DEADLIEST WARRIOR - French Foreign Legion vs. Nepal Gurkhas

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Nepal first time i've been with us where
lawyers were not
warned of the country
that they were fighting for
french foreign legion
workers fight for the british empire they'd come from the paul delivered
million mountain violent the little guy
and the british thought that one would be
as they were sachin
net for the british men were fighting against them when you're talking about
the french foreign legion to comprise of
kinds of guys from all over the world plugs and misfits since industrial
probably wind up in prison
the most jesper
that france
defense to fight him imac i can't agree with the more with the gurkhas training
and oxygen deprived environment like the himalayas becomes a huge benefit to them
as a warrior the french foreign legion persons i can't wait forever this
trading environment the desert the physicality and endurance aspect of this
is just unbelieving
if these guys pert near superhuman the thing that's actually pretty amazing
about this match-up as both of these warriors live
change to out
of world war two
i can't wait to see how couples
delta decisiveness
take on the british empires most dangerous places
this is the least army in real life expendable
entrance instead doing study
seatbelts mcfadden
well more tours legendary hai and dot
french foreign legion
and modern science come on
foreman a_b_c_ richard mathematical
dr steve into the tactics
correspondent on the web
biomedical engineer fifteen million
applies twenty-first century technology
data on
and if you're a physician armand toward
six the trauma
and psychological traits that shapes these lenses
groundbreaking thing
prepared with historical research
and entered cuban on the physical comedy
legendary combatants will be there
history will be removed
deadliest warrior
up until that point
our exhibit add one cup and historical insights to the internet
which world war two mercenary eight
dead style
christianson right from
hyatt from the mountains of nepal
or the french for
international infantry veterans
these guys are poor
or opposites when you look at them let's start with the tail of the tape
the french foreign legion there possibly five eight hundred fifty five pounds
occurred as the average five three hundred thirty five pounds walnut creek
ca may look a little on the outside they're really big on the inside when
you lived in a higher altitude increases the number of red blood cells that's
gonna provide for superior performance let's compare that to the french foreign
legion they bring this genetic diversity of all different cultures mixed in
within intense training in the desert from the severest
today extreme
seats it tough as their mental gene i'd truly believe this is and ultimate
warrior match-up doc i couldn't agree with you more let's just start with the
french foreign legion seo time
the heart
and they are willing truth dot
rather and surrender and then you talk about the person they understand war
deeply the gurkhas disney
and identity
has been transformed grandfather
from other
tucson nothing else matters than becoming a great
water completely agreed not but you've got to get these men
weapons and we're going to cover a bigger appears in the french foreign
legion around here are of world war two we've got light machine guns
but please where's global legendary nice fighters sold for a full strange weapons
we're gonna meet testing hamburgers
verses the legionnaires
not only really considering all those weapons they don't want to look at the
store called it a and all the nuances that we can get from our expect ors
deal new digital combinations created property
upon the green beret and designer of more than thirty military simulation
video games
including deadliest warrior game
the new engine combined weapons data with more than one hundred expects
predicament enterprise will be assigned values based on the worries battle
records tactics and psychological profile
discipline is one that matters a lot to me
the gurkhas airborne in praised with complete respect and discipline
throughout their life
when you look at the foreign legion it is coming through training so it's a
very subtle differences but they both play a big factor on the battlefield
fielding that judges weapons restaurant
on the deck a soldier
who served in the famed brigade twenty-eight
wasilla action
and afghanistan voters are going to kill the president
because it goes as follows
fears and the she has not this
also representing tedeschi
is john com
a former british army officer
who became a good historic
medicaid unit delete mercenaries in jungles appointee
you've got to go back almost two hundred years
were controlling the empire of india
the british launched an invasion against the clintons of nepal
and it didn't turn out very well
outmanned outgunned almost two-to-one
over twelve thousand
forced the stalemate begins twenty two thousand
police officers was so impressed with the bravery of its right to disprove the
charges decide to treat
allowing the trick is to be recruited as most of them
it's the british realize that they had something special here
they went whereas the danger was greatest absentia
china paloma
stray important for a good thing to do well in this military service it's in
the blood it's hard wired into d_n_a_
is not a word in their vocabulary
peddling the weaponry to the french foreign legion
is mickey
formally today
report for the french flag has no strain
anytime there's a conflict anywhere in the world that involves friends french
government sends the legion and if we get wiped out destroyed the people in
french don't give a damn because savant reformist we know that we're gonna get
sent when no one else wants to get sent
that's what makes us unique that's what makes a stanley
bolsa representing the region
is the director of the military history center at the university of north texas
the french foreign legion was a stylish in eighteen thirty-one there'd been wave
of revolutions all over europe they were put down everywhere face with his mom a
sales rep
missionaries media is some kind of occupation the king decided wireless for
them into a foreign legion
there were murders petty thieves their word on the pres.-elect types for the
region offered was french statistician and a new life in a new respectability
in return for good service
time of service was held lackey
legions hanson hushed doesn't support that
tradesman looks at me or call
quality to have
died during train and any other military unit in the world
the average recruit had this criminal background
rifle distorted is the only thing that will respond to nearly two centuries
censorship the legion overseas
riskiest decide
mexico two-week challenge
to have this in a sense of superiority to other units because views of the guys
will take the jobs that nobody else will and make the ultimate sacrifice
and sold while they were taking into consideration the historical data all
these extractors
but to make the numbers in the simulation completely guided she weapons
goes to the gym anecdotes
performed in the nineteenth century
the mccain legends fighting for the allies in world war two
to show them for that aerostats have long range
liberal mercenary units posting dates the enemy within like fishing
in addition to the north african campaign
region leaked out separated by a
browning automatic right
of legendary in american phirom
first used in world war one
it's just over four feet long and has a twenty wild box magazine
unlike the gutter that needs a slowing to use these weapons fire this quite
comfortably off the shoulder
there's another interesting innovation is a buffer spring in the stock so
they've done loads of the recalls the neck shoulder tonight at one end on biz
and is interested in these guns
yet this one is better than your sliver distinguish that
okay guys we're going to be assessing volume a fire p ability these weapons to
get through degrade will cover accuracy in your ability to move with these
simulating events in a series of three infringed enemies
the experts will stop firing in the prone position and uncovered target one
hundred yards downrange
it within intends to take out concealed times
and fifty and twenty five yards reloading is necessary
campus buildings time between ten a m
a binary material explodes when bullet impacted instant killzone
signaling the expanded too attached to the next position
foods just a porsche
otherwise it's a no go
all right
dyan scripture double cinder blocks
retired justice
three instant cheopas
always thinking here we try to clear out some of the cover so you could yeah i
have no way of knowing if there is in the second and behind that wall so i
started to break the target those also considers not just about that politics
also about shrapnel biloba loss if they're still projectiles value
happen and it as a human being and really it's nice to know you can get the
penetration needed is a target behind there
there's a lot of guys overseas right now because they have the firepower single
right through that wall hit that guy's you'll never pop up again what i like
his disability before i arrived shoulder
firing off the slings i think you can see without bodies from the gulf coast
dot is not accurate from down here that's principally speaking of is sold
out of the damping system actually work that's great there's no there's almost
no different and higher i what do you think
look at this went on my i'm feeling under heavy load on here
won the game is now struggling no i don't really like to know what was your
little you've got a great big heavy weapon the four pounds heavier than this
but in the magazine reasoning why you
slightly changed out
leadbelly today it's clear
he's gonna get that and legionnaire
french foreign legion
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and that was a real special thing for me because i a binary car compound that
will only explore was hit by a
five aussie around
i personally think who isn't exciting to see color cover suspended for twenty two
and ask the real question i mean these are fierce warriors
they're skilled words india combines the attitude not dead can't quit the
immunity and their dog
eucharistic imitation alot about vampires guesses on these i heard you
feel about as much of vicuna like this uh... you know you can't take away my
medical license but you can't take away my medical study in the
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right here
organized by is deadliest warrior like french foreign legion veces
the doctors adorned
gore anywhere
running automatic is an automatically michael the worst tells you it's a rifle
depressed because i like to keep hispanic every row more sustained fire i
have never seen a couple who did not allow this weapon
the himalayan soldiers hyphen
who've lately ordering them from nineteen th century india homogeneously
such as the french foreign legion
internationalists never
gain notoriety eighteen sixty-three have bad luck camera
only five surviving members of the region unit surrounded by five thousand
mexican food
instead of surrender
dick schaap
forever establishing their fight to the death rate dictation
symbolized what the lesion is all about finding a last minute needs c
and everything having a thought of surrender
ravaging four seventy two
browning automatic
related death in the jungles of world war two specific vehicle
like machine
signed in czechoslovakia
and houston comment i have a century
fire if if you don't into one magazine
you have a handout sold him five on the can you please and it was heavy to carry
delighted to do it
because they came from the palm
they spent all those years charlie often done filling those leg muscles disregard
he's got more red blood cells and carry ought to have your gut extra barrels
extra banana magazines the whole day because of a stick to his room
personas have
test imprints and receive
firepower amit
in a simulated iso one entrenched enemy position
i will move
cover to cover
firing it
three china right
try to be next time fifty-eight sick
clearing the jet costs rock
stunning scene change
tonight the costly jasper rice bread matches the d_a_ office three instant
yet another fantastic had exposure ok what you want to see if that weapon
takedown best agreeable covered it did exactly that it there is a man in here
you've got killed in right
you've proven beyond a shadow of doubt that in the hands of the very cable
operator brendan can affect the fire
accurate fire all on the targets while it is the or machine-gunned i didn't
know what to
still out use despite wasn't impressed but still it's hard to chose says is
diminishing all we had to do is rising running significantly faster than it was
able to do injunction process are
physically the smaller lighter warrior but they do have an advantage with
regards to their leg muscles and with regards to their ability to actually
training higher altitudes that
passed a factor in has an expected physicality which we will plug into the
widening phenomenal job but when i look at the brain itself i can see there are
scared operations functionally issues that could cause that weapon system to
go offline
test intervals weapons so close
what has taken a beating like machine guns functionality
will bennett
several of her rising brenda now
data first thing i know is take a look at this site the site itself is while
going back and forth magazine is wobbling but when i look at the p_r_
this doesn't look like a snacks who weighed down and causing any significant
endurance issues things come i'm not a big
santos when i started to look at her and i get behind a fence now that actually
changing nineteen twelve to find this site when you're starting to look at to
be a lock there's nothing like the impetus languishing on your shoulder
basketball with this thing very clearly
hadn't stepped into this thing to control what that and that's what we do
with m_-sixteens
french foreign legion
battle continues
because his and allegiance medium-range when
folks action right
sells his soul
opened fire with a comp
max thirty six
last election right
put into service by a major world power
high-brow magazines from around the usual is a seven five four five four
which is this one here barry foster reactor
it's a shorter guns in that short barrel helps you get to know to cover most
swiftly this was very helpful fighting off the air and a mystery
graduation back
the pastors military contact through my beloved staying
the enfield number four
england's mass-produced right developed bike does not
digitized adi general packaging
it has a long barrel always gives the accuracy on the target
detection refineries rifled through phenomena into a block the ballistics
gel revealing his weapons muzzle velocity and damage capability against
mutation send one round through the volume of a crony into the job loc
one thousand six hundred seventy percent and that is the past problems
with the enfield number
two thousand there are any seventeenth the prospective
that little a temporary have these loving the temporary telling his big
expansion which is a temporary just like we seem to show and then the decision
comes back
in that process brings compared bad things can happen dash thirty six is
passed around gradually get temporary cap revealing it transmitted more
connected to the top disagrees the weapon with the largest stopping par
is amassed thirty-six holloway was assessed for leisure unit just is not a
matter of months ought some adults the performance of the bachelor but i will
daily just like the scene can't take it
full-text rifle
mercenary battalions turned the tide world war two
french foreign legion
you guys that we are back live to what those light machine guns sa absolutely
amazing love to see that
okay let's get off our first live vote all of the night based on what you've
seen so far who do you think is waiting ought to be the real life dot spec dot
com and vote right now it there's also just coming in on that looking at that
it does look like the french foreign legion are slightly has very very they
connect fifty-fifty actually two crimes de facto slightly fatherhood jeff would
you say that the audience on the market is about will and split you know it's
funny because i love this match up and uh... the co-creator and the whole
legend behind burger grease alarm but
you take natural-born killers with instinctive discipline against natural
born killers without that instead of different i'm gonna side with the guy
that has instead of just one and that's the workers in my mind are so that's how
that one last look at the votes
on your screen
finds a stove failed i still neck-and-neck stage and we want to
invite and see if your voice change based on what happens
the hired guns
desert training
advantage that friendship is a campaign
from world war two libya
this is the catch is
england's asian boy
nyc fighting skills played a crucial moment
female in power
burma campaign
april fool will of the japanese imperial army that battle
the carcasses extremely well
testing the police states that they will want to write suggest found at the link
to our last thirty six inflicted more damage than objectives in vietnam before
which medium range by iran
pizza dot
here's the scenario
your on patrol
and you make contact with the enemy
who says he tries those accuracy
battlefield maneuverability had real success
the experts who fired ten rounds as removing targets fifty yards out
the average range of world war two five five
the experts drilled holes to the second concealed physicians
firing ten more rounds actually static toughest thirty five yards downrange
serai you'll be up first infield number for start
bob dark brown
john russell
god class the land
nationalists ok freeloading
three loads
the infield is designed to handle to five around st
faced tough enough messages
now you have to call for penn station talked to that i finally
stuff is pretty quickly
every our second part of this
nice shot
nice dot
seven seconds to get through the course there is work right
heidi stanfield number four
scores instant kills article feist tufts take a look at this time in this is like
a tracheostomy fiscal actually support out his last breath
for the finding is that like
is this i think that
we've gotten eighty percent his ratio on the status targets and a fifty percent
hit ratio for the movies targets
all and that's what i'm up
tremendous at seven seconds gentleman when you look at the right
you're actually looking at two hundred years military tradition
his father four times per month he has wanted to be a soldier systems five
years old they want all day they want to be disciplined one of the most important
distinctions you have to be a great warrior is disappointed as well as one
of the extractors we plug into arson
gate is up next within the next thirty six augury
have the head
as dead center
neatly loathsome s thirty six is fine ground magazine
scott's long-time
dead center nice
nice nice
iceberg local
data radhika casserole for big uh...
is sixty nine
guys out there
exclaim heard
radarpb reality
freeloaders doing
fax line ten weekend
excellent the nice one
nick matches rise by distinctions demerist thirty-six has no real
constancy canadian time compared to the judge has been killed them before villa
basses reflex is you have
is the corneil reflex
which makes it instantly bleak bodies four felony not a chance to blink
we're seeing a hit ratio of a person on the moving targets
with respectively
a sixty percent had ratio arms that occurs you did a great job you moving
targets but things looked a little bit different when you got your static
targets and i was in the legions
we learned
real targets a moving target and the possible second intermission will never
know was that
by strictures shots and every one of those holes freshers consulate
but i think about reality
during the war
doesn't matter how when you know when you put in
you pretty fast typically
in the real war i kill more people than you do wasn't somewhat soviet
region mast
six as he headed damage impact
that is leading maneuverability every node tag interview lovable
which rivals pipelines give
arise side
within seven seconds within the next two minutes fifty four seconds back to me is
a significant increase in time to get you know for me i felt like dick was
more active on the dynamic shooting in like we saw in the trauma we started the
actors you may give a slight edge into the mustard six but i want to show you
something that stands out from the right off the bat
wisdom aster is sex we're looking at
holiest sight picture
and so i have to change because i got to see me in the face knowledge
has agreed to clear my head tremendous whatnot government but when we come to
the infield number four comeback can actually see i don't
have to change my sight picture
ginger we will make you faster operating with this weapon plus having heat and
well magazine for to start i get a slight edge to the enfield number
engine medium-range weapons
goes to bed jackets
golden digital combat ancient incorporates the qty expected at
battlefield tactics bags will analyze each worries most picked mobutu battle
plans both the dorcas and the french foreign legion small unit
tactics to develop their incredible reputations as legendary warriors
how would you describe the group is approach to warfare
the whole vision is improvises on the ground acting quickly could you give me
in example of that nineteen forty four
burma thirty gurkhas taking on
japanese infantry
and virtually wiping them out
i discover the right now using the touch table
set the battlefield we have japanese car moving along the jungle trail fear
identified by a sky
very simply you've got a japanese patrol moving down to the trails dr
patrika scouting party heads back up any notifies his lieutenant with patrol is
going developed and it knows that he is art number two three one is job is
destroyed his column without them for
you've got you've got to lieutenant he takes the vast majority districts and
heads dear any setting up something right here
body actually sneaks a group of gonzo here
to set up the japanese
he has to remain
totally silent
hidden in the undergrowth it good 'cause jump
up from the other
with their capris clashing taking one to three
it's a real hard
japanese internment does not know what is happening
delivery conduct shutoff the japanese line now is actually moving back into
itself causing it to punch up right here dot was like being stuck in a child
point the camp like this position because of the terrain so they don't
back down the path they just came quite into a linear and wish that support even
set up
single japanese enters into this killzone
winds up being
effectively dispiriting unit of thirteen and
japanese infantry
by thinking outside the box in in improvised
region having dat machine guns
taking the right
passionate mercenaries
a french foreign legion
at the list nepalese warnings
three weeks offering them with a motto
edited dot homeopath
this is the french foreign legion
foreign real life explained
import desperately be hiking in nineteen forty two
to stop his attacks on the north african well
it's the perfect engages in that place is the expect
view tactics
the french foreign legion was placed at the bottom of this french british line
extending down from the coast of libya
down to this bold ottoman for called pure hearted try to stop the german
italian restore the suez canal if these french foreign legionnaires don't hold
the line
to work to be over in forty two
set up the battlefield
season circling bands are the attacking german italian divisions have ten-to-one
ratio troop numbers between the germans ten
and the french while
profits of the organising
what happens he meets unexpectedly from
from the french foreign legion every time the driven snow closed the gates
antitank gun fire
a rifle fire i mean this was a bloody fight
and there was nothing about the battle of the our team that was a passive
defense this wasn't active defense the legionnaires are the ones who conduct is
jerry raids at night there's an active defense when they hit these heroes of
the germans and intelligence supply themselves
so this slow down the resupply of the besieging divisions between congress had
grades of the anti defense tactic force the nazis to change that formation to
protect supply lines problem was to contain the nation in a breakout
and they've bought themselves two weeks in those two weeks refer to the lowest
by the second week of the battle of deer actually the french are basic down to
nothing there's only one option unified
before you die press was so we're going to break out so that we can fight
another dates of the detectives areas where there were gaps are little hinges
they can slip through so what they decide is we're going to cut all the way
through here at night escape this position winston churchill later said
the survival of the allies
owed to the resistance of the french foreign legion appear again
dorcas clearly used their improvise and wishes to help the allies of the v_ chip
and during world war two what the french foreign legion jaded bear hunting
attacked the defense against rommel holding in place long enough for the
to change the course of world war two
was incredible
the battlefield tactics
nazi world domination
french foreign legion
commbank com au
these soldiers fell back on their battle thing
which is the enemy today's tensions are high
everyday thompson
ten standard issue military west
judges will go to where it was
his hand crafted for the first time in over fifty years buys weapons design and
build a debate
just below the fight club in that disease lauria army did extensive
research in just a museum pieces and found that they could create of world
war two was about ten-and-a-half displayed with a five-inch handle one
making this we start by hammering this head-on into a leaf shaped
creating the forward and what that gives us is all we did hit
which creates a really good colleague action
does what he said i wanted to take it away
is a little not stops to block the ministry in the hand and a bottle of
when it's done something to do the same else if the broad scheduled hand
obviously you in this country
it intends to measure the strata penetration damaging and overall
the expert on the tax world war two possible
to tufts represented by provide to us over
cuban flexibility
during the struggle finance leaving him behind wakes up and that's where we're
going to assess the accuracy of your reactive final blow
doesn't it dot net dot org
uh... cap
fisheries plates impact the last jesse jackson is three-dimensional orientation
sent beautiful that's perfect
baat come up
do good work
launches a list of alleged that mister wills retirements or against indians
political not slashing does
literally lives on this guy that this would wasn't here he would be actually
doing that decapitation like you said you would look as a weapon the impact
lawsuit was fifty-nine miles per hour nice work right
when you're up close and personal income and get me effective that's most
as far as the extractors killer instinct again demonstrated beyond shadow the
doubt be completely on a slide dot was unimpressed
his tactics
uh... honestly i thought sucked i'm sorry but throwing head kicks in battle
takes as much interest punching somebody in the first
when he does that for slashing turns his back on this going with tort never take
your eyes off your point but i wasn't there is no i don't want an opt
undersized we're going to watch
they want to know and they were thrown out all the states
if you can't kick someone shade without any difficulty is perfect i lucked out
painting on the country
legions dishes blame
and obtained k bandung
issued to the u_s_ marines in world war two
millions of these things were made americans carried them into the european
theater and thus they found their way into legion and remember the world's
from your light infantry they'll get a lot of heavy artillery really armored
so there are a land what they have the so lies a very important reality
cumbersome compared to the to create
oklahoma don
three times its
greens tickets
impactful aussies eighty one miles per hour nice job nick this looks like
classic definition of a lot of scorn injuries on the serious level
yousendit stabbed was twenty times the survived the location you place the menu
deftly demonstrated that here spent less time than that for a lifestyle purpose
because i want to move on and have his makes come in and look at that
one trick is you kill every second going so when they wake up in the morning
every second dies down that matches with the head
they don't wanna mess with you in a bring up the psychological warfare when
i deftly is an expect we can plug into the sand
struck fast
with the flu priestly cut deeply
strategical sweet weapons
theses worry and fear
diseases speed other kamloops over-covered eighty-one moscow versus
fifty nine miles per hour when you're talking about delivering executed on the
you want your weapon system to be able to do eighty percent of the work it is
obvious which weapons will do more work for you just by looking at agree with
everything you guys decide the design of this you can slash
and get an essential anythin prosecuted in state govt
i'm not convinced
at the camel lucid is gonna kill every time you got a place it perfectly
strange weapons
being made
hosted a decades victory
final battle
rugged mountain upbringing gives them unstoppable into
buses that french foreign legion
says it's raining transforms them into killing machine
deadliest warrior
bozo web
brutal knife this met with absolutely crazy with the catalyst but the
country's pilgrimages welk let's take another look at the light voting we
reset the poll just in case you change your mind and it looks like
that looks like doctor sarraj where heads french foreign legion not being
favored as much i'm tool to go to the doctors doctor doing gender any final
thoughts before we run that simulation you know it's interesting him with this
technology we're seeing what the viewers think it's the same way
but i thought well we shot the episode and kinda how i feel right now account
wait to see the father
no absolutely i think we all of them will be looking for drugs
or eight name here is our going for it still looks like it is your doctors are
still ahead
and after the break we will run the same and see if you have gotten up fourteen
vampires verses on these it is coming up next and we will being joined by a very
special guests a speech in and keep those votes coming in d the reliability
spike dot com
yet another important x-factor for me a psychological warfare we almost had a
dead even keep with this and we rated the gurkhas than eighty-five
december in reality that's all washed
foreign legionnaires
thousands of special
just tested
analyzed weapons these two great warriors brooks tablets of children
long-range weapons
gunned down
brands like next week
medium-range weapons the endfield number four
out shop that's fantastic
because the school
killing potential benefits from us
of the attacked
french foreign legion defense
the district judges in flagstaff
all the weapons date has been turned over to robert eight and plugged into
the digital combat edge
his engineers have completed their historical research and assigned values
to more than one hundred extractors
her team of researchers look at all those things that make up the warrior
behind the weapons rebels they're fighting styles and techniques
we quantify that day that was a numerical value between one and a
hundred with one hundred being the alternate work
finger cuz
door and to fight
where is the legionnaires if they screw up issue
ruling it promised that is to me although disappointed training that it
takes to instill that disappoint exactly correct related despite the eds goes to
the characters
and we rated in eighty-eight to the french foreign legion seventy six
training on the other hand the training in the region is insane to training was
in nineteen ford legion any eighty seven for the burgers
permeate physicality is so important in this matchup for the first time we
actually have
cold warrior whose environment becomes a physiological advantage that's gotta be
a big factor in when you look at the gerchas because they're in a higher
altitude gehrig able to recover faster were to sustain themselves longer
when we had to read the curtis higher on this and give them a ninety-one and we
gave the french foreign legion in before
okay we've entered an all our extractors
let's run the same digital combat unit but will run five thousand batons
between five decades and finally today
recorded in that we need
twenty two thousand six hundred nineteen purchased two thousand three hundred and
painted weapons comparison
french foreign legion browning automatic rifle
destroyed rented
but the good reason to go before outlook for the last thirty six venue complete
decapitated commonplace
historically the trend like kingdom
had significant malfunctions
and this is really what place out in the
but the final outcome came down to where they train and the french foreign legion
trained in a very harsh desert but it is not the same as the high altitude
training that the curtains went to and that is a calorie difference really
showed up in our cities rates of his trip to the gurkhas were only exhaustive
five point is your return per cent of the time to push the french foreign
legion word exhausted ten point nine percent of the time and that's a really
important thing
growth has lifted
lawyers on the battlefield it is a generational thing knowledge keeps
getting passed down father tucson they'll live to show up on a battlefield
may turn on
watch the helicopter
are there you go to doctor is when it what for a normal matchup
so dry because out next is the long-awaited vampires verses on these
and vampire expect steve niles will be joining us life to stick around thanks for watching .... DEADLIEST WARRIOR - French Foreign Legion vs. Nepal Gurkhas who is the best Gurkhas (Nepal) or French Foreign Legion by Abishek dhakal.