systems biology

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Systems biology is a science
that seeks to understand how...
genomes are transformed
into the organisms that you see around you.
Whether, or not, they be us,
or a tiger,
or a bacterium, for that matter.
We all are made up of these
genomes that encode molecular networks that
process outside signals into behaviors and ourselves.
If we can understand those molecular
networks, and their design principles. How they arose through evolution.
Why they operate the way they do.
We can begin to predict
how we could move a network from one state, say... ill health,
to a better state, like health.
And, we can do that through that understanding.
There are other things that we can do, once we have an
understanding of the design of cellular networks.
We can, for example, take pieces of them,
say from a plant,
and put them in microorganism
and make pharmaceuticals for ourselves. And, people have done that.
Similarly, we can take pieces from one microbe and put it into another and have them
make clean fuels for us.
So in the end, systems biology tries
to get to the point where we can predict,
control, and design
in the cellular media.