Hard Boiled (1992) full movie with english sub(ceo film sa prevodom)

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So, is your wife worried about you?
There's nothing to be worried about
She prays for me whenever I'm on a job
Lucky guy, don't Iose a woman Iike that!
Good, morning! Up so earIy?
Yes! How many pIayboys have you read?
Read? I just Iook at the centerfoId
Be serious
Ah Chung! Are you Birds here yet?
Three are here but the King Bird hasn't shown
Keep watching!
Lionheart, are you receiving me? Go ahead!
What's happening?
The invasion is about to begin!
Let's get reaI we're not here to fooI around
Sponge cakes
Have you ever considered emigrating?
No, This is my home!
If I'm going to die I want to be buried here
I won't get used to Iiving abroad
How's I get dim sum for breakfast?
There are Chinese tea houses everywhere
But they are more authentic here
How oId is your son?
Seven, here's his picture
Look! Great!
You're Iate, Mr. EIephant We've been waiting ages
I went to Shenzhen We've been waiting ages!
To get some great birds Are they that great?
If they're not great I won't take them
Pu erh! Why can't I find it?
The guns inside are reaIIy great
Even one shoot can scare the cops
Very cheap. They were made in China!
StiII harmfuI after bIowing a hoIe in 2 oiI drums
Don't exaggerate!
Or I'II ask for my money back
I never seII junk
We'II aII get rich
It's my treat, Iet me
Freeze! PoIice!
Everybody, don't move!
Out of the way!
Are you okay?
I'm fine, go on ahead
Out of the way, oId fart
Out of the way!
Get down!
Out of the way
Out of the way!
Out of the way...
OId Fart...Out of the way...!
Get down!
Don't come in!
Are you aIright?
Out of the way!
You're great!
You're just so hot with a gun in your hand
You never miss
Do you know who you kiIIed?
I'II teII you. Because we've been taiIing them for a Iong time
I want them aIive So that I had enough evidence
And now, thanks to you, I have nothing!
Mr. Wu, Sir!
It's a pity!
What's a pity?
It's a pity we didn't smash the arms smuggIing ring
You were so refined in cadet schooI
even pIayed music
And now you're so reckIess
Am I reaIIy too much?
It's them who are too much
I Iost a good partner
Everything has it's price
Tony, I...
Mr. Hoi wants to know why you betrayed him?
Tony... I...
That means you did!
Do you remember how is happened?
It was too quick, Iike a dream!
What's the story, Raymond?
He's been dead 2 hours shot at cIose range
Very professionaI
Did you find the buIIet head?
Not yet. The victim Iooks famiIiar
I've seen him on a Wanted List
Give it to me in haIf an hour! Yes!
The dead guy is MaIaysian Chinese
He's often invoIved in terrorist activities
He smuggIed arms in S.E. Asia
and N. Africa between 78 and 81
And was wanted by MaIaysia ThaiIand and Singapore
He came to Hong Kong in 85 He's an arms smuggIing expert
He used to work...
for Hoi
But was bought by Johnny Wong
The murder weapon...
was a .32 Davis
The kiIIer is unique
I've checked aII the records and came up with nothing
What can I do?
Even the cheapest fIat is $3,000 per sq. ft
If I can't buy a pIace
madam won't marry me
I'm not given Government housing because I'm singIe
Looks Iike I'II have to sIeep on the streets
You can aIways Iive at the YMCA
It's onIy $300 a day pIus you'II get a monthIy discount
Think about it
I'II sIeep at the Jazz Bar
That'II suit you you can bIow yourseIf to sIeep
ShaII we check...
who sent the fIowers?
It's happened many times before It's not a crime to send fIowers
Come in!
Madam, someone sent you fIowers Thank you!
Are you... Some... where...
GeneraI Kwan, You were known for IoyaI to your friends and their spouses
I've had some probIem with Madam IateIy
WouId you pIease make her mine again
And give me a fIat as weII
Are you iII? How come you get so many fIowers?
Yeah, I'm so iII, I'm going to die!
Don't get so depressed
Maybe we'II get back together again
Not reaIIy
I was dumb
I wasted my youth on you
So you Iike white roses?
You didn't know? Did you ever teII me?
I didn't teII him either
how come he knows?
The Iyrics!
He asks are you Ionesome do you want some man to hoId you?
Thank you I just want to know how to sing it
Thank you!
It's not 22, it's 66721 . Thanks!
Is that aII? Yes!
My mom made some soup, want some?
Your underwear
So! Madam Iikes roses sent by somebody eIse!
ReaIIy! I just found out
If Madam Iikes receiving fIowers from other guys
you'd better start being nice to her
It aII depends on how she behaves
What song is this?
That's enough! You are weIcome!
I Iike singing, so what?
Lion near trap, stop investigate
Boss, what's up?
Any Ieads on the arms case?
I'm sorry, no cIues yet
Keep investigate! Yes, Sir!
HuIk, come here!
Sir, your Tea!
What is it, Mr. Hoi? Eat!
I have eaten so much!
Eat! How can you work if you don't eat!
How dare you refuse Mr. Hoi!
Hey, Tony!
Come here!
Mr. Hoi! Beefjerky!
WeII done on the LittIe mustache Oh, it is nothing!
Tony, don't forget I put the gun there
Smart guy!
Didn't I say he shouId eat more?
Mr. Hoi aIways treats us Iike kids
He fears we don't eat enough
OId feIIows Iike us
treat sentimentaI as an important issue
I don't know if that's good or bad
It must be good because we respect you
Tony, if I were a wicked person
how wouId you treat me?
There are a Iot worse peopIe in Hong Kong
If you're got time
we shouId take a trip to Hawaii
And check out Iike over there
If you Iike it, stay
Leave the business in Hong Kong behind
I never want to Ieave
I've got a Iot of peopIe to take care of
I can't just Ieave
I just want to have an easier Iife
Hey! Brothers! There is a Iot of food
Mr. Hoi!
Dressed up for going to a banquet?
Don't trust everyone you meet
Watch out for this guy
I'm sorry, I've come empty handed
My hands are fuII
What's up, LittIe Ko!
Johnny wants to have a taIk with you
Mr. Wong Latin America wants the shipment ASAP
But we don't have enough arms what to do?
Get them from somewhere eIse
If we can't produce enough, who can?
Let's Iie Iow
tiII the teahouse case has bIown over
Here, pIease!
Johnny, can you trust Tony?
Got to take a chance AIan needs repIacing
Hi! Johnny, sorry I'm Iate
Johnny! Tony!
This is Tony!
Guess you've aII met no need for further introductions
We've known each other for ages but never had a chance to chat!
I'm not much of a sociaIiser
OnIy empty peopIe need that kind of stuff. PIease sit!
To sum it up, I admire your styIe
Are you happy with Mr. Hoi? Pretty much!
Tony, you shouId set your sights higher
PeopIe Iike you shouId be making big bucks
My arms business is worIdwide
I'm weII connected
Wherever there's war, I make money
Everything wiII end
But war wiII never stop
Now you know how much money I make
Everyone in the business knows that Johnny has the magic touch
WiII the magic touch work in hiring you?
As Iong as Mr. Hoi Iives I'm IoyaI to him
Good, I Iike IoyaIty
I paiI LittIe mustache...
a fortune
He cIosed many big deaIs for me
Yet you kiIIed him with one buIIet
I respect you
I won't hoId it against you
I don't forget those who are good to me
I asked you here today because I wanted to make friends
Not to taIk business
Good, you're very straightforward I'II be your friend
You must've made a fortune from the Iast shipment
It's aII thanks to you Johnny
What the fuck is this?
Who the fuck did that?
I'm going to butcher his whoIe famiIy
Goddamn asshoIe!
But you're a cop you can't just beat up anyone
Put your hands off Don't you start anything here!
None of your business
Your men kiIIed my partner in the Teahouse
And he was my best friend
They aIso kiIIed a Iot of innocent peopIe
Don't give me any evidence
When I have the chance I'II bust you, you jerk!
Remember me!
Hey, paI, remember me!
I don't think it's the right time to mark a scene
Let it go!
What a waste. Too smaII for you?
I'm waiting for the big one You're smart
How much? $100,000!
The poIice budget is pretty Iow how about $20,000?
I go through heII for you
I've often had guns pointed at my head
Isn't that worth $100,000?
Stop moaning, take it or Ieave it!
My mom toId me to stay away from cops
The address!
Johnny wiII mess up Hoi's arsenaI tonight
You'd better watch out for that sonovabich
After you've found the arsenaI Iook for me at the Jazz Bar
No probIem!
I sent your mother to Tung Wah HospitaI Home
Look her up when you have time!
I'II go when I'm a somebody!
Your $20,000 is in the bucket!
Madam, fIowers for you again. Thank you!
So many... So many dreams have been brought to your door steps
they just Iied there and they died there
CaII the armory and get some suppIies
We might need them tonight
Don't we have to ask Mr. Pang?
TeII him it's my idea
HeIIo, armory? This is Lionheart
My boss needs some heavy weapons
I'II coIIect them Iater
Don't ask questions I'II taIk when I see you!
Don't ever bite your own taiI again
Mr. Yuen, do we need more heIp?
No, it's not a war. I can handIe it aIone
You two, out...
Yes Sir!
Two cops were robbed of their guns
You check it out!
Lay off the gun running case Do you know?
I've spend so much time on that case
it's aImost cracked
And now you teII me to Iay off?
You shut up. Listen to me one more time!
Do you have to be so Ioud?
You've never seen me mad?
This is my room, show some respect!
What's the big deaI?
The whoIe poIice station is mine
Listen! This is a fucking order
How come you're such a tight ass?
If you need a dump just go to the john okay?
HeIIo! PIease hoId on!
Tony, I need your heIp tonight
I don't think you'II turn me down
AIright! Since you ask, I'II heIp!
I'II send someone for you
Pack up the guns, we're shipping them
You're asking me to raid my own boss's arsenaI
Correct, and I even want you to kiII him
Of course, I won't force you
I just want to know if we can be partners
I've aIways appreciated you
Either we conqueror the worId together
or you shoot me in the back
With no regrets
I have my own gun
Mr. Hoi, we're being raided
Come here quick! Take these out
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Put them in the car, quick!
Tony, my show is over!
Now it's your turn!
You've aIready castrated him
why don't you Iet the oId guy Iive!
If he had a gun do you think he'd Iet me Iive?
ProbabIy not!
In this worId, he who hoIds the gun hoIds the power
That oId guy's in my way
he's got to die!
If he doesn't want to make big bucks that's his probIem
He offers such Iow prices he's kiIIed the market
And I can't seII my stuff
So don't bIame me for being ruthIess
PeopIe onIy admire success
They don't care how it's achieved!
Put them in the car!
MapIe Group HospitaI!
You're now one of our own aII depends on you
When Hoi arrives, if you can't do it...
I wiII!
I know you're smart!
Get going!
Somebody is stiII in there
Hurry! Be carefuI, everybody
Back off, you bastards!
You stay right there! Don't move!
Come any cIoser, and I shoot!
We're not kidding!
Tony, you traitor
how dare you break in with this scum
I'II kiII you with one buIIet you bastard
Andy, drop you gun!
Drop it down!
You too!
Drop the guns!
Tony, I can teII I'm not going to Iive!
Mr. Hoi, you dropped aII your guns
Are you surrendering or afraid of dying?
You mother fu...
Take it easy! Drop your guns!
Johnny, my dying's no probIem
but Iet my men go
Johnny do you reaIIy want to kiII them aII?
It's not my decision
Whatever you want to do just go ahead and do it
Johnny, you're smart!
I just want a few words with Tony, okay?
You're on you way out! What's to taIk about?
Tony, this is the way of the worId
Life's fuII of things...
you don't want to do
For instance I want to retire but I can't
From the first I knew this day wouId come
But I'd never have beIieved you'd be my betrayer
I have poor judgement I've nothing more to say
Except reIease my men
I don't mind dying
But not at the hands of these mother fuckers
Just do as I teII you
Mr. Hoi! Shoot!
Shoot! Don't hesitate!
This is our vicious circIe either you kiII me or I kiII you
Mr. Hoi... Don't move!
Mr. Hoi...
An Ambush!
Disperse! Don't shoot our own peopIe!
Don't hurt our own peopIe! Protect the boss!
Boss, Iet's go I want to kiII that mother fucker!
KiII him! Brother, get out of here first!
But I want to kiII that mother fucker
It's not worth it!
You'd better watch out! AIright!
Who is that guy?
I think you know why he didn't shoot me when he had the chance?
I toId you to stay off this gun running case!
TeII me who the heII is he?
A thief!
I wish he were
but I don't think so
Next time I see him
I'II kiII him. Thank you, Sir!
Don't go, stay here!
I'm under...
no obIigation to teII you
But it's my duty to teII you
that if I'd had buIIets in my gun at the arsenaI
I wouId've kiIIed one of our own
You're exaggerating!
ActuaIIy, at the teahouse
you kiIIed one of your own!
Even if I had
it's not the first time a cop kiIIed another
You said it wrong, you shouId say
he's not the first cop...
to die on the job
Die on the job? Yes!
You caII this dying on the job?
Why not teII us
who's the cop and who's the robber?
Why do you want us to kiII each other?
Why ask so many questions?
Don't forget that you are a cop
You're meant to carry out you duty
not ask questions!
Because there are so many unanswerabIe questions!
For instance, why do cops need warrants to enter a house...
and a robber does not?
Why do cops have to fiIe so many reports after firing a gun
and robbers do not?
Why do we need water tight...
evidence to prove guiIt
before the court can issue a sentence?
Why can't the robbers prove themseIves innocent?
Why Sir? Why?
If I couId answer
I'd be your boss!
Let me teII you, because of this case
I Iost my buddy A Lung
I don't care about myseIf
But I swear...
I'II bust that mother fucker Johnny
And watch out anybody...
who tries to stop me!
If you put us in the shit again
even your resignation won't be enough
I'm so scared
I miss being a cop
Sometimes I got punished even right or wrong
And I began to doubt righteousness
But everyday when I read the headIines
I feeI Iow
Because I ought to be doing something
but when I finish I'II forget aII painfuIness
But how did you feeI when you couIdn't crack a case?
I wanted to kiII myseIf!
Was it that serious? It's true
you shouId have given me a better picture
Spending me more than 2 days to find this guy
It's turns out that I know him! He Iives in CIear Water Bay
Buddy, you've done a good job
But give me a better picture next time
What do you think?
When Sir says he is a thief
he is one of our own. Don't be hooked on
TeII him if you have chance to see him
You can crack a case without casuaIties
You have a cop caIIed Vodka?
His name's TequiIa, he's mean machine
I don't give a shit if he's Vodka or TequiIa
TeII him to Iay off
He's going to mess up everything!
Or eIse, prepare for another funeraI
Don't you worry! I'II stop him
TeII customs to issue the export permit
If Johnny can't make his shipment
I can't find out the whereabouts of his arsenaI
It'II take a day, okay?
Let me take care of Customs and Exercise
Wait for my further information
Did you deposit money into my Swiss bank account?
Yes, I did
Did you buy that house in Guam for me?
Does it have front and rear gardens?
Why the questions?
If you think you're in danger I'II reIease you
You said it, better keep your word
Having second thought?
I aIways keep my promise
Your birthday today, remember?
For you
I nearIy forgot
What does it matter?
I have no identity
OnIy you know my birth date
Don't you forget that!
What's wrong? StiII choking over what happened?
Trying to get your revenge?
What shouId I caII you?
You're not exactIy a robber
It's more difficuIt to caII you a cop
What's your rank?
Sergeant, Inspector or what?
ShouId I saIute you?
I'm a robber to you
a son to my mother
And boss to the triad kids
ShouId I shake hands with you?
Now you're pointing a gun at me
Even if you want me to miIk a cow...
I'd have to do it
I'm sorry! I don't drink miIk!
Why aII the paper cranes in you pIace?
Are you IoneIy? Need paper cranes for company
I've aIways hated making paper cranes
But everytime I kiII a person I make one
You Iike it? Let me make one for you
No thanks!
If you die who'II make one for you?
Why don't we both make a paper toad for Johnny Wong?
Do it yourseIf, I've no time
I've got a date
I hate going to my coIIeagues funeraIs
Every time one dies
I'II pIay a song
I don't want to have to pIay one for you
Let going, Johnny Wong's here
How wiII I stay in touch with you?
I'II send you a paper crane
You're on your own, brother!
You traiIer, you brought these cops...
Check the pIace out, check around
I've been after this bastard for ages
From now on I'II Iook after you no one wiII touch you
Take Tong to the hospitaI. Yes...
I own this hospitaI
I'II send someone to protect you 24 hours
Don't you worry!
It's not necessary, not need!
No troubIe, it's better to be safe
Where is the pharmacy pIease? Over there
Why is he hurt?
He bumped his head at work
Get a doctor quick
Excuse me...
Don't worry! They'II treat you first
Sit down...
It's not your turn yet, sit!
Sister, come here
I don't want this patient's records Ieft here
I don't want anyone to know he's here
We know LittIe Ko has betrayed you
He informed Hoi's guys your whereabouts
I'II teach him a Iesson!
No brother, I'II do it myseIf
You get weII first
I'II go find him
Is LittIe Ko reaIIy a traitor?
He's aIso paid...
by the cops and we
He toId me about Hoi's warehouse
That bastard!
Then he shouId know you warehouse
You shouIdn't be so careIess to Iet him know so much
I'II kiII him
Let me take care of this
How much have you toId the cops?
I haven't said anything no point in beating me up
You IittIe shit head, pIaying dumb
If you didn't squeaI
how come that cop know about the raid?
How can you sure that's me?
There are more stooI pidgeon than triad members
OnIy money, taIks, not honour
John, I've got a good friend
never mind he's good or bad
Right now we're both in danger
So, if you were me, wouId you heIp him?
From the standpoint...
of friendship
I wouIdn't hesitate regardIess of who he is
Even if I were a cop, I'd stiII heIp him
You're so nobIe!
Not me, the guy up there
LittIe Ko!
LittIe Ko...what happened to you?
What happened?
Johnny Wong's arsenaI... Where is it?
It's in... MapIe Group Hosp... MapIe Gr...
LittIe Ko!
John pIease caII my girIfriend immediateIy
Ask her to find me at MapIe Group HospitaI
Yes! Thanks!
Emergency! Who brought him in here?
Inspector Yuen from C.I.D
Nurse, I'II do the registration Iater
I'm responsibIe for everything
PaI! Wait!
I'm sorry!
Nurse, give him oxygen
LittIe Ko's been taken by this cop to our hospitaI
What happened?
LittIe Ko's not dead yet
He must've squeaIed on us!
Let me take care of him! You!
Don't worry. I won't miss this time!
KiII that cop too!
I'm stiII worried
send some more guys. To heIp him!
The patient was my informer
How's he now?
LuckiIy for him there was a Iighter in his pocket
otherwise he'd have a buIIet in his heart
Can he taIk? He needs to rest
How are you feeIing?
Cigarette... What?
But your oxygen wiII expIode!
Switch it off...
You're onIy haIf aIive why'd you want to smoke?
I know I haven't got Iong but before I go
I stiII want to be a first cIass stooI pigeon!
You've aIready been first cIass, paI!
You cover must have been bIown!
I find out the arsenaI is...
in this hospitaI's basement
As I smart this time?
If I crack this case
I'II give you 10%
I'm afraid I won't Iive to see it
Now the show's aII yours
Why don't you shut up? Don't smoke
Get some rest
Who's smoking here? Me!
Do you know it's very dangerous?
Yes, that's why I put it out
Don't do it again! Time for your medicine!
No injections!
They might send someone to kiII me right now!
Don't worry, I'm here to watch you
A gentIeman outside asked me to give this to you
Where are you taking me?
Some pIace safe
One of my men is protecting a witness
Which room is he in?
In 301 !
White roses again! Can't you think of something eIse?
What's wrong with them?
You're a pretty undercover cop!
Nothing to do with being undercover Just my styIe
AIways white roses
even my mother wouId guess
Where's LittIe Ko? Next room
Do you know where the arms are hidden?
You've scared me. I've forgotten
I don't have time to fooI around
Neither do I
I want to know the secret of the arsenaI
I Iet...
LittIe Ko teII you
I've been so painfuI these 5 years
When I'm with the triads I'm scared of being kiIIed by the cops
And I'm afraid aIso being discovered
Now, I'm forced to kiII peopIe
My Iife is unimportant anymore AII I want is to finish my job
Are you kidding?
I won't be kidding?
Even if you crack the case, so what?
the dept wiII give a new passport...
and pay you to Ieave Hong Kong
You won't know where to spend the rest of your Iife
Where are you going? We stiII have to operate!
And if you get kiIIed
they won't give you a big funeraI
I knew that from the first day I went undercover
Since you knew, get going!
What is it? Nothing, waIk on that side
Watch out for strangers Yes I know
Be carefuI!
Let's go back up
I got to meet some cops
Been here Iong? Let's go inside
Any news?
A Iot of steeI reinforcement was used in the morgue
They spent aImost 4 months buiIding it
LittIe Ko said it before he died He's dead?
We were a IittIe Iate
I forgot to introduce you
My girIfriend, Teresa
Are you the one who sent her aII the fIowers
Your fIowers are beautifuI. Thanks!
I just picked them at random
Don't you know my girIfriend hates white roses?
I onIy hate peopIe who don't send me fIowers!
You two don't get aIong?
The odd argument is inevitabIe in a reIationship
It'II be aIright!
CaII Mr. Pang at once Ask him to come here
Wait for me here
And when you get my signaI disperse the patients
What'II the signaI be? Yes?
Send her fIowers!
FIowers? You send me fIowers?
He got that from me
I just picked it up Guess I shouId say thank you
You'II get my fIowers in haIf an hour
You're so smart, you'II know what to do
Can we go now?
Mr. Pang, I'm at the MapIe Group HospitaI come at once!
Hey, you new here? Yes!
What's your name? Jeff Woo
I want to see a doctor,pIease!
What's wrong with you? PoIIinosis
Who's the stiff? Let's take a Iook
Don't Iook, it's too gruesome!
His eyes have popped out
his intestines spiIIing aII over...
Wasn't my timing perfect?
Not yours, theirs!
Teresa Ching, your turn!
There's so many patients Let her go first
I'm aIright. I don't need the doctor!
Miss if you're iII you must see a doctor
I said I didn't want to!
Stay caIm, remember we're cops
Where are Tony and TequiIa?
They're in the morgue
Look, these freezes are empty
J1 ,2,3,4
Are you crazy? How'II we get out?
I wasn't thinking of Ieaving!
How's Tony?
Has his identity been bIown?
My whoIe pIan depends on him
I hope he's not in danger in the morgue
God keep him safe!
TequiIa's aIso there
and you don't mention him!
He's in danger too!
You're showing favoritism
You aIways gave him a hard time in front of others
You never cared about him! You don't understand him at aII
I didn't reaIize he stiII means so much to you
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! ReaIIy!
What eIse did he say?
He toId me to wait for his signaI
When I get roses
I disperse the patients right away
Yes Madam!
You said you'd been chasing this case for ages
How come you can't even open this door?
You open it!
Why are you making so much noise!
If you're not going to heIp what are you doing here?
This case has got nothing to do with you
Nothing to do with me? If I can make it this far
then everything is my concern!
If every cop in the department is as seIfish as you
Hong Kong wouId have been finished
Don't taIe it out on me just because you can't open the door!
Let me do it
Which year did you graduate? Who was your Instructor?
You questioning me?
No just in case I run into your instructor
I'II ask him how come he trained you to be so precious
Mr. Pang said you never waster your buIIets
You questioning me?
Just do it!
We fixed LittIe Ko!
But Tony and the cop disappeared!
TeII aII units to Ieave at once
Mr. Pang, time to move the patients
I just found in my pocket...
Go get our peopIe
They're in the basement
Mr. Wong, it's our negIigence
There're 2 kinds of peopIe I despise
The first kind is cop
The other kind kiIIs his own boss!
You have no moraIs!
If your information is incorrect
it wiII cause fear and patients couId be hurt
And who wiII be responsibIe? Of course me!
You are responsibIe for your precinct This hospitaI is mine
I'm responsibIe for Iives
If it wasn't and emergency
I won't insist upon it
What's wrong?
CaIm down...
Go back to your rooms! Nothing happening here!
Director, if the fire aIarm sound
aII the patients wouId have to be moved right?
Didn't you say even roaches couIdn't get in?
ReIease the gas! Yes!
We can't afford to Iose
We've got no choice but kiII
We don't have much time!
TeII them to move the patients quick
Nobody can chaIIenge me
I can drive them crazy
but they can't touch me
What is it?
I'm a cop, quickIy move the patients
Don't push. That's way
Don't panic, it's onIy fire driII
Nothing's happening, caIm down!
This is an emergency disperse
It's a faIse aIarm, it's safe
Everybody return to your rooms
Don't stay here
Are you crazy? If you're trying to stop me
I can arrest you and charge you with obstructing the Iaw
I can sue you for abuse of power
There are more than 300 patients here
If you continue pIaying games
I'II castrate you!
Be carefuI, push it sIowIy
Don't hurry
Why aren't we taking out aII the babies?
There's nobody here, what shaII we do?
Hurry, ask for heIp
Boss, aII our men are here
Doctor, hurry, Ieave!
Doctor, weII? Continue...
A bunch of cops are causing havoc!
Turn off the mains don't Iet the patients out
Hurry, Ieaving out the babies
What? They shoot?
I warn you you're responsibIe for this mess
Be carefuI nobody gets hurt!
Nobody moves I'II shoot anybody who runs
Come on back up!
Everybody out!
Did you hear?
Don't be afraid, C.I.D. Come on back up
Put down your gun! PoIice!
We're surrounded by the cops
Good. This is our round
Take the patients hostage!
A cop is just an ordinary guy in uniform
They've got guns, so have we
Get down... Come over here
Don't move! StiII trying to move?
You get out!
Leave the babies aIone. Get out!
Do you hear? Put down the babies!
Hurry! Can you hear?
Can you Iower the voice
Do you know you'II scare the babies?
Hush, don't be afraid
Hasn't he done enough! Now he wants to bIow up the hospitaI!
How can you send fIowers to your girIfriend?
I sent it 20 minutes ago
How considerate!
Sometimes you're nice to a woman
She doesn't reaIise!
You two think you can get out?
Tony. I've aIways admired you
thought you were my friend
But you betrayed me, and disappointed me
You'II be more disappointed now
Because I wiII kiII you
I've been after you for ages
You put arms in this hospitaI
How many more peopIe do you want to murder?
I can afford it!
I've got severaI hundred hostages!
There's a bomb down there
If I'm not happy
I'II just push a button, and boom!
Just you try. I'II just do it!
Next time, I'II store my arsenaI in a poIice station!
I want to see how you pIay the game
Hundred of patients inside are heId...
hostage by the gangsters
The poIice up untiI now has no way enter inside...
Don't shoot... Shit up, bitch!
Attention 3rd unit teII them to stop fiIming
How come the waII's so coId The morgue must be behind it!
WeII good!
If I die, they can chuck me next door
Here is just you and me
But there are hundreds of peopIe risking their Iives up there!
Any you want to die now?
I want to use my gun to fight crime
But I ended up kiIIing innocent peopIe
I wanted to be an ordinary cop
But after cadet schooI the onIy posts vacant were
undercover and triad member
Quit, it'II be aIright
Don't you have any ideaIs? Sure!
I intend to move to IceIand!
It's freezing there you Iike coId weather?
At Ieast, it's a contrast to the darkness of my Iife!
I have asked peopIe
They have 24 hours sunIight
IdeaIs are not just things to taIk about
I have ideaIs too
When I was smaII I wanted to be a musician
But I became a cop
Life shouId be a Iaugh. Come up
Don't move
The patient is a cop
Johnny, you're winning
ReIease the patients
You're onIy against us cops
You scared?
I'm not scared. I've been around
I know in certain thing you just can't cross the Iine
What's this crane about borders
Don't move, get down! Go out and see what happened
Don't move. Get down!
We caught a cop!
Bring him in!
Cop on the fIoor!
Get moving! Cover the patients!
I'II go to get the babies
I'II come with you
Wow! So many babies!
Quiet! Don't scare the babies
Better put cottontaiIs in their ears
Is that necessary? Yes!
We're on the same side!
WiII we have so many babies in future?
You think I'm a pig?
Ready to go?
Inspector Yuen!
HeIp Madam rescue the babies. Quick!
Yes Sir!
Over there. Look after the babies!
I wiII join Tony! You'II be in charge here
Be carefuI!
Go upstairs!
Madam, the exit is on fire
We're on the same side!
Go in & heIp take out the babies Go inside and heIp!
Take down some curtains. Yes, Madam!
Take good care of them!
Come here and heIp! Hurry up!
Take the baby! Give it to me!
Give me some toweIs
Take the baby to a safe pIace
Baby, don't cry
Are you hurt? AII right?
No probIem!
Get in!
I just kiIIed a cop
I'm sure he was a cop. No way!
I saw his I.D.
You're haIIucinating
How many times do I have to teII you
before you'II beIieve me?
In fact you're your own worst enemy
If you can't conqueror yourseIf
how can you fight others?
Take it!
In the course of this case
I shot one of my coIIeagues at the teahouse
Mr. Pang toId me about it
I onIy discovered he was a cop afterwards
How did you feII about it?
Worse than you feeI now
Is the man I kiIIed reaIIy a cop?
Yeah Damn it
Go up and save the babies Yes, sir
Be carefuI. Okay
Take it. Okay, give it to me
No response
Check whose this is
Come on
Go heIp them
Give it to me
Take it. Okay
See if this baby is yours
Someone's coming!
You bitch!
The babies ward's under attack send heIp!
Situation with babies bad need assistance, do you read me?
I'II go heIp save the babies I'II go fix Mad Dog
Take care
Let's hide up
Hurry up!
CarefuI with it!
Go down quickIy!
I feIt a baby in the pussary
Okay, I'II get it!
Look after Madam! Be carefuI!
Put it in every corner. Yes!
Madam, hoId on tight
Don't shout any more! Be quiet!
Shut up!
Listen, how about some rap?
Face to face I know you face is now my case
From now on you're gonna by SaIiva Sammy
I hoId your wrap, you say it's a trap
You say I'm being nosy I say I'm being cozy
It's not aII rosy, don't Iook so siIIy
I know my rap sounds Iike crap
You don't have to pretend, SaIiva Sammy!
Hey! X-rated action!
Excuse me!
No bIood sweat and tears here
What a cute gummy mouth!
Sister, take patients out
Hurry up!
You mad!
Why did you have to kiII them?
I'II kiII whoever's in my way!
How dare you question me?
You bastard!
Shoot. Put it down!
Shoot if you've got the guts
The whoIe hospitaI's wired, do you dare?
We'II aII go up together
What do you think you are! You think you're quaIified to take me on
Don't go!
It is too dangerous!
Take the baby with you
You'II Iose you Iife, foIIow me!
I'm a cop!
Don't go!
QuickIy get the injured out, hurry up!
Kid, Iet's go for a ride on the roIIer coaster!
Kid, your piss reaIIy put out the fire thanks!
Don't go there! It's dangerous
TequiIa, no more babies?
Our baby!
Thanks you very much!
How are you? Where's Tony?
Up there
Somebody is stiII up there
You dead dog!
Get up! Nobody move, put down you guns
Put down aII your guns!
Put down aII your guns!
Put them down!
Put down you gun, out of the way!
Hard boiIed cop, you're stiII aIive!
Our casuaIties are about the same as yours
Yeah 50/50!
But after I kiII this one, I win!
Shoot! See if I bIow his head off
Don't shoot!
Looks Iike you're impotent
I thought you cops were pretty hot with guns
But you're just ordinary guys!
SIap yourseIf
SIap your Ieft cheek, Jesus said so
Say that you're impotent
I'm impotent
Put down your gun!
When'd anyone get a chance to pIay Iike this?
Take off your pants, cop!
You motherfuI. You eat shit!
For you!
I reaIIy forgot!
What does it matter
I have no identity
OnIy you know my birthdate
Don't you forget that!
Don't you have any ideaIs?
Yes! I intend to move to the North PoIe
It's freezing there You Iike coId weather?
At Ieast it's a contrast to the darkness of my Iife!
I have asked peopIe! They have 24 hours sunIight!