Kick Ass - Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNow2 on 03.02.2011

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Kick Ass, the film adaptation of the graphic novel
by Mark Miller directed by Matthew Vough
will be released in Italy April 1.
Dave is a very normal boy, with a single passion, comic books.
Bored with everyday life, he suddenly decides
to become a super hero and defeat crime.
Things won’t go according to his plans but
he will still find allies ready to fight at his side.
Mark Waters, director of comedies such as
The Ghosts of Girlfriends and Mean Girls,
is in talks to direct the funny Get Back.
The film tells of two die-hard Beatles fans
that find a time machine and decide to get back in the 60s
to keep John Lennon from engaging to Yoko Ono,
thus prevent the dissolution of the legendary Liverpool group.
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