Освобождение: Огненная дуга / Liberation: The Bulge of Fire

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Just great! With the first shot!
And this is our newest tank. With the very first shot!
March 25, 1943
Field Marshal Manstein, begin.
My Fuhrer, allow me to read a draft of your order.
Top secret.
Operational order No.6.
I decided to launch Operation Citadel as soon
as the weather conditions permit.
The main objective of the operation
by simultaneous offensive from the north and south,
to surround and destroy the Russian troops
concentrated on the Kursk salient,
and follow it with a tank attack northeastward, bypassing Moscow.
For Operation Citadel,
on the directions of its main offensive, we shall employ:
17 Panzer divisions, 2 motorized ones and 22 infantry divisions.
What is the troops' strength?
About one million infantry, 2,700 tanks, including 800 Tiger tanks,
and 1,800 aircraft, my Fuhrer.
Herr Generals!
The two campaigns we undertook in 1941 and 1942
have not resulted in the defeat of Russia.
We're beginning the third campaign of 1943, which is to be decisive.
We have enacted a total mobilization.
This allowed us to increase the strength of our troops
on all fronts to 9.5 million men.
Germany had never had such an army before.
We have built the new super-powerful Tiger tanks,
which must crush the Russia defenses.
And what about this?
A Russia antitank shell gets through the Tigers frontal armour!
And you want to attack now? I can't take such a risk!
Return all Tigers to the plant immediately
and equip them with additional armour.
We can't begin Operation Citadel now.
Prepare, prepare and prepare!
MOSCOW April 12, 1943
It's been quiet on all fronts for almost a month now.
They can't catch their breath after Stalingrad, Comrade Stalin.
And we after Kharkov, Comrade Vassilevsky.
Stalingrad was a terrible defeat for Hitler,
both millitary and politically.
But near Kharkov the Germans showed that they are still very strong.
And main battle is still ahead.
There's no doubt that enemy will try again
to take the strategic initiative into his hands.
The question is
and with what forces he will attack.
What does Zhukov say?
I believe that Germany is capable
to prepare for the summer campaign a major offensive operation
on one strategic direction.
Given the economic resources of Southern Ukraine,
I think that the enemy will be fiercely fighting for the Donbass,
and for this, he is more likely to utilize the operational configuration
in the area of the Kursk Bulge, which is advantageous for him.
Attacking form the north and the south,
the enemy may cut up and surround
the troops of the Central and Voronezh Fronts.
Thus the prospects may be opened to him
for a wide maneuver on any strategic direction.
And what does Vassilevsky say?
In the recent period, the General Staff has carried out
air and ground intelligence gathering, Comrade Stalin.
Intelligence has established that the main flow of enemy troops
go to Poltava-Kharkov area,
and also into Orel-Bryansk area.
This confirms Marshal Zhukov's proposition.
What does the General Staff propose, Comrade Antonov?
The General Staff proposes, Comrade Stalin, to meet
the attacking German troops with powerful means of defense,
bleed the enemy
and then, going over to the counter - offensive, finish him off.
We began working out the operation.
Working out the operation?
And what if our defenses would not withstand the German troops' blow,
as it happened, and not once, in 1941 and 1942?
Can you guarantee the success?
We can, Comrade Stalin.
Film One
Screenplay by Yuri BONDAREV
Directed by Yuri OZEROV
Director of Photography Igor SLABNEVICH
Production Designer Aleksandr MYAGKOV
Music by Yu. LEVITIN
English Subtitles by Tatiana Kameneva
Chief Military Consultant Army General S. SHTEMENKO
Tsvetaev - N. OLYALIN Zoya - L. GOLUBKINA
Lukin - V. SANAYEV Gromov - V. SAMOILOV
Vasiliev - Yu. KAMORNY Dorozhkin - V. NOSIK
Janek - Jan ENGLERT (Poland) Maksimov - V. AVDYUSHKO
Leontyev - I. OZEROV
Zhukov - M. ULYANOV Rokossovsky - V. DAVYDOV
Vassilevsky - Ye. BURENKOV Vatutin - S. KHARCHENKO
Antonov - V. STRZHELCHIK Konev - Yu. LEGKOV
Moskalenko - N. RUSHKOVSKY Rybalko - D. FRANKO
Katukov - K. ZABELIN
Stalin - Bukhuti ZAKARIADZE
Roosevelt - S. JASKIEVICZ (Poland) Churchill - Yu. DUROV
Hitler - Fritz DIEZ (GDR) Mussolini - Ivo GARRANI (Italy)
Keitel - G.M. HENNEBERG (GDR) Mainstein - Z. WEISS (GDR)
Kluge - H. HASSE (GDR) Model - P. STURM (GDR)
Skorzeny - F. PIERSIC (Romania) Narrator - A. KARAPETYAN
July 5, 00 hours 10 minutes
Commander of the Central Front, Army General Rokossovsky
A private of the 6th Sapper Battalion, was clearing lanes in the minefields.
What did you get the Iron Cross for?
For you, the war is over.
You're going to shoot me, but tomorrow your Stalingrad will begin.
We'll get to Moscow. We have been read the Fuhrer's order.
What is the order about?
This morning, a massive blow will be dealt to you at Kursk.
It will be the final and decisive battle.
When will the offensive begin?
On July 5, at 3 a.m.
So, at 3 a.m.
Deputy Supreme Commander-in-Chief Marshal Zhukov
And if so, it'll be in two hours.
What is it, a myth or reality?
The General Staff did warn us
about the date of German offensive - somewhere between July 3 and 6.
Secondly; as we know, yesterday Field Marshal Manstein
made a reconnaissance in force on the Voronezh Front.
And, finally, Commander of Army Group Center, Field Marshal Kluge...
What do we know about Kluge?
According to the partisans, he left Orel yesterday
to move closer to the front, together with his staff.
So everything indicates that they're ready to start.
At 3 a.m., if we're to believe the prisoner.
Yes, if we're to believe the prisoner.
What measures have you envisaged?
A surprise fire from all kinds of artillery.
Counter-artillery preparation.
Issue the orders.
But we haven't pinpointed the areas of the enemy's concentration yet.
It would mean firing at the bushes.
And if the prisoner is right
and in 55 minutes the Germans will attack?
Then our artillery strike is necessary, Comrade Marshall.
Artillery Commander, go ahead.
Lieutenant-General KAZAKOV
Yes, Comrade Marshal!
3 hours 10 minutes
And there was an indefinite silence, as they write in novels.
Why are you whistling? Why are you so cheerful?
Why not, Comrade Captain? We'll go forward and get trophies.
I guess there're warehouses near Orel.
Warehouses. And what if we scarper back to Kursk?
- Come on, no. - But what if?
The regiment commander wants you.
And I want to remind you, Tsvetayev,
given the situation, anything may happen.
The infantry will take tanks on themselves.
The tanks will go right on you, take it into account.
I will, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel.
What will you take into account? Why such a flippant answer?
You can't take everything into account, Captain Tsvetayev.
Whether it'll be 10 or 50 tanks barging on you.
In any case, count on 50.
Your height'll be at the meeting point of Maksimov's and Orlov's battalions.
- Orlov! - What?
- Nothing. - I got it all.
- May I go? - Go.
You too go to your battalions.
- Took it into account? - I did.
They're silent.
Weirdly silent.
Maybe they've changed their mind?
- Best of luck to you, Maksimov. - Go to... you know where.
Orlov, you got a toothache? Are you nervous?
I don't know. It's just wearing you out.
You know, like a bad soldier getting a fit of diarrhea before a fight.
Oh, Zoya! I'm terribly happy to see you.
- Go straight ahead, don't look back. - Yes.
Why are you here?
I'm just a bit scared.
Like some bad premonition.
Nothing bad will happen to us.
Everything will be all right.
3 hours 55 minutes. Central Front HQ
It's strange, waiting for a German attack like some salvation.
3 hours 56 minutes.
- Are they going to begin or not? - They must.
They must.
The war machine has been activated, it can't be stopped.
Connect me with the Voronezh Front.
Dead silence Georgy Konstantinovich.
Yes, no sign of the actual beginning.
Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll begin soon.
Good luck.
Commander of the Voronezh Front Army General Vatutin.
- Are they waiting? - Waiting, too.
So quiet that you get a ringing in your ears.
Well? What?
The same, Nikolai Fyodorovich, no movement on the frontline.
Aleksandr Mikhailovich, maybe we'll disturb the second echelons?
Let's do it.
Connect me with Katukov.
Commander of the 1st Tank Army, Lieutenant-General Katukov
Comrade General, an attack alert.
Got you.
- Let me help you. - Go.
I'm coming.
Go, go.
Damn it.
- What is it? - An attack alert, Comrade Lieutenant.
All right.
Go to your motorcycle, Dorozhkin.
And don't be curious. You know I don't like it.
What is this, the crew?
The crew of the tank 13, Comrade General!
And where's you tank?
Where's your commander?
Did you understand what he said?
- No, Comrade Commander! - And I did.
The crew is valiantly trying to protect their commander.
So where's the commander?
Lieutenant Vasilyev is coming, Comrade General!
So you do speak Russian? Are you Polish?
Yes, Polish, I'm from Warsaw, been serving in the Soviet Army for 3 years.
And why were you speaking Polish?
I think in Polish, Comrade General.
I see you always have a ready answer.
- Lieutenant Vasilyev on your orders... - Wait with your reporting.
Have you got tired of your officer’s shoulder straps, Lieutenant Vasilyev?
Give me a straight answer. Come on.
No, I haven't got tired of my officer's shoulder straps.
He should be punished.
We'll decide after the battle if your shoulder straps are too heavy for you.
- Forward march to your platoon! - Yes.
4 hours 30 minutes
Commander of the Ninth Army, Colonel-General Model
Commander of the Army Group Center, Field Marshal von Kluge
Herr Field Marshal!
The idea of the operation was based on a surprise attack.
Now we've lost it.
The Russian artillery has broken communications,
the vanguard units suffered serious losses.
What do you suggests?
Cancelling the operation.
It's unreal.
Have you informed the Fuhrer of the last night's developments?
I didn't deem it necessary.
But then will be too late.
What do you want?
Please, Herr Field Marshal, call to Fuhrer.
A decisive military operation is at stake, the fate of Germany.
We're starting a battle
that will decide the outcome of the war.
- When can you attack? - In an hour.
Do it.
July 5, 5 hours 30 minutes
Leontyev, to the guns!
Take your places!
It's time for you to face the reality.
Almost all European countries have been annexed to Germany.
Here you see these states.
Portugal, Spain, France,
Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway,
Finland and the entire Balkans.
In the nearest future new states will be set up
on the lands of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraine,
conquered by Germany.
And what is left in Europe?
A belt of the Russian land,
whose fate has already been predetermined.
Today, the Germans troops have broken the Soviet front
and ten Soviet armies have gotten in a fire circle.
The Bolshevist Russia
will not survive such a massive blow.
You can see on our uniforms the ROA insignia.
It stands for Russian Liberation Army.
You can also join this army
if you want your wives and children, your mothers and fathers
to meet you as their liberators.
I suggest that all
who want to join the Russian Liberation Army
step forward.
My name is Arthur von Kristman.
I represent the International Red Cross.
Here's a news report from Swiss newspapers.
A delegation of the Red Cross left Switzerland for Moscow
to discuss with the Soviet authorities
what measures could be taken to help Russian POWs.
With great difficulty the delegation got an audience with Stalin.
He heard a representative of the Swiss Red Gross out
and said, "We don't have Russian POWs,
we have only traitors."
Now you know what awaits you in your homeland.
Once more I'm offering
to those who want to join us,
step forward!
Anyone else?
Take Vlasov's men away execute the rest.
Are you Stalin?
- No. - Who are you, then?
Yakov Dzhugashvili.
What difference does it make? You're Stalin's son.
We've met before.
I don't remember it.
At the maneuvers near Keiv, before the war.
I was in the staff of the Blues then.
And now?
Don't forget yourself, Yakov Stalin.
I want to help you, and you're talking umbrage.
How long have you been a POW?
Since August 1941, almost 2 years.
Now you have a chance to return home.
With your army?
I was instructed to tell you that Hitler wants to exchange you
for Field Marshal Paulus, who was taken prisoner as Stalingrad.
But for this, you must write a letter to your father.
I won't write anything.
Think again.
I'm not writing anything to Stalin.
If the exchange for Paulus doesn't come through, you'll be shot.
July 5, 15 hours
Commander of the 381st Rifle Division Colonel Gromov
Our tanks, Comrade Colonel.
Where do you see our tanks?
Back up! Go left!
Go left, quick! Come on, hurry!
Come on!
Hold on! Hold on, my dear! Hold on, Orlov!
The anti-tankmen are coming to you I can see it, I know.
Do you know, Colonel, that at your rear
I was just fired at by German tanks?
- Yes. - What do you mean, yes?
Why have they broken through?
Forty tanks broke the defenses of Maksimov's battalion.
- Major Maksimov. - What? Why Maksimov?
Where did you come from? How come you're here?
Leaving your battalion! Abandoning your men!
Let me find out what happened.
C'mon, why are you here? Why are you here?
The dugout was blocked up by a shell. I came to and saw Germans.
There were none of my men, I couldn't.
I just couldn't!
Your men are on the height! Over there!
Go to the height! Fight to the last breath!
Go to your battalion now! Running march! Forward march!
His men fight to the last drop of their blood. And he, a coward!
Where're you going? Where're you going, Maksimov?
He's gone crazy. Was he shell-shocked or what?
Armour-piercing fire!
Comrade Captain, the 2nd Battalion is retreating!
They scarpered, see? There they are!
- Where? Where did they scarper? - There they are!
Comrade Captain, Orlov is retreating. The Slavs couldn't take it!
Stop! I'll shoot the first one!
Back! Go back!
Stop! Stop! To the trench!
The tanks go round us, that's the end of us here.
Where's Orlov?
Where's Orlov?
Lie down in the trench and fire back.
You scrammers, fuck you!
Come back!
Dig in here!
Orlov, you alive?
They haven't cast a bullet for me yet. I sit there, and they're running.
Come back, blast you! Dig in here!
Savchuk, you wounded?
A shell!
A shell! A shell!
Comrade Captain, hold on! I'll get the shells!
- Hurry! - Yes!
Only five shells left.
Sashka, run!
My dear, at least a dozen shells.
- You'll get them. - A dozen!
We'll get them. We must get them!
"Sunflower", we all died here carrying out the order.
What are you saying? We didn't die.
- We didn't die! - Carrying out the order...
You're shell-shocked. You're shell-shocked.
Sasha, dear, we got two shells left. We have only two shells.
Hurry to the rear! Hurry, please.
They will not kill him.
They must not kill him.
They will not kill him.
Nurse! Nurse!
Everything will be fine, dear. Wait a second.
Everything will be fine. Just wait.
Wait, dear.
Everything will be all right.
Wait a second, wait, my dear.
Oh God, will this fight ever end?
It must end, mustn't it?
It must end.
Nurse! Nurse!
Are you Major Gennady Mikhailovich Maksimov,
commander of the 2nd Battalion,
the 206th Rifle Regiment, the 381st Division?
You speak Russian?
The general would like to ask you a few questions,
the answers to which may save your life.
You know Russian? Are you Russian?
I'm German, but I lived in Russia.
How deep are the Soviet defenses on the Ponyri Station direction?
I repeat the question.
Do you hear me?
I'm waiting.
Is it true that Marshal Zhukov
has arrived on the front and is now among the troops?
It's known that the Russians have a saying:
when Zhukov comes, an offensive begins.
Is that so?
And now you can shoot me.
In the German army we don't shoot captured Russian officers.
Your life of a soldier belongs to Zhukov and Rokossovsky.
You're free to go.
If you get a change to see them, tell them
that in three days German tanks will be in Kursk.
You'd better not surrender again.
A gallant officer prefers a bullet in the head to being taken prisoner.
Run now.
You've been given a life, Major. Rejoice and run.
Run, run.
The Fritzes have given me a life?
You will be in Kursk? No!
There, your tanks are burning See them burning?
You should be smothered like rats! Smothered! If only I...
Run, you Red bastard!
You will see how Russian major Maksimov dies!
Shoot, you German bitch!
Well, for the last time. Run!
- Run! - Shoot! Shoot!
Thus, on the 5th, 6th, 8th, and throughout the 9th of July,
General Model's shock army group
tried to break our troops' defenses
in the zone the 13th, 48th and 70th Armies.
The enemy advanced up to 10 kilometers,
though he failed to break the defense.
Please report the information from the Voronezh Front as of July 9.
On the Obonyan direction the Germans cut through the defenses
of Chistyakov's 6th Guard Army
and moved 30 kilometers forward.
Heavy fightings is going on in the 2nd zone of defense.
Katukov's tank army took the blow.
Such is the situation as of July 9.
Cut through!
Yes, Vatutin is having hard.
Is it any easier for us, Georgy Konstantinovich?
We had all been expecting a more massive blow
on the Central front and not at Vatutin's.
In war every general thinks
that he is the target of the main blow.
It's Moscow, Comrade Marshal.
Comrade Zhukov?
Yes, Comrade Stalin. Good evening.
- I'm listening. - How are things?
Rokossovsky and I believe that the enemy is getting exhausted.
We now know that their units regrouped in the Tyoploye-Ponyri 2 area.
The enemy has no strength for a breakthrough.
Apparently, they will go over to defensive actions.
Isn't it time for Rokossovsky to attack? What do you think?
I think it's time to commit the troops of the Bryansk and Western Fronts,
as was envisaged by Operation Kutuzov.
Without those attacks,
Rokossovsky's successful center - offensive is impossible.
When will we be able to start?
I think no sooner than the 12th.
Let's make if the deadline.
The Supreme C-in-C is pressing.
What is it now, Comrade Antonov?
Our military attache in Sweden
was approached by the International Red Cross.
Are they again trying to thrust their morals on us?
It is about your son Yakov, Comrade Stalin.
Through the Red Cross, the Germans offer
to exchange him for Field Marshal Paulus.
I don't exchange a soldier for a field marshal.
Our motto is "win or die".
The Fuhrer said:
I begin everything from the start.
These words of the Fuhrer are now being justified.
The great German army launched an unprecedentedly
fierce attack on Kursk.
One more decisive effort,
and the Bolshevist front will be overrun.
O Lord, bless our arms!
Turn that thing off.
Ñan't stand hearing this scoundrel appeal to Lord God.
But even if Goebbels, as usual, told only half of the truth,
the situation at Kursk really seems to be very serious.
According to our intelligence the German strength in the offensive
is about a million men and almost 3,000 tanks.
I'm afraid that this time the Russians may not hold out.
We're approaching a very serious crisis.
Perhaps we should revise the dates of Operation Overlord
and speed up the landing in Normandy?
I still insist
on the invasion of Europe through the Balkans.
Especially since the situation of Yugoslavian patriots is bad indeed.
I'm afraid, sir, that there's practically no hope for them.
Supreme High Commander of
Yugoslavian People's Liberation Army Josip Broz Tito.
How can you stand our mountain march, Captain?
It's always easier to overcome it when there's an aim.
If we manage to join
the partisan brigades operating in Eastern Bosnia,
we'll double our forces.
I hope so.
Perhaps, by that time the Allies will land in the Balkans.
Mr. Churchill wants to forestall the Russians
and not let them get to the Balkans.
In any case, it'll already be the second front.
The Second front has already been opened in the Balkans
by the People's Revolutionary Army of Yugoslavia.
We're carrying on heavy fighting here, we're struggling.
And I'll do my best, sir.
We know that, Captain. Thank you.
Comrade Commander, there're German vehicles ahead, we're surrounded.
We'll try to breakthrough.
Lieutenant-General Shtemenko
A radio intercept, Comrade General.
To all, all, all!
Yugoslavian People's Army broken through the encirclement.
The Yugoslavian Army continues its struggle.
Keep up connection it's very important.
General Rybalko has arrived.
Commander of the 3rd Tank Army Lieutenant-General Rybalko
- Welcome, Pavel Semyonovich. - Thank you.
Come on, let's talk.
Look at the situation as of July 10, 18 hours.
Field Marshal von Kluge managed to edge his way
into Rokossovsky's defenses as deep as 10-12 kilometers.
And at Vatutin's, the enemy advanced
almost 40 kilometers into the depth of our defenses.
Today, as our intelligence reports,
Field Marshal von Kluge committed his last reserve
the 12th Panzer, 10th and 36th motorized divisions.
Thereby, Pavel Semyonovich, he's weakened his left flank.
General Stuff believes it's time to begin Operation Kutuzov -
to strike at the flank of the Germans grouping right here.
Sergei Matveyevich, explain the task to General Rybalko.
Attacking in the zone of the Bryansk Front, your tank army,
if the circumstances are propitious, must take the city of Orel.
No, I won't be taking Orel.
What do you mean, you won't?
Its streets are narrow, no turning around, they'll burn all my tanks.
Then what do you suggest?
I'll pass by it and give all the glory to the infantry.
We'll share glory after the war. Good luck to you.
On July 11 at 5 hours 35 minutes, the offensive of the Bryansk Front
and the left wing of the Western Front was begun
on the Orel direction.
An hour ago, the Russian troops of the Western and Bryansk Fronts
assumed the offensive against my left flank.
This creates the danger of encirclement of Model's entire assault force.
ln these conditions I have nothing left to do
but give up attacking Kursk from the north.
Please wait and not report to the Fuhrer about your decision.
The Operation Citadel enters its final stage.
Today I'm committing all the Panzer divisions.
Yes, all the 11 of them.
I have division commanders here.
They all are determined to be in Kursk.
I wish you success.
Gentlemen, Field Marshal von Kluge hopes to be in Kursk tomorrow.
We'll be there today. We, the tankmen of the "Adolf Hitler" Panzer division.
Those are worthy words, Obergruppenfuhrer. Thank you.
We must realize that the enemy's situation is critical.
The battle takes on the character of a tight string.
It is bound to break.
Now a lot depends on the actions of our divisions, if not everything.
The SS "Reich" Panzer Division is ready to attack.
The SS "Dead Head" Panzer Division will breakthrough to Kursk.
The 19th Panzer division will do its duty.
Our duty unites us all. Win or die.
Yes, Herr Field Marshal, I'll always remember that.
A resolute onslaught, and the string will burst.
You may go now.
The Voronezh Front July 11
Well, if I believed in God, I would have crossed myself.
- Come on! - Yes.
Platoon, do as I do!
The machinegun!
- Janek! - Yes?
A sub-caliber shell!
Come on! Come on, damn it!
They're fools who say there's no hell!
Comrade Lieutenant, the 15th doesn't respond.
Hanses! Aunt Motya sends her regards!
- Everybody alive? - Gorokhov!
What's with Gorokhov?
He's wounded, I think. He can't see anything.
Into the river, Gorokhov! Put out the fire! Into the river!
Chistyakov, liquidate the breakthrough on your own! You hear me?
Retake Kazachye.
Until you take Kazachye, there's nothing to talk about.
How are things at Prokhorovka?
Bad, Aleksandr Mikhailovich.
The enemy broke the defenses of the 83rd Division and the 2nd Tank Corps,
and pushing on Prokhorovka.
- And in the other sectors? - They're pressing there as hard, too.
All the reserve are committed.
Aleksandr Mikhailovich, ask Stalin to give the 5th Tank one.
It's time, honest-to-God, just the right time.
I know, but the 5th Tank Army is part of Konev's Steppe Front,
and that Front is the General Staff's reserve intended for an offensive.
But you can see that a crisis is brewing in the enemy's offensive,
and the counter-attack of the 5th may decide everything.
Aleksandr Mikhailovich, ask Stalin.
Connect me with the General Staff.
Commander of the Steppe Front Colonel-General Konev
The Steppe Front was the General Staff's reserve front.
It was intended to be committed
in case of our successful counteroffensive at the Kursk Bulge.
But Stalin, anxious about the situation south of Kursk,
gave two armies from the Steppe Front to Vatutin -
General Zhadov'a 5th Guards Atmy
and General Rotmistrov's 5th Tank Army.
Commander of the 5th Tank Army Lieutenant-General Rotmrstrov
To the plane.
Comrade Commander, the 5th Tank Army has been instructed
to destroy the enemy's grouping that edged itself in.
The line of its deployment is west of Prokhorovka.
The enemy is already in Prokhorovka. Turn the army back immediately.
Yes, Comrade Commander!
July 12
There came a turning point in the Kursk battle,
and perhaps, in the entire campaign in the east.
Herr Field Marshal.
My division is no more.
But I won't forget my duty.
What was it?
What's the sense?
Tell the troops to hold on at any price.
I'll prepare an order.
We have nothing to say to our soldiers, General.
Hold on! Hold on!
But the German troops failed to withstand
the massive counteroffensive of the Soviet armies.
The World War Two's greatest tank battle
at Prokhorovka
had decided the outcome of the Kursk Bulge battle.
It was the beginning of the end of fascist Germany,
although until the final victory there still remained two long years of
fighting, suffering, sourage and losses.
The End