100805 SHINee @ SSTP Part 1/7 (ENG)

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Today, Shinee will be joining us on the show.
The song that we'll challenge today is DJ Doc's "Dance with Doc"
Is everyone ready? Please play the music.
Everyone, get nervous. If you get it wrong, the song will stop.
DJ Doc's song
SUCCESS! Is this a success?
Yes, succeeded.
Is this OK too?
As long as you know most of the lyrics, it's a success
We've officially introduced our sponsors
Entering the official show now
"Now, it's Live Generation" will begin!
Our show's interesting "Cultural Goods" introduction
Like this, although it isn't very cool
But we tried our best to introduce them
Very thankful to the 5 men with us
The listeners of our SSTP family have been asking when they're coming
The highly anticipated SHINee's Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key
and our Taemin! WELCOME!
Hello! We're the shining SHINee!
It's great to see you, you guys are finally here!
Yup, it's been a long time since the 5 of them came
Cool! Cool!
Firstly, please greet our SSTP listeners one by one.
Starting from Minho
Hello, I'm SHINee's Flaming Charisma Minho.
Haven't forgotten!
Hello, I'm SHINee's Leader Onew.
Hello, I'm SHINee's Makdongie Taemin
Hello, I'm SHINee's Bling Bling Jonghyun
Hello, I'm SHINee's Almighty Key who returned after shaving off my hair.
Today's show is with the five of them.
Seems like it's the first time you guys came to Shindong and Gyuri's SSTP
Yup, how do you feel?
It's really refreshing. Previously, we only met during music shows and award shows
Now, we're doing the show together at midnight. It's refreshing.
Really? Seems like it's hard to believe.
Do you dislike doing the show together?
Actually, it's not the first time for me.
Really? Ah... the previous phone conversation
That's right. Without you mentioning, we were already planning to ask you.
That's right. You haven't forgotten about it right?
Key, do you still remember what you promised us?
Actually, after coming, I got a shock hearing about it
2145 said, "Previously, Key oppa said that he would do the BGGG dance."
Today's the time to honour your promise.
When did you make a promise?
Previously, during our phone conversation..
Yup, since I made a promise, I must dance for everyone.
We even designated a space for you to dance, and placed a mat here.
But, will there be music?
Music? Since it's "Live Generation", you have to sing live
There's music. Is there? Of course
Then do I dance now?
Now? Immediately? Not tired?
You can do it later too. Can you do it now?
Actually I'm fine with anything.
We'll film it for you.
Today's a BORA show.
But for those who can't view it, we'll upload a video.
Very good! Well done!
Exactly the same
This is not Key!
Key can dance every girl group's dances
Every one of them
Really perfect!
Comparable to a female, his hips are sexy.
Are you going to show it now?
How could he know all the dances?
It appeared!
Kibum won!
Very good. He learnt everything in 2 weeks.
Key, thank you!
Ah, this is the first time I danced it.
Really? You danced it perfectly.
Really? thank you.
After seeing this, how do the members feel?
I'm really shocked.
Haven't you sen this before?
Nope. None of us have seen it.
The first time. Today's really the first time he danced to it.
But what I'm really curious about is..
Do you practise it often?
I don't practise it.
None at all? Yes
Just by watching. And after memorising it..
We can watch it thrice a week right?
But together with rehearsals, it's 7 times a week
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
So the dance steps are always in my head
Every movement is perfect.
If I hear this song somewhere else
I'll keep thinking of the dancesteps
The listeners sent in many messages of support
XXX: There's really a mat!
That's right, just beside us.
0843: I can't watch BORA, very curious.
If you're curious, please watch it online tomorrow.
1945: I'm a guy, but I really want to see it.
We'll upload the video onto our homepage.
Please go online to watch it tomorrow.
Although it's abit late.. Clap 3 times!
SHINee's Lucifer. Not long after their comeback
They clinched the first place. Congrats!
But..the first time we've seen it on shows. Onew..
Why did you cry so miserably?
Why did this happen? I'm very curious?
I'm curious too!
There isn't really any reason.
It's just that we've returned after so long
and to receive such a good response immediately, I was very happy we got first
Really? Then Jonghyun hyung must have had a reason for crying too
Jonghyun, are you thinking about what hapened then?
I had a stomachache then.
I cried because my stomach hurt.
Seems that you cried so badly that they couldn't take a photo of you
But meanwhile, SSTP's family said that Taemin has never cried.
Has Taemin never cried before when SHINee won 1st place?
Yes, that's right.
What's the reason?
After winning, I'll be in a very good mood and won't feel like crying
Winning 1st place, isn't that a good thing?
So rather than crying, we should smile right?
After hearing this, it makes sense too.
Seems like there isn't any reason to cry.
Why should you cry?
Ah? Jonghyun, what did you say?
Why should one cry when they get 1st place?
The next time they get 1st, remember to watch Jonghyun carefully.
The one crying when we won.. you'll know after watching the clip.
I'm still curious. Has Taemin cried recently?
Recently? The most recent one.
I haven't cried recently.
I want to know what will make you cry?
When our Taemin cries, what's the reason?
This happened a long time ago.
Earlier on, because I couldn't sing well, I felt really depressed and cried
There were times like that. Recently, seems like you're singing well.
Always smiling.
I've given up recently.
So fast?
Then later on, we'll listen to why Onew cried.
"Now, it's Live Generation" with SHINee.
During this period, we need the help from our SSTP family
That's right. Questions you want to ask SHINee.
Not conventional questions, but new and vicious questions.
SSTP's family can just send it in directly.
The title is "SHINee's Vicious Vicious"