Hi, don't think about it until tomorrow
I will miss you so much
We are together
Just think about this: We are together and I will wait for you until you are released
If you werent staying, I wouldn't be able to bear it
Hi, come on, don't crumble yourself
You have to be stronger than all this shit. You have to get through it
I don't know if I will be able to, Max
We see each other every week for the visiting days and monthly at face to face
I don't wan't to go to prison
I also don't want you to go there, but...
It's not fair, Max
All this time that we have been separated
And now that we are together again and we have it so clear that we love each other
They are going to steal us 3 years of our life
3 years. You know what 3 years are?
For a damn robbery!
Max, I don't want to spend 3 years in prison
Max, I want to be with you