"Talk about get a life" Stephen Fry on Internet Trolls

Uploaded by 78097 on 12.01.2011

problems to come back to the personality disorders if you like of those who are obsessed with self
If I see a youtube film
or a read a blog, I don't let my eyes go bellow-
to the bottom half of the screen because
i get so fantastically upset by people who write comments. I don't actually know anybody
who writes comments, and I think that's the point.
The kind of people who put comments
are themselves so
weird and unhappy and
alone and strange; trolling it's called, you know when you read vicious comments about
i mean really weird sort of things either politically weird or religiously weird, just so intolerant
so desperate to be heard so offensive just - "please listen to me"
They're saying all the time, "listen to me"
and of course, you don't want to, or if you do just gets upset
you might even be tricked into replying with an aggressive reply to some idiot and their
vile opinions about things.
Which they will use on completely - you know it might just be of a puppy rolling around you know
some random youtube thing.
And they've just somehow managed to get a thread of
into it.
and they've just want to be heard and they are so resentful and they are so annoyed and especially
they do it on other people's blogs-
It's the fact that somebody is reading somebody else's blog theirs is maddening enough
and they may have liked something they hate.
This even happens in technology if you write
something like "oh I saw an iphone the other day" and "ohhh you got an iphone" and just get like
two pages of anti apple madness
Talk about get a life
but thats
that all comes down to the same problem- is self obsessed people
and because they're self obsessed
They just build- these poisons build up inside them they have to get out. Maybe it's better they get out
in comment pages on the internet than
in violence on the streets but it's still distressing for us all to see.