Men's Hairstyle Tips & Advice : How to Style Dry Men's Hair

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.02.2008

Hi, my name is Teri Lynne and I'm here with David O'Donnell. And we're here on behalf
of Expert Village. In this segment, we're going to be talking about tips for dry hair.
Now, in the last segment, I talked about how David has the opposite problem. He has more
of an oily scalp and oily hair. I, myself though, do have dry hair. So there are three
tips I can offer for dry hair. One is you really want to get a really good conditioner.
A leave-in conditioner is probably the best. But you can look at ones for dry or damaged
hair. Those are usually the best kind of products, conditioners, or extra-strength conditioners
that you want to use. Where leave-in is usually the best. You also want to look at the frequency
of how often you wash your hair. If you have dry hair, you probably shouldn't be washing
it every single day unless you have a ton of hair product in that day that you want
to get out. Or you've done a lot of heavy sweating. But you can often wait two to three
days between washes with dry hair. As well as hair product. A lot of people say "Well,
can I put a lot of hair product in my hair? What look is that going to give me? If you
have dry hair, you're often able to put quite a bit of hair product in your hair before
it starts to look greasy. So feel free to be fairly liberal with your mousses, gels,
sprays, and stuff like that. So those are the tips I can offer for dry hair.