Ночь перед Рождеством - The Night Before Christmas - 1913 - 1 of 5

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The Night Before Christmas
Scenario, director, cameraman, art director - Wladyslaw Starewicz.
Solokha - Lidiya Tridenskaya.
Demon - Ivan Mozzhukhin.
Vakula - P. Lopukhin.
Oksana - Olga Obolenskaya.
Other actors - P. Knorr, A.Kheruvimov, P.Maksimova, A.Sorin.
Demon and Solokha the witch on Christmas Eve.
The moon had been stolen.
Choob the cossack and his relative are going to deacon to drink some vodka, but disappointed as someone had stolen the moon.
That us watch what the beauty girl does beeing alone.
Vakula the smith. The son of Solokha.
“I'm extraordinary pretty! What a happiness awaits a man whom I'm to marry!”
“No, it's not my hut... The smith never walks down to my place! But it's not the smith's hut either... Who's hut could it be, I wonder?�