Smartsheet Integration with Google Apps and Google Drive

Uploaded by SmartSheet on 24.04.2012


Google Apps and Google Drive users will love how
Smartsheet integrates seamlessly into their workflow.
Whether you manage a simple list of tasks
or a sophisticated project,
Smartsheet is a flexible and powerful app
that gives you the freedom to work the way that you want.
Whether it's managing projects,
or other information for your organization
such as company wide sales forecasts or roll up budgets
you'll have all the tools you need to easily complete the task at hand.
Smartsheet requires no training
for anyone who has used a spreadsheet before.

Google Drive users can create a new Smartsheet
from inside Google Drive
or you can start from scratch,
use a prebuilt template,
or import files from Excel, Project and Google Spreadsheet
The columns are formatted to handle specific content, like symbols,


or contacts.

But Smartsheet makes it easy to move or reorganize columns
with a simple drag and drop to fit your needs.
Each row represents a specific task
or item that you can rearrange
and create hierarchies that expand and collapse
to better organize, structure
and visualize your work.
Once your data is organized, easily turn
your schedule into an interactive Gantt Chart
that can be quickly updated
for shifting deadlines.

Use drag and drop dependencies
and see your entire project update
after one simple change automatically.
You can print out your Gantt Chart,

export it as a PDF
or a Microsoft Project file,
or send it as an email attachment.

Compare your project schedule with any of your calendars
from your Google account.
Or view Smartsheet tasks in your Google calendar
and even give them a quick update.

You can quickly and seamlessly switch
between the calendar, Gantt and grid views.

Smartsheet is also equipped with powerful collaboration tools,
whether it's working with people on your team,
other departments, clients or venders.
When everyone's working from the same version,
you'll never have outdated information.
You can cross reference or link to information in other sheets.
Making it the perfect tool to roll up operations
such as cross departmental budgeting
and sales forecasting.
Enter the data once and Smartsheet does the work for you.
Smartsheet makes it easy to keep
all related project information together.
Attach any type of file,
including files stored in your Google Drive

and allow collaborators to view
and edit them in the context of your project.
Track discussions, notes
and email threads
to ensure everyone has the latest information.

Finding information is quick and easy. You can search,
sort or filter information within each sheet,

or run summary reports across
multiple sheets to find specific items,
such as all work assigned to someone on the team
or tasks at risk of missing their deadlines.
You have complete visibility into what changes have been made,

and who made them.

Plus, Smartsheet can notify you
when changes are made by your team
and remind you of upcoming milestones
with automated email alerts.
For additional information and resources,
visit the Smartsheet youtube channel,
product Help Library
or feel free to contact our support team.
Smartsheet offers powerful
project management and team coordination
that works seamlessly with Google Apps and Google Drive,
helping you to work smarter and more efficiently.
And that's Google integration with Smartsheet.