CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed

Uploaded by zionget on 29.04.2012

Big Brother is at it again my friends. We fought Big Brother on SOPA and we won. But
now an even scarier Bill has just been passed by the House, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing
Protection Act, known as CISPA, which will override every single privacy law ever enacted.
Now, this Bill allows for Internet providers such as Comcast, owned by Zionist-Jew, Brian
Roberts; Verizon, whose Chairman is Ivan Seidenberg; and countless public entities to "share" with
Federal Agencies our emails, personal information, and private communications. And not only this
under CISPA, but any email or social-network postings that pose "the threat of harm" to
any "individual or group" will also be shared with Federal Agencies. And that's scary. For
powerful watchdog lobbies such as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, known as the ADL,
led by Abraham Foxman, will be further empowered to demand information on anyone that THEY
deem a "threat." In other words, you can criticize a 'Goy' or any country that you want...but
you better not criticize a 'Jew' or the anti-Christ state of Israel. The sham about it all is
that our Congressmen claim that CISPA will "protect" us from "cyber threats." But cyber
attacks, the experts tell us, are rare. And quite frankly this BILL will do absolutely
nothing to stop professional hackers who know how to take down a Website. And while those
sites are going down, Internet providers will be too busy filling orders for the ADL to
spy on us little guys all in the name of "preventing" a cyber attack. Now, a big reason why SOPA
did NOT pass a few months ago was because it would have destroyed mega businesses like
Google, Amazon, and Facebook, who would have been liable for all user-interaction content
on their Websites. CISPA on the other hand won't harm the mega businesses because they
don't require their customers to be anonymous. In fact, they prefer their users not to be
anonymous so as to learn more about their buying and spending habits. Facebook, Amazon,
and Google, would then benefit from CISPA...and that's probably why they're not opposing the
Bill. While SOPA harmed both the people AND corporations, CISPA only harms the people.
And while it's important to get rid of CISPA we must realize that if CISPA goes, another
will pop up. Jewish Senators Joseph Lieberman and Dianne Feinstein both have Cyber Security
Acts waiting in the wings. And they're just itching to take away our last bastion of free
speech, the Internet. What we need is something to guarantee and protect our fundamental rights
on the Internet. We need a Bill of Internet Rights. Let's all think about what that Bill
would be. We're not powerless. We've got the numbers. We can make a difference.